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Today I cried

I was not terminated, but the stress from the last several weeks has been horrible. I cried for all the unnecessary stress that all of us went thru. I cried for all those who gave years to the company and were shown the door. I cried for the great... read more
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Feb. 14, 2018 - Valentines Day Pepsi Layoff Massacre!!

Well, just like many of you, I was laid off!!! The corporate world is full of pigs and snakes. They all smile to your face and give you the assurance that everyone is safe. But at the end, when you are least expecting, you are cut-off. The IT... read more
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cant trust our leaders direction for the company

I was lucky to be spared but I have no faith in our current leaders. Dummies, sycophants, and kiss-a-- lovers all around. Bet we won’t have see the real results from the next org health survey. No way they’ll share single digit scores on confidence... read more
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When will the reorg be communicated?

I work on the foodservice team on the west coast and am worried I'll be impacted. Any idea when this will be communicated and how drastic the changes will be?
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Still hiring?

Why are we still hiring while laying off thousands of people at the same time? PepsiCo posted new job openings literally during the two days during which it laid off a whole bunch of people. Why is this okay? Can't they wait at least a few days, to... read more
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Anyone Calculate What Indra Makes Per Hour Recently?

Back in my day at Frito/Pepsico, it was decided to take a stab at trying to put a dollar figure together in terms of what she made per hour. In 2010, with stocks, salary etc it was roughly $7645 an hour. I wonder what it is these days?
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Have dignity

I was laid off yesterday. In a room with HR and SIte Leaser. At no time during the conversation did either of them look me in the eye. These are people’s livelihoods and futures you are dealing with, have dignity and respect for the people who have... read more
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I should be feeling better about it being done

I really should be feeling better than I am about the whole ordeal being done and me still having my job. I don't, though. I'm up in the middle of the night once again, thinking of all the people who were laid off so that those on top can pad their... read more
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The “delayering” of the organization

Definitely saw this strategy in action, as stated in IKN’s written statement. Was particularly true in GP. Gotta admit there is so much inefficiency with L11 reporting to B1 who reports to B2 who reports to B3. Anyone else witness this in their... read more
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Full of it!

I was only with the company for 5 years and was not a jr employee nor was I a senior. My pdr was good and I saved the company money repeatedly each year by coming up with cost effective solutions within the department I was with. Yet, I had people... read more
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Layoff 02/16

Up to 10,000 layoffs Friday 02/15. All campuses from New York to Plano, Texas closed at noon Friday 02/16 to facilitate layoffs. Jobs also going to India and Canada
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Guess it was true - they do this annually and it is repulsive! Most of the people let go dedicated over 2 decades to that company. Guess that does not matter as long as the corporate elite pad their bonuses and salaries! So disgusting! Worked there... read more
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Google it..

Pick any 10 large corporations, from any industry, across all sectors and Google to see if they're laying people off or have laid people off in the past year or two. Here's what you will discover: At least 7 out of 10 of those companies have laid... read more
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Do you think severence is given for the total employment years even if their was a lapse in employment? (If you had to leave for a month, year etc. and got hired back?)
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Play by Play of how Pepsi handled me and my layoff

Im no whiner, but my Pep story is so ridiculous Im curious what others think.. Came in off a strong referral from the outside, was hired by and reported to a respected B2 to develop and build a team within a trans function.Being an external hire... read more
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Not everybody can move on

Can people please stop telling others to move on to another job or shut up? There are those of us with very few options outside of our current employment who don't have the luxury of that choice. Some of us can't move for work due to family issues... read more
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What’s the global total percentage?

I was just reading IKN message again and it stated “These changes will have a direct impact on our global workforce, including less than 1% of our U.S. workforce”. I take this to mean there is a much greater impact outside of the U.S. I’m just... read more
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Will everybody just stop whining?!?!?

Layoffs happen!!! Its not some big conspiracy against you personally. Every company goes through cost cutting from time to time and PepsoCo is no different. Im so tired of these woe is me posts on here. Put on your big boy pants and move on! PepsiCo... read more
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Is the field impacted?

Anyone have any insight as to whether field locations will be impacted? Everything I have heard so far has been primarily corporate offices.
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Is US finally safe?

Are we finally safe? Any chance that today's layoffs will take place strictly in Europe? After two days we've just had I think we deserve to be spared. I'm not sure I can take much more of this, to be completely honest. I'm in my late forties and I... read more
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Do we have a final number on the US?

I'm pretty sure we can all agree that the whole "less than 1 percent" crap was just that - crap. Just from posts on this forum it is obvious that the number is much higher than 1,000. Any chance somebody knows what the final number of layoffs for the... read more
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What about the design center in Manhattan?

There are soooo many unnecessary fancy people down there, daydreaming and the only thing they care is fashion shows rather than business. They should go, nkt our frontier nor seasoned R&D folks!
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Front Line Bonuses are a Crappy Cover Up

Wondering why give front line bonuses simultaneously with layoffs? Because it's hard to justify letting go 1% of your workforce when you are receiving huge corporate tax breaks. How do you change those optics and justify downloadbesttorrentblog.rus? Bingo! Front... read more
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Respect each other

What is happening is awful. Many hard working people at all levels and ages are having their lives thrown into turmoil. Be supportive of each other. Some of the comments posted here are really harsh and unnecessarily unkind. I sincerely hope that all... read more
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The day my number came up

I knew there were massive layoffs in retail, but I didn't care because I'm not in retail. I heard there were layoffs in auto manufacturing, but I don't care because I'm not in auto manufacturing. I knew people in the medical industry were losing... read more
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Brazil will unravel tomorrow that closes things for LATAM - they are done with Chile already... Tighten your seat belts if you are in ESSA and AMENA - that's coming the week of 2/19 and it'll be brutal - once that plays out they are done. This is... read more
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I was escorted out

I was one of those that was escorted out. I asked why, no answer could be provided other than: this was a very difficult decision. always was considered a top performer and brought the teams i worked with over the finish line in high rankings year... read more
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Is It Just Me

Or does this feel like merger. Trim duplicate positions? Maybe Kraft Heinz is still in the hunt. Would make sense to layoff lots of R&D, IT, Banded Sales.
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Was Age a Factor

All the folks I know of being impacted had a bit of silver in their hair. Certainly, there were various ages. And it could just be that I am a bit older myself and therefore interact with an older crowd. Knowing that PepsiCo would love to rid itself... read more
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"The Same Day Trick"

Walmart did the same thing, announce small bonuses and immediately after that do a small PR release on layoffs. And they are hoping they can hide things in the age of social media - I think the leadership should be ashamed - they should treat the... read more
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Rules of the game

No one can argue that getting laid off is an extremely painful event for the person + family. On the other hand, this is capitalism. With its pros & cons. Everybody knows the rules of the game. Don’t think we can blame companies who operate under a... read more
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