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Kroger 1 day sale!

Thanks Mondelez for ticking all of my Kroger store's off! Nice how you cut all of the family size and now store's are calling me wanting product. Wouldn't surprise me one bit if Monday is the day. A Kroger manager was telling me today that they heard... read more
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Missing the big picture

People are missing the biggest piece to the puzzle...."WM is going CAO" and "Kroger is testing CAO". Mondelez is not driving the boat here, and Dirk is not making these decisions. "We are committed to DSD" means nothing when we are not deciding... read more
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The most expensive way possible: DSD

Wall Street wants to know why we are still doing things the most expensive way possible. DSD. North American sales are down 2 years in a row. Not going to change for the better, people are eating healthier. All the growth is in emerging markets... read more
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It's a job ...

Find another job if you are so worried about losing yours. You do not have to wallow in misery or have a pity party. It is what it is Stay or go No one owes you anything!
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No servance pay, no bonus and no car

Folks I'm going to be very honest with you guys, Nabisco is playing a game. They are going to offer us noting when they announce DSD is done. I have 29 years with company and never felt so discouraged up until last year. DSD in likely hood is coming... read more
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The time has come....

It all started with elves showing us the way sadly time is up it's almost the day They say all good things come to an end But soon we will all be on the mend Get your resume ready make sure it is sent You'll have a new job soon so don't fret Everyone... read more
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Reality Check!

Mondelez DSD will soon be over as we know it. So it's time to stop drinking the kool-aid, hit send on your resume because it's GAME OVER boys and girls! P.S. I'm not an elf I'm a realist
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Would employees in the warehouse be safe?
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My thoughts

Nobody seems to talk about the fact that frito lay has been C.A.O at both Walmart and Kroger for almost a year and still servicing store. Sure they are making some changes but will still be delivering and merchandising stores with their new... read more
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why keep hiring?

why is mondlez keep hiring full timers and dsd logistics if they have a plan on leaving dsd? no one knows anything, if it happens it happens.
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Question: If you get a severance are you still allowed to collect unemployment?
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Just stop - All of you

The amount of idiocy on this site astounds me. The Mondelez loyalists who can’t accept a glimmer of possibly that DSD might go away. The ex-Kellogg employee’s who want nothing more than Nabisco reps to join their misery while trolling this forum. And... read more
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Benefits of DSD

There you have it: Better sales numbers because knowledgeable supplier representatives of DSD products are in the stores multiple times per week merchandising their products. Out of stocks for DSD items are reported as being 2 - 4% less than products... read more
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Walmart taking over Nabisco ordering

I had a Walmart manager tell me they were taking over Nabisco ordering soon. said he could get fired for just telling me that, but I've known him for years and he wanted me to know. Because I work for Mondelez ( Nabisco ) he said some stores will... read more
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Town Hall (North America Conference Call) Tomorrow

Why did they send an email out today that said they'll have a Q and A afterwards to answer any questions? I don't recall any town halls having Q and As afterwards?? Makes me a little anxious!
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news coming this week!

look for some announcements to come down this week should start knowing what's happening
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The truth about Mondelez and its Strategic Innovation

I have copied and pasted a paragraph from (full link is below). It is 100% clear, DSD is going away. The following quotation is the main take away from the paragraph below. "The primary objective of the 2014-2018 Restructuring Program is... read more
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Yep DSD is going away!

Yep DSD is going away! Announcement in February! We'll be gone by April! Sorry to give the news. Hopefully we'll get a good severance.
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More from earnings conference call

Your next question comes from the line of Ken Goldman with JPMorgan. Ken Goldman I guess my question is on DSD. You talked about your desire to stick with it, but I guess I would ask why, just given few things right. We have the malware incident I... read more
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Quote from Dirk Van de Put yesterday's earnings report

While we've seen some areas of positive progress in our DSD share gain plans, our service challenges have kept us from realizing all the gains we expected in the U.S. biscuits business during the year. That said, we are addressing our service... read more
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Here to stay!

Our product will be still coming on our trucks when Walmart goes CAO. As long as we are still delivering we are not leaving DSD.
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Mondelez DSD

From what I've been reading on here looks like DSD will be ending sometime between April 18th to June 29th. No one really knows for sure when they're planning to pull the plug. From what I've been hearing my guess would be an April 18th announcement... read more
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The Rumors are True

This was posted in another thread, but the info is too important not be seen by more people. i hope that does not mind me reposting. At the end of Q2 2018 DSD will no longer exist. We will find out end of April. Managers will find out... read more
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February Conference Call

What info will we receive in this C/C? Any approximate for sales and there last day in the field? Prior to April exit?
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April 18th 2018

I know this is hard for many Mondelez employees to believe but the end is near for DSD. I feel bad for everyone about to hear "your position has been eliminated" it will be a difficult time for many of you but there are many other companies that will... read more
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Nothing is happening!

I know some of the higher ups personally and we are not losing our jobs. Walmart is going to CAO but we will still be servicing the stores as we do now. all these fake posts on here about us leaving dsd in a few months is ridiculous. Most of these... read more
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Big announcement coming shortly "confirmed"

I am in a senior management position with Mondelez, and I can assure you that DSD will be ending, starting in April of 2018, an announcement will be forthcoming in February 2018 there will be packages and Severance offered to full-time employees, but... read more
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It's Coming!

Just received email today for a conference call in reference to CAO test for Walmart in our region. It is coming. I would think that by the end of the second quarter we will be warehouse in Walmart.
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February 2018 layoffs at Mondelez

Late February announcement. April 21st exit Found this in an old thread, anybody knows if there is any truth to this? Or if this is just another one of blind guesses that'll turn out to be false, like majority have turned out to be so far. It'd be... read more
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Sales Rally Meeting

Just received a email that we're having a sales rally meeting in a few weeks. I'm very confused! Anyone think that they're going to tell us that Mondelez is exiting DSD?
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How many layoffs can $3B buy?

Anybody wants to guess how many layoffs will be a part of the planned $3 billion annual savings? There are so many other ways to save, but they are long term, and we all know that Mondelez is more focused in right here right now than in investing in... read more
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Triscuit plant, what we have going on

Reading a lot about getting rid of our warehouses and shipping to stores. I can confirm that at our plant we are transitioning to new unitizer equipment that puts the pallets on the units and then wraps them. Was told the entire organization is going... read more
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can't expect to grow with our bureaucracy and politics

i know big companies need to have complicated processes set up to oversee the entire operation, but what we have at mondelez has crossed all the lines... it's no wonder we are not hitting our growth targets considering our bureaucracy and politics... read more
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