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QC CE is Junk. Lay them off

There are so many junk Sr. Staff, directors, senior directors in CE. Engineer do work and these B*S eat cream.
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What are our chances with NXP now?

We seem to be determined to see this through, no matter what. I personally believe that this deal could be exactly what we need right now, even if it seems that a lot of people are losing faith that it will go through or be useful in the long run. I... read more
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Lower your expectations

I really wish people would lower their expectations for events like today's. How many posts did we have here asking what's going on, did they say this, did they say that... Haven't you learned by now that if something is going to become known... read more
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Chem trails

Did anyone else notice all the chem trails outside at lunch time today? What's the deal?
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Will layoffs begin shortly in Austin in silicon engineering? I keep hearing rumors.
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So useless

Was there ANYTHING useful we found out today?
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Shareholder meeting is just full of bs

What a bs presentation by SM. What BS qns from shareholders - did SM n his BoD buddies handpick the folks to ask qns ; Nothing to address all the things that happened in the last few weeks/months.
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Ce team size

Why do we need such a huge team in India? They are trying to steal our jobs.
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Stock Markets tanking across the world...

Everything is connected. Layoffs don't happen for no reason, though so many want to believe that little fairy tale. Your illustrious political leaders will never tell you the truth about the economy until they absolutely have to, and by that time... read more
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Get popcorn ready

Show is about to start in 45min. Make sure you attend in person, or livestream it if you are remote. Let us hope it will be a good one. 5G is going to tremendous in China. It's important to keep focused and continue to execute.
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Should I expect getting cut?

Got a 4 the last review cycle, as my senior management didnt like the proposed project solution chosen. Choice was driven by recommendations given by other teams as well as by schedule vs available staffing. Solution worked but definetely could be... read more
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Do we have a similar situation?

IBM has laid off 20,000 US employees over 40 years of age over the past five years... What about us? Any age discrimination?
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Employment lawyers

Any good employment lawyers that you can recommend? I am getting jerked around a little on the package and need some leverage. I am so sick and tired of hearing the term "business needs." What ever happened to employee needs? Employees have been on... read more
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Yay! We weren't taken over by Broadcom!

Barely a week later and those declaring victory over Broadcom are already eating crow. Let's see how China retaliates against Trump's tariffs, with QC and other companies as a prime target. Why buy QC when you can, oh I dunno, ban them? Restrict... read more
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How to save $1B for the company? Share your ideas

Change Qlstir to $10 McDonald's gift certificate. Introduce a new reward that could be purchased. Pay to ride the shuttle Share office space with other employees - consolidate office space All business trips be converted to cattle class. Fly South... read more
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Volunteer news

They said that they will only layoff only the volunteer not others. this is legit.
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When will SM finally leave ?

Where is the guy? What kind of a leader is nowhere to be seen during time of crisis. He needs to resign ASAP or be kicked out ASAP. He’s done sod all since becoming CEO - what a waste of space.
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Buyouts offered for ALL US employees

Word on the street... buyouts offered for all US employees. The only thing that comes out after this is massive layoffs. Anyone taking the money?
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the big one

2015 aint got nothin on this. good luck everyone
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Dear decision makers on top

If you want success with this initiative, be flexible and accommodating. Imposing restrictions will dissuade folks from...
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Stock almost at May 2000 levels post splits

BUT Looking at INTC, TXN etc., they have not performed as well either. Infact qualcomm performed far better than those. Therefore why beat Qualcomm. Instead cane the management. QC will be back in action in future. No Layoffs for those who are... read more
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