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Bammel layoffs today

Sheriff in the lobby and managers lurking in the greeting area. Not a good sign,
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Coming 2018

To all NOV "colleges". A new year is approaching & those still & not employed. May have a Safe-Happy-X-Mas and 2018. Hopefully NOV will be a better employment year to all. After 40yrs with NOV it was dramatic. Received my package in 2016 & life is... read more
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Stonehouse Reed hycalog

Taking on loads of new people! Still no work! But at least the higher management can bring there best mates in who have only ever worked in a nursery #qualified
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Jan 25 2018. D-day

Just revealed that there will be another RIF. When will it end?!?!?
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F--- nov

Nov can s--- a fat one, i hated it everyday working for a dumb--s boss that didnt give a sh-- about us f--- nov and the management
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Relieved I quit

NOV is a sinking ship and it is auto destroying itself by inflicting a mental virus that is spreading throughout all of it’s employees. It used to be a great place to work but now it’s gone from bad to worse if you’re still there I wish you the best... read more
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Heard from multiple sources that lots of investigations are going on. Corporate investigators are busy!!! If you are a bad one watch out cuz you are being watched!!! It’s the new cost reduction program to shed people without paying severance. Some... read more
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All good.

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood
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Advice on certifications

Was up everyone just wanted to ask if any of you know where i may take classes to get certified in CNC, Welding, or Electrician without taking any prerequisites or basics and go in straight to training. Thank you if y'all can give info on each.
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So where did you go?

I guess most readings here left NOV or are thinking of leaving. Which job did you go to and when did you leave? I myself left in 2016. Went back to being an IT consultant still working in the oil industry. Very happy with my choice, but I still miss... read more
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Layoffs Friday at Bammel

Going to do some layoffs from all the audit findings on friday. Be prepaired if you have something to worry about.
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Burkburnett facility

How is the Burkburnett facility faring? I have a friend that works out there
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PCG done for

Brace yourselves for another big round guys. More layoffs coming by the end of the year. It's sad that this location literally has no talent left. All that remains are either managers or the little guys that make lesser money that they kept. This is... read more
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Brace for future RIF

Get ready. Announcement will be made shortly. Due to the turmoil still in the industry and chaotic forecast. Restructuring is on the horizon. This Friday is the beginning of the end.
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Bilko out

How can we keep our jobs if this clown is ruining the gaff
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NOV management makes the Tv.

One of the morning shows was showing a list if the worst run companies in the US, NOV was listed as one of the worst run!! Nothing employees didn't already know. NOV is a national joke!!!
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Goodbye Houston and NOV

Well I have been following this board to see if NOV will / was recovering from the oil crash. It was in my mind that maybe I would like to reapply and move to Houston in the future. Those thoughts can be put to rest now. I would never in a million... read more
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NOV is taking away Offshore Trucks

Bammel Office is taking away Offshore Techs trucks by the end of Aug 2017. A DE manager took the upgraded bumpers and brush guard from a DE supervisor old truck and he was given a new truck to keep. They also used DE Techs to do all the work. 4 DE... read more
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What will happen if bilko gets sacked for employing his mates and spending tens of thousands of pounds on agency workers that have mostly been on training
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NOV Lifting & Handling Group

So now that they have closed our facility down in Covington and laid everyone off what going to happen to the SOB's in Houston and the AmClyde and Unit product line????
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NOV Automation - It's coming and there will jobs lost

Not sure if you can see the full article, but here is the coverage on what NOV expects as it relates to automation and how it will streamline processes and cut costs. Every time executives start talking about 'automation' you should read it as 'job... read more
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More layoffs incoming?

It seems that National Oilwell Varco is gearing for more layoffs... Not sure when, but this makes it pretty clear that the last round achieved what they wanted it to, so I am guessing they will not be shying away from more... read more
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