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More layoffs in the assessment division

They're probably going to shutter everything and ship it to MN. Testing numbers are down 30% this year. Customer service is suffering because there isn't enough staff to answer client inquires. Good luck to them. Get out before they can you.
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Leadership Council

Anyone else find it funny that the same names make it every year, give or take 3-5 names? I know for a fact there are people going that haven't hit their goal 2 years in a row. Funny they won't release the criteria or actual rankings to the... read more
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Pearson Higher Ed

I'm surprised that Pearson Higher Ed did not restructure the sales force this summer. With the Senior VP of sales out the door, it would have made sense. It will be interesting how they operate in Q4.
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Is Pearson just like Sears?

What do Sears and Pearson have in common? They were once at the top of their respective industries, have sold off most of their assets, and are in constant crisis mode. The worst part of the comparisons are both businesses believe they can cut jobs... read more
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Pearson should disintegrate

People are very arrogant; some do not care of authors; if authors ask some valid questions, they are sent threatening letters instead of answering those questions. Death to Pearson and its subsidiaries.
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Pearson Leadership Council - 2017?

Anyone know if Pearson is having PLC in the U.S. for Higher Ed as they have had in past years? If so, where is it located?
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Pearson in Talks to Sell Parts of TutorVista

Sell sell sell In this week’s dealmaking news, Pearson is in the process of selling parts of its TutorVista to India-basted BYJU’s—and is also assessing the future of its U.S. K-12 courseware business. Also, private equity firm Gauge Capital has made... read more
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San Antonio Layoffs

Another San Antonio location Lay off Most of the call center reps were layed off Last Day is 06/30/2017 The left hand does not talk to the right hand. Management Dont have a clue what they are doing and to top it off PEARSON DOES NOT CARE ABOUT THE... read more
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So, who exactly is safe?

Goal exceeded with actual revenue increases 12 of 14 years, 100% excellent performance reviews, 100% budget management, 100% on time projects and reports, high employee retention, team player = buh-bye.
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FDOCs / Tracking

US sales reps- don't forget to track your (fake) FDOCs and close out ALL of your business in OneCRM by the end of the week- even if the info isn't correct- because let's be real- they only want info in there that they WANT to see, not the reality of... read more
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Another round of layoffs coming.

Fallon announced plans for more layoffs at the AGM today. Thousands of people already have, and will continue to lose their jobs under his leadership and this idiot doesn't have the decency to decline a very undeserved salary increase.
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More Layoffs in May?

Are more layoffs coming in May? Or is Fallon done for now until 1st quarter next year?
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US Highered Sales Goals

Does anyone else find it ironic that US upper management DEMANDS that all business be closed out in OneCRM (and also provides gift incentives to do this), yet they will not provide 2017 sales goals to the reps for another few months?? They do this... read more
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Pearson Being Sued For Over-Optimistic Forecasts

I just learned that some shareholders are planning to sue for over-optimistic forecasts by Fallon and his leadership team. Nearly every forecast they have put out has been delusional. They are either intentionally misleading shareholders or they are... read more
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March 1-3, 2017

I don't know how many people were let go this week. I do know that most were over 40; probably over 50. I do know that many were top performers exceeding their goals year after year. I do know that some people were placed in new positions while... read more
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Boston Town Hall

Senior management has no answers or solutions. Serious tech players are fleeing, dead wood are clueless. 2018 looking worse than 2017.
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More drama

Oracle soap opera (and sales of software to Pearson): During Oracle's fiscal 2014 (which ended May 31, 2014), Wilson sold Oracle enterprise software to media and education company Pearson, resulting in $10,456,055.14 in revenue. At that point in... read more
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4000 more layoffs

Restructuring includes "cutting 4,000 jobs, about 10% of its global workforce, as well as other steps to bring its overhead and expenses lower...." ...Pearson is undergoing its second restructuring since 2012 with this latest announcement, and... read more

Fallon Insisting He Will Not Quit as CEO

quote: Despite admitting he had not foreseen declines in college enrolment and the knock-on impact that would have on revenues in the US, Mr Fallon insisted he would not quit as chief executive. He said: “I absolutely acknowledge we got two big calls... read more
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Goodbye, old Pearson

This does not bode well for the long-term outlook of this company. Senior managers couldn't have seen rental and lower enrollments coming? Most people close to schools saw these metrics. Hopefully a new leader can salvage this company from being... read more
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Layoffs coming for North America Higher Ed Services

This seemed to escape most people's attention just before the holidays. There is a top-down reorg affecting the NA Higher Ed Services division. Simplification is mentioned 3 times in the announcement, and that "the efficiencies it will drive, will... read more
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The skills you'll gain...

Your final point is the most troubling: The skills you'll gain... Pearson skill sets develop and foster essentially over-qualified, and exceptionally talented copy-paste technicians and administrative button pushers-I know, I am one now. Then what to... read more
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Pearson’s Bet on Common Core Fails to Pay Off

Big education company miscalculated in its investment in a digital curriculum Pearson PLC, the world’s largest education company, made a major miscalculation on the Common Core academic standards, expecting a windfall that failed to materialize as it... read more
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More Layoffs Reported

Fallon is "getting Pearson growing again" by conducting yet another rounds of layoffs before the end of the year. Cuts started this week.
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Pearson Shares Tumble 10% as Sales Slide

The full extent of the difficulties Pearson is facing following the sale of the Financial Times to focus on education has been laid bare, as jittery investors sent its share price tumbling 10% after the company reported worse than expected sales... read more
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