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Just a heads up for anyone who gets the boot.

You will more then likely have to fight for 88sears to pay your vacation! They will put the hours on your check, but there won't be any money attached to it.....sneaky ba$tards!
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Cutting even more hours to bring in new hires

I don't know if this is happening company wide, but I've heard that our DM is demanding that all part timers be cut to a ridiculously low number of hours in order to make room for the a supposed wave of new hires. I would assume that these new hires... read more
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... for staying with this company for so long. But come tomorrow, my moron days are over. Since I can start a new job on Monday, I'm going to no call/no show and enjoy a long weekend. My managers deserve no notice or courtesy because of the way they... read more
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Sears/Kmart Pay vs other major retailers.

I just received an email from a district recruiter with Sears Full Line stores. Inviting me to a job fair at the Sears near me. I replied to her email about the pay rate and she said it is still $7.25hr but you can get paid $2.00 for every credit app... read more
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SHLD Associates = Humanity

The precarious situation at SHLD sometimes leads to heated discussions on this board. During some of these exchanges assumptions are made, accusations are trumpeted and associates at all levels are derided. While reading random articles on the... read more
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Don't ask the member to use their SYW points

WE were told again today to stop asking the members to use their points, only use the points if the member asks if they have any points. Not that this is shocking, but when we were told to write up the people that are asking every member to see how... read more
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POPCORN MUST have been let go ... it's Thursday, all the predictions were for today and nothing new has been talked about. maybe there done closing stores for this year.
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Vendor portal

I am no longer an employee so I can't log in anymore, but any current employee can. Type your store # into the search area to keep track of your store... read more
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Kmart Pharmacy Closure

To the last poster, I've been told there is way more than 1 pharmacy closing. Anyone have an exact number? And which pharmacies??
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Kmart pharmacy closure

The Kmart I currently work at has announced today that it's pharmacy will be closing within 30 days. Is this an indication of where the store is heading or a way for us to eliminate an area that was losing money?
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Let the micro management continue

We now have to call the DM every time we have to say no to an on-line order .... this is getting out of hand if you ask me . AS the person always has to say, on this one I agree time to DRAIN THE SWAMP
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Holiday Transformation Panel

10 — 11 a.m. CDT Tuesday, Sept. 26 Hoffman Estates General Session Room or Webcast Watch as they discuss what we’re doing differently this year in an effort to drive a more profitable outcome for Holiday 2017. This interactive session will give you... read more
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Sad look at a closing store

Picked over and battered, Sarasota Sears store closes I thought this title is an ideal allegory for the entire Sears. Just take out the Sarasota and store, and soon enough, this will be all that is left of the entire company... read more
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Kmart Lease Renewal

Is there any experienced employees here who may know the signs that your store will be closing? For example, is researching when Kmart plans to renew lease or leases something that can help? We have been receiving odd repacks recently. Our truck has... read more
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craftsman warranty - no tools avalable at sears

Anyone working at sears go into MSP look under Merchandise Flow Bulletin and Availability, look at hardlines - tools - 10 pages of tools not being sent to your stores due to vender issues, or not being restocked. Forget having screwdrivers, sockets... read more
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URGENT confrence call for SGM yesterday

We had a conference call yesterday that was strange, we had stores from different states, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Chicago, but only about 10 stores on the call. They were asking these questions Who is the typical shopper? What are the BUs you see as... read more
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VI Kmarts

Anyone on here know the fate of the Virgin Islands Kmart locations after irma? I heard the Islands have been devastated.
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Hurricane Pay.

Does Sears pays for the days we were out due to Hurricane?
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The expectations for given pay are ridiculous

The expectations of minimum wage employees at Sears Holdings stores are totally ridiculous. This isn't a job just piling stuff on shelves or ringing up sales. Sears/Kmart employees are under the gun to make sales and credit quotas, warranty sales... read more
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One Touch

Our Sears store was just recently told we had to adopt this program. Everything out of the warehouse by the end of this month. Is this all the stores? How's it going? Anyone feel like it's successful?
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Winter is Coming

With the announcement of Sean Skelley's departure, winter is here for Sears Holding. Good luck to us all.
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Wages are far from Sears' only problem

It's not just about the wages. Sears and Kmart provide one of the most toxic (I speak figuratively, but in some cases it might actually literally) work environments. More than at any other retailer, even as employees flee due to deteriorating work... read more
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Levis wants upfront $$$

I heard yesterday from a co worker saying that Levis doesn't want to supply Sears unless they pay their money upfront. She said her ASM told her in a meeting that the whole crew needs to push hard to not lose Levis. I didn't see a thread anywhere... read more
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Company Owned Sears Store

I was at my local Sears store in Indiana doing a price check on a double oven that I had previously priced at Lowes. Lowe's was about $250 cheaper. I noticed the Electronics Dept was no longer there. It was there a few months ago. I asked the sales... read more
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Sears the worst company to work for in the world

Ran into this ranking today, it's from March, but I figured I'd scroll through and lo and behold, Sears is in the number one spot. Talking about the least shocking revelation ever. I don't think many people here will disagree... read more
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SHC + bitcoin=?

older article, but could it be the saving grace for SHC? is this still a thing? anyone?? /
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