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Rome Fell... Again.

Like Watching Rome Fall One only has to read a sad review like this one to crystallize your purpose: / After reading this, there are three options: 1) Do nothing... read more
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Bumbles Bounce

The same way that Bumbles bounce, Seagate workers get bounced outta the hive to the unemployment dustbin. With no regrets by dun management. Spinny drive stay alive Workforce don't thrive Dat ain't no jive. My work cube's a dive Just a worker bee in... read more
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Watkins Coming Back

I saw on Fox and Friends that Bill Watkins is coming back to Seagate, in a bold power play to stymie enemies and amaze shareholders. Don't know what the response from me and other employees will be. Depends on if we go back to building spinnie drives... read more
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How pathetic is Seagate Management

How pathetic is it that Seagate actually puts in the effort to post on this site in it's own favor posing as happy employees. What are they freaked out about? Must be a lot of truth on this site for them to actively promote it's own propaganda.
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2018 layoff?

Anyone know when the next layoff is going to be? Awhile back on this site, someone mentioned May or June. Anyone else hearing about upcoming layoffs?
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DH future in question

When I was talking to VP he hinted dismantling DH or downsizing or even selling after downsizing. Procedure would start as soon as April. It seems huge layoff is inevitable in the near future.
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Hamer shipping R&D Dead

Should be a huge cut to R&D come June. Hamer shipping, nothing else in the works for new development. Should save the company a ton of money to give out to the shareholders. A lot less overhead as we produce current product lines until the end.
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No RIF. More overtime.

Just when I was hoping for early retirement, I'm told Seagate can't afford to lay anyone off right now because they can't make drive fast enough to keep-up with demand. This trend is expected for at least the next couple of quarters. Guess I'll just... read more
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Depressing, Yet Accurate Post

Check out / Seagate is a sinking ship (spinny drives are so Last Decade). Read the writing on the webpage. Get the fcuck out now. Or stay, and get HAMRed (get it?)
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Profit Sharing

Are you all excited on the pfofit Sharing pay out?
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UpComing lay offs

Any update on this? I heard about 6% cut April June quarter. DH will lose 20% employees.
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Cupertino IT

Will there be any layoffs in Cupertino IT in the future? I heard that the folks remaining there are some of the most talented, brightest, and hard working people.
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Seagate Singapore

Any updates over there? What are the big themes nowadays...
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Word around our site is that a hotshot named Beresford from the Fremont facility will be taking over Re's position as CTO and will be ushering in numerous new-technology platforms which will stabilize the company's product portfolio and bring... read more
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Oklahoma City CSO

To protect their bonuses the leadership in OKC, specifically Shenedra and Kelley, have ordered 10 hour workdays. The staff was told to make other arrangements for personal life events and childcare or quit. No exceptions. Only 4 days notice. Staff... read more
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DInner & Dance MBS Singapore

Who said we going downhill. We still got many funds to date. Even hold two Dinner & Dance MBS Singapore, one of the most prestigious hotels. We going strong even in the next decade to go ..........
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Seagate be Jenga, Dun Up on Steroids!

Seagate = Jenga Seagate and Jenga are amazingly similar. The game at Seagate is played by removing an increasing number of worker bees at the bottom, with the blind belief that those managers at the top (who don't do work but do manage) will be... read more
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Layoffs at SHK or NRM

Has anyone head reliable info about layoffs in Minnesota? Are the Minnesota sites the only Seagate sites that will still be here in 2029?
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Shakopee: Layoffs Continue

SHK had another round of layoffs this week, primarily focused on engineering and some significant upper management. This was a smaller layoff, similar to the Christmas Layoff - about 15 people. There is no end in sight to the trickle of random... read more
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Ken’s Advice

I received advice from this guy named Ken; when I asked him about downloadbesttorrentblog.rus. He said, "you got to know when to hold them and when to fold them." We talked about career changes and he said, "you got to know when to walk away and when to run." That... read more
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Boy, is this Spot On

/ Get out before you're cut out. It's way harder to get a job when you're unemployed, even if you're only employed by Seagate.
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1. Hiring a new CEO

GoPro founder and CEO Nick Woodman can't be ousted, since he's the top shareholder and still owns about a third of the company's shares. But under Woodman's leadership, GoPro leapt into new markets -- like media content, VR, and drones -- without... read more
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Is it true?

I am hearing that there are no longer any VP's in the OKC location. That they are trying to close 101/102 and out source IT and technical support? Mostly hear about IT at this point but nothing about the tech support side of things.
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