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Guess we should have known what Shira intended

A twitter quote from Shira. It was written all along. You really did a bang up job of destroying what you built since 1992. 25 Oct 2017 More “You have to destroy what you built.”- Shira Goodman on industry changes… and opportunities.
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HR Lady Got Let Go!!

How is it the HR lady got let go in Maitland.... I mean I feel like we all need to know this... I hate that they keep this stuff secret and we have to find out from everyone else instead of Management. I mean if you laying off just step up amd say... read more
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Not just Staples

From reading posts, it seems many of you think you'll just bounce right back and have a job in no time. Look, I'm not trying to be a downer, but layoffs are going on everywhere, not just Staples. Doubt that? Spend some time reading "Latest Posts" on... read more
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More Today.... Ugh

Heard that some more got hit today. Thought it might be a multi-day event.
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Absolutely no media coverage

Do we know the final number of people who were laid off by Staples yesterday? I'm wondering because I just tried to find more info on what happened, and I found exactly zero articles on it. Is the number so small that it can be completely ignored?... read more
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Is this round done?

Somebody mentioned that more people got hit today, but I haven't heard anything. From what I understood, everybody who was supposed to be notified, was notified yesterday. Anybody else knows more about this? Am I wrong in feeling relieved that I... read more
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Completely unfair

My husband was laid off today after nearly two decades with the company. All of that time, effort, blood, sweat, and tears did not mean a thing, he was unceremoniously shown the door while kids who are his juniors by 30 years are still employed. How... read more
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2017 W2

Does anyone know where to access our W2s? I would ask our HR person, but she was let go as well.
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Not looking good at all for Furniture (Confirmed)

Be prepared Furniture friends,....get those resumes updated everyone. Don't be in denial like many are, the unfortunate has been confirmed by several high level sources and the bids are in. The days are approaching fast, don't be left holding the... read more
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Just a little perspective

Here’s a quote from SG herself: “It must be nice to have a job for life” then adding “those days are over, this country can’t afford to do business as usual.” This says a lot.
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Warn triggered

Anyone know why WARN isn’t triggered for layoffs?
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SAL and AM

Any word with SAL and AM’s in totality?
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Any stores closing?

With all downloadbesttorrentblog.rus, I was wondering if any store closings were announced? I haven't heard of any, and that makes little sense to me. I'm assuming that if the goal was to cut costs, eliminating some of the stores would be one of the first things the... read more
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Thank you to all who provided information

Thanks to everyone who provided accurate information- And to ask the trolls who are bitter and rude, karma will get you and SHE will be wearing RED!
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Sooo, who's actually shocked?

The Stock Plummeted, company went private, no viable high profit businesses. No one prints anything anymore (C&P Center, Paper, Ink, shredders), no one writes anymore (Pens, paper again), Office machines/computers are disposable assets now (EasyTech... read more
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I’ve heard 01/16 & 01/19

Anyone have any details...I’ve only heard of SALs, Supply Chain, Merchandising, and Facilities being affected ... either your last day is before year end or before bonuses are paid...who else can confirm/deny or enlighten on this??? I swear if it’s... read more
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Global Infrastructure

I heard they got hit pretty hard! Which areas got hit? Due to the Technical folk losing their positions, did Management get axed as well? Global is the Gold Standard. MM was awesome!
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Unemployment in MA

If you were laid off today in MA you may be able to collect unemployment concurrently with your severance. Below is the language from "If you were required to sign what is known as a "release of claims" as a condition of receiving severance... read more
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As a retail employee

I am glad to see IT gone. Who in their right mind would ever dump the UPS program (and the address book) at prime time?? What idiot authorized that? Who is in charge of the registers which don't work?? The computers which run slower than AOL dial up?... read more
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Does anybody know what kind of severance is Staples offering? I've heard somewhere that the usual severance policy was changed recently, but can't find any info on it. I'd be very grateful if somebody who knows for sure what is it now (or if it has... read more
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If you are laid off.... are going to be ok. Yes layoffs pose a fair share of complications and disappointment but it's not personal and you will survive. I was laid off today, the 2nd time in 6 years. I knew it was coming and welcome the thought of never talking to... read more
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Silver lining.

No need to ever read this site again. The amount of misinformation shared here by people with nothing better to do than fear monger is staggering. SG fired - nope Maitland closed - nope AMs offshore - nope Age Discrimination - nope
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Best Of Luck To Those Affected By Staples’ Layoffs

There’s a lot more out there for those who work hard to get it. Staples is a failing company but that doesn’t have to define you. Trust me, the ones responsible for the failure will never take responsibility. So don’t let it weigh to heavy on you... read more
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I lost my job today and...

It's comments like these from a post that this site does not need. "Of course silly. we are a Skype company so I have like 7 meetings with skype." People like this are trolls, who contribute nothing to this site, giving false hope and their own... read more
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If you were let go today, can you provide what location and department? Along with any other details you’d like to add.
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Skype Call

I got a skype meeting call for tomorrow but it was sent out by my manager...he says it to show us something blah blah blah... is this the call? I work in mid market.
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Anyone know if/how Quill has been affected? Specifics if possible, but no names please.
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Think about these rumors...

Although anything can happen where does it make ANY sense to close down the Maitland office? 90% of the Account Managers are located there. This is the only division thats profitable for the company. So ok go and close down the building and make... read more
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