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Succession planning for Oracle... none

Ok, we get the 5 year plan .. a la Hurd and the boomers + 1 geezer . They are going to gut the company of all prime talent and drive the stock up through cost cutting and hiring of cheap labor to sell relabeled tech as new and better and AI driven... read more
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1018 Layoffs on October 31

Layoffs coming: 964 in Santa Clara and 54 in San Diego Effective on October 31 WARN notice available on the government's website: /
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SEC investigating Oracle

I am hearing rumors that SEC is investigating Oracles cloud biz. This comes as no surprise... Anyone hearing the same? Please share what you know and what you experienced while employed at the company.
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Unofficial official layoff report 1/21/2018

No major layoffs this past week. Total for FY18 YTD remains at 7,275; since 6/1/2016 at 17,275. Major changes coming. Keep looking for jobs outside of oracle and move on. Good luck all!
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Big stink

Oracle is going to hugely benefit from the new tax law and continue to lay people off. Well, when downloadbesttorrentblog.rus pick up on calendar 2018, let’s make sure we cause a big stink about it. The purported purpose of this give away to large corporations is... read more
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EU layoffs on February 28

28 Feb. is the last day of all the experienced engineers in EU. Only Romania survives. good luck to all. Does anybody know if this is true? Any more info on it? I've been trying to find where it came from, but I'm failing to find anything but this... read more
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Unofficial official layoff report 1/14/2018

No major layoffs this past week. Total stay at 7,275 for FY18 YTD and 17,275 since 6/1/2016. Many disconcerting discussions about more layoffs to come. Keep your eyes open.
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GVP Confirmation on 2018 layoffs for HD's org

I had a call with my old group vice president, after the customer call I dialed his number for a followup conversation. He is a GVP for the ECA team (Enterprise cloud Architects). He and I have a close relationship, and I brought up the rumors that... read more
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2018 Layoff Schedule - Important Read

High level rumors are circulating, Group Vice President (GVP) level rumors. These are not confirmed, but I am posting what I have heard here. Next major round of layoffs are slated for March 1st 2018. Most of this will be hardware related. Oracle is... read more
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Oracle PR or HR?

Please show me that I want to do business with Oracle not because I need to do business with Oracle. There are many choices, I buy stuffs because I want to not because I need to. I have yet met a customer that likes doing business with Oracle. Yes, I... read more
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ECA Shakeup this quarter

I am a CPR in North America. A GVP in the know in HD's org gave me the heads up that the ECA's management will be consolidating this quarter and moving to pooled model (mimicking the hubs). This means the ranks of AL, LW, RL, EU will be less. They... read more
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Oracle cloud insecure

Had this happen to a customer using one of the oracle cloud services. / Basically cronjobs were replaced with a crypto miner job and resources were maxed out. The so... read more
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do we all work..for the same company?

so how is that.. some groups have been receiving annual inflation raise (2-3%) across the board and some act like they are a different company?..just spoke with a collegue who was lucky enough to find an internal position (totally different group--... read more
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Hw, Solaris, Eng Sys..

..Would the current batch of Systems/Solaris folks be still around ? The customers still have our products. I wonder if Oracle plans to keep around the remaining folks for longer time.
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Unofficial official layoff report 1/7/2018

No major layoffs this past week reported. Total for FY18 stands at 7,275 and since 6/1/2016 at 17,275. Major concerns about more layoff remain: still hundreds of millions left in the FY18 restricting reserve, and Austin, TX facility opening in fill... read more
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Future of x86 and Sparc

The previous post said "Oracle is divesting itself of all hardware related development, and production will be scaled back to match only existing customer demand." But then it goes on to say Oracle is simply scaling back to meet customer demand. That... read more
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I left Oracle

I had a great run at Oracle but have now left the company. While I am disappointed to have left I won't bad mouth the company as this is such a small industry and word gets around.
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TK's Org Desperately Needs New Leadership

The lack of direction is killing us. Every month it seem like the goals completely change and we have no idea where the ship is supposed to be headed. There is no comprehensive vision for our company or products. Just a bunch of random, often... read more
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Who does oracle use for W2? I forgot. Former employee.
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Meltdown/Spectre. No statement about our own cloud?

It seems like all the major cloud players are almost completely done taking the steps needed (patching) to protect their customers. Every one I looked at has already released a statement about their efforts. We have yet to even acknowledge we have a... read more
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Anybody else feeling good about the new year?

Am I the only one who actually feels good about the incoming year for Oracle? There weren't as many layoffs as we have feared in the last quarter, and I'm hoping that trend will continue. Analysts are bullish on our stock, which is a good way to ring... read more
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That Internet thing?!

LE is that Internet thing for real? Business gonna use it, you think? Something oracle should be involved with and have products for? Any thoughts LE?
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Predatory pricing

Any customers here who’ve had their legal dept look into whether oracle doubling the price of running oracle DB on AWS violated stars or federal predatory pricing laws? Would appreciate you sharing. Thanks!
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Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's The Update

Over the past month, several of us have been able to piece together some of what is transpiring, despite the fact that our workgroup is not based in the US. Some of this remains rumour, but much is already confirmed and underway. Oracle is, as... read more
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Over 50 and older

If most of your department is over 50 and get laid off, keep younger workers or workers from India to replace American workers, refuse the package if you can and file a class action lawsuit. Now I know the chance of this happening, less than 10%. But... read more
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