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I don't think our store is going to last

The sales at our store have been declining for the past three years. Everyone here thinks that it's because the store manager doesn't know how to run a store. That appears to be true on the surface. However, if one starts to take a careful look at... read more
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There were more layoff last week at Safeway Corporate (Pleasanton).

There were more layoff last week at Safeway Corporate (Pleasanton). More likely this will not end. Layoff stream has been non stop for 2015. They keep it low flow so it does not make waves with the medias. Executives are looking at the cloud solution... read more
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Backstage layoffs

All departments have had layoffs backstage. Hundreds of people are gone.
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WARN Notice Filed

3/9/2015, 113 Employees in Pleasanton, horrors continue, gotta love private equity induced layoffs
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Investment Bankers and Safeway Profits

Let's realize that investment bankers bought Safeway. Safeway got sold because the former owners could not get as much profit out of it as the shareholders were promised by the investment bankers. Cerberus (name refers to the dogs that are the hounds... read more
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Regular jobs and transition jobs

Safeway said they will have regular jobs and transition jobs. The transition jobs will be workers who are here for the term identified (3-12months) and then its over. Our Director secured her direct staff jobs and herself of course. The rest of us... read more
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Cerberus Related Layoffs

In 2006, Cerberus bought 661 Albertsons stores. A week after the purchase, the company announced the closure of 100 stores within two months. In the years following the purchase, store closures took place in Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, South Dakota... read more
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HR and Training departments eliminated in Southern
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Bloodbath at Phoenix call center

There is a bloodbath at the Phoenix call center, 7-8 sups, a good third of the call floor let go and more cuts to come, at least 2 more that I have heard of. Nobody is safe....and there is no notice. I think they are picking names out of a hat... read more
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Clackamas division office layoffs 2015

We will lay off 90 folks in Clackamas division office in connection with Albertsons merger. When is the Albertsons warehouse in Gresham closing? No reason to have both an Albertsons and Safeway warehouse in the same city.
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Safeway Albertsons Merger Layoffs in 2015

Do we know if there are any layoffs as it relates to the merger with Albertsons? I cannot find any info online and I hear different rumors about the merger as well as layoffs. Thank you!
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Layoffs Jan 2015

Safeway said they will have regular jobs and transition jobs. The transition jobs will be workers who are here for the term identified (3-12months) and then its over. Our Director secured her direct staff jobs and herself of course. The rest of us... read more
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It's only Supply Chain which they were cutting pre-buyout, the rest of the idiots still have jobs.
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Layoffs has begun

Pink slips have been handed to workers as of this morning; the demise is nearing.
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Cerberus Capital Management = Kiss of death

It's all about cash flow peeps - they will load with debt and distribute cash flow to Cerberus Capital. They will suck blood and sell us in pieces. Pack up and leave right now, there is no reason to stick around any more. They will own us for about 5... read more
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Safeway and Albertsons Layoffs

Now, let's see what happens once Albertson folks come in. I am sure some assets will be spun off and Albertson is notorious for cost cutting. I do not think there will be any job security left here at Safeway, job cuts are more or less given... read more
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Private Equity

Blood suckers, cash flow suckers, they will continue to drain money and destroy our company. Safeway will never be the same.
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The Edwards Catastrophe

Robert Edwards simply could not run anything, especially a large company. Rob's intent from day one was to quickly sell Safeway and pocket tens of millions of dollars. He quickly let go all people who were loyal to the brand, who worked here for... read more
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Spinning off

Cerberus is pushing for some spinning off - just like we did with Blackhawk Network Holdings and Empire Co. in Canada. Heads will roll
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IT dpt downsizing in 2014

I work in our IT group and I wanted to vent a little bit. The work situation is deteriorating, many folks do not have reasonable project deadline and do not feel appreciated.
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Safeway Layoffs 2014

Do you know when downloadbesttorrentblog.rus will start. Safeway usually downsizes early in the year, so I'd expect Feb or March of 2014 to be the month.
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Safeway Downsizing Rumors

I still hear things about Safeway corporate and some layoffs that are being planned - I know that we are looking at our IT group and marketing. Nothing firm to confirm but things are being planned...
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