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I used to carpool with a guy that was a regular follower of this website. I used to post stuff all the time on here that was completely fabricated, and would laugh when he would get in the car and say "my buddy told me..." It's the simple joys in... read more
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Phillips 66 Layoffs 2018

It's hard to see things getting better - are we going to have job reductions in corporate in Houston.
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Any additional info on Phillips 66 Oklahoma locations?

I see a lot of posts around, but it's all pretty much the same info repeated in different shapes and forms. It's been a while since we heard anything new. Any chance we can write all of this off as rumors gone wild, or has there been any new info to... read more
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Bartlesville Fitness employees to be laid off soon. Bartlesville Printing department employees to be laid off soon. ServiceDesk employees and consultants to be laid off by the end of the year. Other departments announcing soon. Departments to be... read more
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When you make millions you're pretty callous and uncaring and arrogant (almost laughingly ) when asked questions about layoffs. Oh well we are just the little people with our little lives and our no so little bills to pay. ...keep the shareholders... read more
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advantedge is Get rid of any employees over about 45 to 50 and get more new hires who can do the job better cheaper and more efficiently get rid of anyone older. Many many layoffs coming this fall and spring
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Transferring to Bartlesville

The prospects of one day transferring to Bartlesville is a dark cloud over the head of both P66 and COP employees. Bartlesville as a whole is quite hostile to the new employees of either company in addition.
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Bartlesville is drying up.

Tulsa World keeps writing stories about store closures in Bartlesville. Recent big name brand store closures Bartlesville at the mall and around town along with restaurant closings looks like this little town is beginning to fade away and dry up. The... read more
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Bartlesville Layoffs?

Any news on Bville IT and Finance layoffs? Rumor is big changes coming after Q1 earnings and annual shareholders meeting.
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This was posted on Conoco's website

I found this on Conoco's layoff discussion. It is a bit demeaning why drag us ? This is loosely based on song from movie Borat. ConocoPhillips greatest company in the world all other companies are run by little girls. ConocoPhillips number one... read more
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Rumor has it, 140% for corporate staffs
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Phillips 66 Layoffs 2017

How about a bit growth for a change - I do hear that we may have layoffs in Houston.
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Not necessarily moving people, but jobs

I just saw an org announcement where someone changed roles in Bartlesville, and their old role was moved to Houston. I expect this to happen more frequently. This saves them from having to physically move someone, but still adds personnel in Houston.
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Anybody know the latest
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COP - Why So Much Hate Toward Bville

I've been browsing the COP board and read all of the negative comments toward Bville. Many at COP mistakenly believe ALL of their problems will be solved by closing the Bville office and terminating those employees or transferring a few to Houston... read more
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Slowly migrating to Houston

With the new office building nearing completion, the TMTs are transitioning people to Houston. Starting with commercial financial services. Most crude related accounting jobs will be in Houston by the end of 2016.
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Polar Tankers

I work for P66 and rumors have been swirling re P66 purchasing several of COP's transportation assets (e.g. Polar Tankers) but have had nothing concerning COP bankruptcy. How would COP filing bankruptcy be feasible? Wouldn't it simply continue to... read more
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Further separation from COP

Closed door talks in Houston about separation from COP pending their bankruptcy in late January. Concerns of COP bankruptcy affecting PSX negatively.
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Hoverboard out the door!

I heard some dummy got laid off because she kept riding her 'hover board' around after being told to stop.
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Phillips 66 Layoffs 2016

What is the likelihood of Phillips 66 layoffs in Houston in 2016? Please let me know if you have any information.
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P66 Layoffs

Congress potentially lifting the crude export ban is a much more immediate concern as it will have a significant negative effect on P66.
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Chevron's WARN letter details

Here's a link to the Houston Chronicle that also provides Chevron's WARN letter. Chevron provides a specific start date for Houston lay-offs and an exact number of affected employees. Frankly, I wish COP would offer the same level of detail. This... read more
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Going out with a "bang!"

So did anybody hear about the trio in Bartlesville that decided to go out with a bang, so to speak?
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Sleeping on the job

On the Conoco layoff website, it states p66 employees are sleeping on the job and wearing sunglasses when doing so.
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Phillip 66 in Wood River IL layoffs? Heard they are coming. Trickle down effect-Truth?
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