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Question About Comparable Job Offer Instead of Severance

If you decline said offer, you’re no longer eligible for a severance package-does that offer rule apply if the offer is made before, or after you sign the general release (signature also accepting severance package)?
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Specialist elimination

Heard today that all vendor paid specialists and mymacys specialists are gone. People aren’t being cut. Just the incentives taken awsy
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Hal Lawton pay

While you are in the unemployment line, pull up info on Hal's pay. 22 million in cash and stocks. Now you all know why so many jobs were lost! So they could pay the new president.
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RVPs Job Loss or Not!?

One moment I hear there are some RVPs who were laid off, the next- not. What’s really the truth? Who remained and who got cut?
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Last Days for an APM

Well, me and my team just finished up the last days of recon this week and I have cleared out my desk and office. Our store just transferred one of our two detectives to a nearby location since we lost one of the positions effective next week. I am... read more
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more delays jewelry complex

Associates that were told the positions were under review and understood they would be told Febuary 1st are now being told "we said after the 1st"
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It’s nothing personal!

My full time employment ends this Saturday. It s---s. I was the least senior full time person in my department even after almost 3 years. I did see the writing I the wall and have been in talks for better jobs over the last few weeks even before I... read more
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What's with "exibit A"?

Just got my packet for severance and exibit A is every associate at every store that was considered for layoff. It says their position and age. Is there a lawsuit I'm unaware of? Maybe there should be. There were two people with less seniority than... read more
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Did you get your severance yet?

Just wondering, for my fellow unlucky (or is that lucky?) was a day late sending my severance contract, immediately signed and dropped off same-day, HR lady told me they received but that they needed to wait 7 days to process and then... read more
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Reddit, Macys Shoplifters!

For all you laid off AP professionals. I heard about this but decided to check it out for myself... oh and for all you Ops managers who are now AP here is a good way to see what your about to walk into. Google... Reddit Macys Shoplifting and click on... read more
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Inside source that sits on the Board of Macys

The company is restructuring. Stores that are leased most in Simon Malls when the term of the lease expires Macys will not renew. If you work in a store that Macys ownes the building, depending on store revenue, they will sell their asset if it is... read more
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New England store news

My store suffered the loss of its HR Manager and its AP manager. Each were placed in another store as OPS/AP manager. The HR manager placed is over 40, the AP manager placed is much younger than 40. We are seeing significant and dramatic downturns in... read more
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ALL of our Counter Managers were let go including big counters like Lancome ... So right now there are NO CM for Clarins, Shiseido, Lancome ( oh she stays until AFTER HER GIFT ENDS WTF???) and the rest of us stay until 2/3 ( Why give 4 weeks notice... read more
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E-sign Signers

Whats going to happen to signers does anyone know? Some depts are getting e-signs installed in our store. Are they cutting the lead position for signing or getting rid of all signers? How will all that work out? Who will be in charge of e-sign??
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Seven Additional Stores to Close in 2018

This is new, announced today Miami (Downtown), Miami, FL The Oaks, Gainesville, FL Novato (Furniture), Novato, CA Honey Creek Mall, Terre Haute, IN Birchwood Mall, Fort Gratiot Township, MI Fountain Place, Cincinnati, OH Burlington Town Center... read more
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Atlanta Store

2 SM’s gone plus 1 MTM, all PT5’s gone and some sales associates, other sales associates being moved around.
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How do we go public with info?

Not that it will do any good, but does anyone know how we go public with the information on how employees are being treated? This is unacceptable. A company this size treating employees this way ? All we hear about is the magic of Macy's and what has... read more
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Macys announcement today at 4:30

Employees at MST Lorain were told there will be an announcement at 4:30 today. Do any other back office/stores have anything being announced today at that time?
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Major cuts in Jewlery Complex??

We keep hearing about major cuts in The Jewlery Complex, but nothing has happened yet? Does anyone have any information? Are Clericals safe?
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Number of Cuts

Does anyone know the total number of employees Macy's plans to eliminate? There are over 1300 jobs across the system posted on Insite.
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New England store here

Our store is EMPTY. And by empty, I mean the associates outnumber customers on an overwhelming basis. Stores around the country, what is your foot traffic like? Are you seeing any at all? What are store sales like on a daily basis? Is there any life... read more
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What about cosmetics?

They eliminated at least 12 cosmetic positions- short staffed to begin with- any idea what their plan is?
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Associates and managers working in the GOB locations are kept until the completion of the GOB. Afterwards, it will be either relocation to a nearby location or severance. It's how it was, and it's going to be how it will be. Completion of Inventory... read more
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Macy’s lays off to pay for crap Employee System

I used to work for Macy’s, and know many people who did and still do, and all the lay offs are stemming from what I’m told is them spending almost 200 million on a new Employee system that s---s and I hear can’t properly pay employees and they are... read more
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Who plans on negotiating their severance package? Any success with this? Does an attorney in labor laws help? Some lawyers specialize in negotiating severance any thoughts? Let’s get em boys... help each other out!
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WTF Macy's ?!!!!

Our store had numerous terminations on Monday. The difference is that today (Friday) several of the people terminated have been now told their positions have NOT been terminated after all. One associate was terminated Monday, told yesterday that she... read more
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Crooks are walking away with store

With the reduction in loss prevention, we’re seeing more broken security tags, ripped off tickets, and empty hangars all over in each our fitting rooms. We won’t have any merchandise left to sell or pick for fulfillment. Does anyone know what the... read more
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OWBPA (older Workers Benefits Protection Act)

The lack of information as to why me and not others is frustrating. Under the OWBPA (Older Workers Benefits Protections Act) those over 40 I think have different entitlements. 1 is that the 7 day waiver is not applicable; 21 is the entitlement and... read more
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FAQ Packet when told of layoff

I was told yesterday via phone that my position was eliminated. I have been with Macys over 5 years and a Magic Maker (that award they had out each year that entitles you to 30% o the back vs 20%) for two years. What baffles me is that the surveys... read more
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What’s the point of shopping at a Macy’s store?

There’s no point of going to Macys anymore. The service is terrible and you can’t find help. Where is the aspirational experience? The Macys name used to mean something in retail. Now it’s about the same as Kohls. The brands are a little better but... read more
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March 18 California layoffs

So, according to the latest WARN, 436 employees will be laid off by Macy's on March 18, 2018 in California as three locations close. I'm trying to figure out if these locations were already known or not - the article is a little confusing... read more
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