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Maybe Amazon will save us.
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IT Layoffs

Here is a question for everyone. If they continue to lay off people in IT. What will they do if the Troy DataCenter crashes it ironically is 20years old this year? How will stores go out of business if IT is laid off till only a skeleton crew... read more
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Anybody afraid we'll lose our severance?

I was just wondering if anybody else is afraid that by the time it's their turn to be laid off (and considering that Sears is going down for sure, everybody's turn will come) there will be no money for severance? We'll be left without a job and... read more
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New districts

My Kmart store had been consolidated into a new district that covers more space. We received the list of stores in our district today and it has stores in categories such as P2P, reset, top 50, etc. I can figure out what top 50 means, but I have no... read more
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Is the latest layoffs round really a bad thing?

Anybody else thinks that the latest round of layoffs was actually needed? Sears has been cutting people in stores and forcing hours down to bare bones for long enough that there is barely anything left to cut. Cutting some of the people from HQ who... read more
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One team

You guys seem to think it’s HE versus sears stores vs Kmart stores when you are all actually on the same team. So when you see HE being shredded hopefully you realize you’ll be hurt at the store level too indirectly. If you’re already doing horrible... read more
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We have been told for months there will be more closures announced in feb its now feb let the carnage commence .. any news to this
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Here's where Sears Holdings Stands

Here is where Sears Holdings Stands with their corporate bond/credit ratings: Fitch: C (one notch above default) S&P: CC (two notches above default) Moody's: Ca (one notch above default) Sources:... read more
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Berkowitz's Fairholme Results 'Wrecked' by Sears Losses

Mounting losses at Sears Holdings Corp. and the bankruptcy of Sears Canada Inc. “wrecked” the performance of Bruce Berkowitz’s Fairholme Funds Inc. last year, he said in a shareholder letter released Thursday.... I wonder if brucie and fast eddie are... read more
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SHLD Stock Hits New Low!!

As of 4PM on Friday, February 2, 2018, the SHLD stock is now at $2.35 and has lost about 33% of its value in the last month alone!!
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How many DM's, Regional Vice Presidets, Market managers got laid off? What is the new regional realignment ?
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So the booked rooms at HE weren't for year end reviews?

I thought someone had said the news of layoffs was fake. They said the reserved rooms were for year end reviews. Maybe they were being sarcastic. I guess anyone who thinks this ship will stay afloat is being sarcastic. Will they turn a profit next... read more
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Eddie's End Game is Seritage and Loan Interests to SHC

When the dust settles, we will see that Eddie planned this from the start. His endgame is Seritage, his REIT, which is doing really well as one after another Kmart/Sears store closes. He is becoming a bigger and fatter property owner as we speak. The... read more
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Podcast set

All associate podcast /townhall meeting set March 6th. Just days after rumored March 2nd cuts. Check SHC news for updates.
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How's that transformation coming? Years later...seems to be working out just great!!!! Are we still transforming? Been so long, I lost track of the tranformation timeline...
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Tax break

Does anyone know if SHC lost its tax incentive they received from the State of Illinois for not relocating to another state? I can’t recall what the threshold was re:number of employees required to get the incentive. And, if so, what is the financial... read more
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Amazon prime

90% of SHC staff have Amazon prime and only 4 have syw.
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Enhanced security

What is it with all the extra security they brought in for today? What exactly is it they are thinking we might do? Seriously, has there ever been an incident during Sears layoffs or closing of a store? If there were, I haven't heard about them. So... read more
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Dear Eddie

You had 13+ years to make Sears right. all during that time you kept saying that we were transforming the company. You told us that Wall Street and the media did not understand the transformation. Eddie, it does not take 13 years to transform a... read more
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Why do you still work at Sears?

I recently left Sears to work at Costco. Better pay, better boss, better coworkers... So why do you still work at Sears or Kmart????
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Full Timers

Full time associates are done in this company and All assistant management gone as well. A package or take a pay cut. A big pay cut. Happening after meetings on Tuesday. Good luck to all the full timers and may luck be granted to the stores being run... read more
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Corporate Trolls will try to tell you this site is bs but guess what? A week ago we were talking about cuts expected today 1/31 and we were right again. Just like they tell you everythings cool no bankruptcy. Mark my words it's coming and coming... read more
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For those who got let go today....

You have been blessed! Finality at last. Closure. No more wondering if you’ll make it another month. No more anxiety and stress working 3 jobs in one. Close the chapter. Move forward. The road is only smoother from here. Good luck, my friends!
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Lousy day all around

I've just checked out latest posts, and it looks like we are far from the only ones with layoffs today. It seems that last day of January is really popular for layoffs. Walmart and Sam's Club are also being hit hard. Judging by this, it looks like... read more
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Not understanding how this whole severance pay works. Was let go on Friday and the whole process wasn’t explained to me very well. I was told to call 88sears for clarification. Called and here’s their response: “Please get with the store to find out... read more
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Enough of the rumors

Sears Holdings continues to achieve significant progress in our restructuring program, with actions taken in 2017 to realize $1.25 billion in annualized cost savings. Those savings were achieved through simplification of our organizational structure... read more
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Corporate Layoffs Begin

100-200 offshore employeees let go before start of working day in states. i know you don’t care as they are offshore but this could be you in the next few hours as part of the 30% being culled so be a little respectful, good luck to all, keep your... read more
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