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No strategy

We've been stuck in one place for nearly a decade, and we don't seem to be able to move one step forward. We have leadership that doesn't know how to grow this company, they simply let things happen without proper strategy in place. How do they think... read more
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Campus in Bangalore

So lately there's been a huge number of new employments in the Bangalore campus for the Engineering side. Looks like TAC/support centers around the world will see layoffs sooner than expected. Your thoughts?
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PS and Support and Sales

Its not as bad as it was in 2015. Not as many pink slips in PS and Support apparently. More in Sales (surprise surprise), a few in engineering too
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Does Thoma Bravo Lay Off People?

What's their track record as it relates to companies that Thoma Bravo acquires? Do they cut payroll swiftly? How's your experience? Disclosure: I am not with Riverbed, I am with another company that recently got acquired by Thoma Bravo and now we... read more
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Riverbed Class Action Suit

Just received a Riverbed Class Action Suit here - anyone else got the same outside of US? Does it mean Jerry & Co. gets sued and we get some money? I did quite read and/or follow the several pages of legal stuff.
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How will this layoff impact customers?

Curious to know people's opinions (employees and non-employees) regarding if this layoff will have a major negative impact to current/new customers of Riverbed's technology (legacy opnet products included). I realize it will affect support and... read more
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Has to be top 10 worst places to be in sales now.

Too many mid level managers that don't do anything, nobody has the balls to fire anyone, and NOBODY is making any real money. There are 100's of scorching hot companies out there. No reason to work at Riverbed anymore. I left 2 years ago. It was like... read more
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Riverbed didn't have a clue when it bought OPNET.

OPNET was junk and the people behind it were liars. The products are all outdated and it was dysfunctionally managed. Riverbed went down when it bought OPNET, the biggest mistake made by Jerry. OPNET was on its way to the graves and if it wasn't for... read more
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COBROs still bitter

It's interesting to see MC and his incestuous brother AC come on here and bad mouth RVBD. What really happened was MC and AC did not get their way after the merger and got their sorry a$$ booted. Now they are still trying to place the blame on RVBD... read more
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Talking about suck ups

Cary office hosted anniversary event yearly. AC, PS, YG would drive down. There would be games for only these 3 ppl and all the other poor employees watched the rich highly paid upper management have fun, and by watching them, the Cary employees... read more
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Private Equity Play

Thoma does not care about customers, or about what posters here think. They are in this for money, and money they will make. Riverbed has strong cash flows, they will further improve this by laying people off and cutting expenses like there is no... read more
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Should I leave or stay!

I like my job at riverbed, but I am vary of the situation right now. Will there be more lay offs? Is it good to stay or leave?
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OPNT's $1B ceiling

Agree with the posters about AC, PS & PJ. AC was the real technical vision behind the OPNT's $1B ceiling. And, though I hate saying it, MC was the business and money vision, and the whip who drove OPNT's slave machine. Also agree that PS was nicer to... read more
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Customers won't notice anything

Modeler is a dead product that no one cares about anymore. Why didn't we shutdown Modeler and the rest of the Cary office? They are dead weight dragging the rest of us down. We need more investment in AIX but instead we got heavy cuts and they keep... read more
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Why layoffs before letting people quit?

sucks that downloadbesttorrentblog.rus came before the deal closed and RSUs paid out lots of people would have quit once they got paid so why do downloadbesttorrentblog.rus now? probably because thoma bravo wants the company to be as small as possible and make it easier to merge... read more
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Severance Package

What packages did people get? I was offered 2 months in lieu of WARN, plus a measly two weeks. As I see it, the 2 months is a Federal requirement, as the law states workers must be given 60 days notice of a mass layoff (which this certainly qualifies... read more
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Thoma Bravo possibly just dumped $3.5 billion

Riverbed's original CTO and Product guru Steve is long gone. With him went the team of Apurva Dave who made the transition of Zeus to Stingray happen. Jerry loves fishing. All his products had to be named after a fish or al least after something... read more
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Jerry Kennelly and Dave Peranich - an eternal love story

Pilot Chesley Sullenberger landed an Airbus A320 on New York 's Hudson river. Amazing feat. Saved hundreds of lives. The guy being the great man that he is donates to charity. Jerry got all keyed up, took him to dinner and auctioned off his jacket... read more
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Wan Op is a thing of the past. Opnet was only aquired to mask the declining growth of Riverbed, and to create the illusion of revanue growth. That plan worked short term. In 2013 and 2014 less then 30% of the salesforce attained their annual quota... read more
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Missed me!

Hey, Jerry - bet I'll last longer than you do.
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Jerry and his grey Lamborghini

Yes, me too, former employer. I know only too well Jerry's speeches and Dave Peranich's speeches of how great they were, Jerry auctioning off the jacket of the pilot who had landed the jet on New York City's river etc. How Cisco is "dead", Silverpeak... read more
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This is just depressing on many levels

Left OPNET some time back, but they were some of my best years in my life as a software pro. I have never worked in a company like OPNET - really talented people from top to bottom and a core engineering team that was built and promoted based upon... read more
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The chief engineer for OPNET is gone

The chief engineer/architect of the OPNET product suite (or at least the early OPNET products which are still widely used in MANY places) resigned today... He was the heart and soul of OPNET for many, many years. With his departure and the roster of... read more
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Make it a good one

if this week ends without taking the opportunity to cut deadweight management (APM PS-America anyone?) then something is deeply wrong.
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