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Oh My!

After hearing the cuts coming in my store this week, I am speechless. They are far greater than I anticipated. This is insane.
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Cuts tomorrow

Does anyone have any idea what, if any, cuts will be announced tomorrow? Are they store or district cuts? Associate or store executive cuts? Specific positions being cut? Thus far, the only cuts I am aware of are APMs and MSOs- nothing really else... read more
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My wife's store is one of those on the list of closings. Happy New Year to us, I guess. Does anybody know what kind of severance Macy's provides? I'm sorry if this is a repeat question, I've scrolled down through the page and couldn't fine any... read more
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WIll OPS be doing anything now?

Now thatan Ops manager will be in only one location, will they actually be doing any physical work, or still sit in the office all day looking at stats and loading everthing onto the MTMs?
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AP/Opps Salary/Hourly? Wages?

The Ap/Opps jobs that were not filled with displaced Opps. managers started posting internally today. Has anyone heard pay scale info? Hourly/Salary? Based off of store volume? Head count?
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Any word on cuts to the AST team? I'm wondering if they will hold off on cutting AST jobs so they help the stores transition to not having an HRM in the store and to start using askHR. Not having HRM's in the store is going to be tough on employee... read more
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All the changes

All the changes, brought from another thread. Thanks so much for compiling this. OPS & AP (Loss Prevention) have been combined. All MSOs placed in a store, APMs can apply for remaining AP/OPs Mgr. position in remaining stores. DODs &... read more
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Offered job

If we are offered one of the new jobs but we don't like the pay and decline we're out the package? Is that the understanding? Basically my options are just take the package which is minimum 13 weeks of pay and 3 months of cobra or risk being offered... read more
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So.....if we are a salaried manager and go out on MLOA before they make us sign this package paperwork are we still covered and paid salary for 6 months? Those currently out on MLOA are they going to lose being paid for the duration? Lose out on... read more
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Here's some dirt...

Some of you may already know this info but I got word from someone with more 0's in their paycheck than me. Furniture stores doing under $15m will no longer have a Store Manager. A senior lead sales manager position will be created and everyone will... read more
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District Merchant Cuts?

Has anyone heard if there will be any cuts to the District Merchants or the RMDs? It seems they are the only ones left untouched
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And so it begins.....

I'm a MSO who has been named as the future AP/OPS Manager for one of my stores where they don't have a AP Manager since the job has been open for two months. I received a call from one of the detectives looking for direction about an altercation... read more
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Macy's Tech, MST

No one has mentioned changes for this group. Are they cut back, restructured or gone?
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From insite

This was posted as a reply to another thread by , but I think it's important information that everybody should see: from insite.... Cost Management to Reinvest in Growth The company is also taking actions intended to continue improvements... read more
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Are mtms safe?

Has anyone heard of mtms are being laid off? By volume? Mtls report to ops managers?
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Corporate Cuts

Any news on corporate, buying, planning, merchandising changes or cuts?
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MTM and visual job

Does the Mtm and visual job merge or do they become leads because operators are now back in stores??
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Complete run down on cuts today

Can someone please post all known cuts in reply to this post. Are the furniture gallery Managers gone? Post the facts you know please for all areas of business. That way we can all check this post for updates....
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Any changes to staffing in the Jewelry Complex???

Any information on changes to the Jewelry Complex?? Specifically...Business Managers, Jewelry Supervisors, Clericals, Captians or Ringers??? Staying the same? Or combining/eliminating jobs in the complex??
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Store Cuts

Any update on what positions have been affected?
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Company email from Gennette

Generate just sent an email to all store executives. He said they will be closing 11 stores (part of the 100 stores announced past August) the remaining stores will be clos8ng over the next couple of years with leases expiring. He also said due to... read more
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Any changes to OPs

Someone had posted possible changes to AP/OPs and other store support functions. Anyone get word about that or was that just hear/say?
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More change on the way

District and regional teams are hearing more of the changes as we speak. There will Be announcements at 3 or 4 Eastern today. From what I’ve heard big ticket is getting chopped up. Store managers being eliminated and a nearby vpsm will now cover the... read more
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In case somebody missed it

These are the stores that will be closing: Laguna Hills Mall, Laguna Hills, Calfornia Westside Pavilion, Los Angeles, Calfornia Novato (Furniture), Novato, Calfornia Stonestown Galleria, San Francisco, Calfornia The Oaks, Gainesville, Florida Miami... read more
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Macy’s is on the wrong track!

Macy’s was enormously successful back in 2009, 2010, 2011. It wasn’t until 2012, when they started messing around with the structure that made them so great. This company has lost focus of its “my Macy’s strategy”, and is on the wrong track. They... read more
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Another Dismal Year!!!!!!!!!!!!

Many of you have been warned. There are going to be massive cutbacks. I stated several months ago that the District teams and Regional team members were a joke and had high paying salaries. So now instead of trimming all the fat at these levels there... read more
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Gob starts 1/8

I’m in IT. Stores that are closing start their gob on 1/8. We have code written to deploy on that day. Told we will know stores on 1/3 or 1/4
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Support team changes

I’m on the sign team I’ve looking at this website for a while and our discussion board at work, does anyone know of restructuring of the support teams ? I’ve seen talk of electric signing and I know it’s up and running in test stores for shoes and... read more
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Christmas sales up?

Media is saying it was a good christmas, yet I can't find one retailer that had a strong christmas, least of all the big ones. Sears is way down, Wal-Mart is down, and now I see even Toys R Us, selling toys at christmas, and they're down 15%... read more
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Twas The Night After Christmas

Well Christmas is over, the presents all opened and families all fed, time once again for executives to wake early from bed. They will return to their regions, their districts, and stores, and begin the countdown to the news we deplore. January 3rd... read more
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Toys R US total Collapse

Toys R us admitting that sales are down 15%, even from 2016's horrifying year. If it's starting even before Christmas, watch as this gets worse and worse. Folks, this ain't about Sears, Macy's, or any other individual retailer. This is about the... read more
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2017 Retail Bankruptcies Surpass Depths of 2009 Recession

Folks, we're already in a recession that's worse than 2008/2009, but the govt puts out fake stats which the media reports as truth, so everyone thinks things are fine, despite the fact they see things falling apart everywhere. Stop believing the... read more
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HR Managers

They were told this past week. They can apply to other positions if they want to in the company.
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Merry Christmas

Employees in multiple departments at Cincinnati Corp and Springdale being told they will be gone February 1.
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My store's Christmas disaster.

I don't have access to my stores actual numbers, but I've heard (rumors) that we were running more than 20% below last years numbers. I tend to believe it because there are certainly less paying customer this Christmas, especially in the extended... read more
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