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Sales Leaders next to experience a round of downsizings

My sources tell me the Sales Leaders will be the next group that will be looked at for possible downsizing. Also, the trend for hiring new sales leaders is to bring in talent externally who have strong investment sales background. This is already... read more
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Claim Consultants

Pretty sad when claim Consultants sell state farm off for USAA! WAKE UP! THEYRE GOING DOWN ON THEIR OWN GAME!
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Thought this belonged on the front page

I am a 19 year claims employee at SF. When the new model did not work we were told of another change. Then told we would handle weather and no weather claims again in addition to large losses. All that money spent and appear we are going backwards... read more
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This week, my spouse called while I was at work, upset and complaining of pain from home. She urged me to come immediately which I assured her I would. I signaled my manager over and told them I had to leave immediately. I was told to go ahead BUT... read more
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Texas bound

Heard through the grapevine Corp Law moving to Texas then at some point Executive will be to after a few executives retire that don't want to go there. Makes you wonder the foot print that will be here in Bloomington within 5 years.
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Regret having opted in

Having opted in and retained a job now regretting not taking package. Anyone know if severance can be attained if can find a swap candidate?
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Do anyemployment attorneys troll this site?

Has anyone spoken to an attorney about the employment laws in their areas and whether or not ad is violating local employment laws? They post job requirements, then give the jobs to younger reps who do not have the experience and training of more... read more
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Down the drain but look at the pretty decor

Every day I feel our leadership tries to distract us to the fact that the company is going down the drain. It's like business as usual except their is not much businesses as far as selling policies going on. I know people can't run around screaming... read more
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The Hubs

Was hoping to get some peoples opinions on the hubs and what the working conditions are like. I’ve heard sweatshop/prison is the most accurate way to describe them. Thoughts?
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Friendly reminder

Walking away from State Farm is always an option. You need to work for someone who values your talents, knowledge, and loyalty. You don't owe anything to State Farm. Life is too short to waste it being stuck where you are neither happy nor... read more
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Is anyone having problems with getting days off while seeing others have no problem getting days off?
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I am a customer...

I am not an employee of State Farm. I am a customer. I stumbled onto this site while searching for information about another company. I became curious and began reading and have been reading nearly daily now for 4 weeks. I had no idea that State Farm... read more
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IT Transformation

Curious to hear from those in Wave 1: Was your job offer to do something drastically different than what you’re doing now? Was anyone asked to relocate? Any insight for Wave 2 people?
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Total Loss

SF is a Total Loss incurring storage in a tow yard! As a consultant once said: you are all minions and claim scum. Don't worry folks, the hypocrisy from the angry punks will have their day. They all should be wearing orange in a jail cell for RICO... read more
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Culture of "Yes"

State Farm does not accept alternate viewpoints. They have created a claim model that has doubled the workload, tripled the stress, and quadrupled the stupidity. Section managers were let go for speaking their mind about the horrible decisions made... read more
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State Farm getting back into the Mutual Funds Business

It looks like State Farm is getting ready to ramp back up the mutual funds line of business after a year-long hiatus. Makes sense in that the auto line continues to experience losses and the life line is suffering. What say you agents? Are you ready... read more
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Nepotism Is An Understatement

I've been at the Farm for over 5 years and have nothing to show for it. I'm so bored with my position that is not going anywhere, they give raises to the people who 💋 their $$. The management is one of the most incompetent that I've ever had the... read more
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What is SalesForce???

I heard we are using SalesForce? Does anyone work with it? Do the agents like it??? Who's idea was it to adopt it, and how well does it integrate into our existing technology? Most of all how much does it cost? Did we buy it outright or do we have a... read more
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Is it worth it to stay

Due to many factors such as, multiple reorgs, outright lies about the fate of my department. No rhyme or reason for who gets cut and who stays. And finally no bonuses and very small raises, I am starting to look outside of SF. Did you know on average... read more
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Got lucky enough to get an offer but does anyone know which MVR they pull???
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Follow the blood trail of the beast ...

Interesting how State Farm was doing so well until management tried to "fix" the problem. It must have been an anticipated problem or maybe the problem was long term success. But they have "fixed" that problem. Once the company changed to our current... read more
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Its spreading to the dark web

I google "State Farm" and set the date to "last 1 hour" a lot at work on my phone. These guys are harsh /
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Need to read concerning Staples

Just read some of the comments about Staples . Not a pretty picture and since Fawad came from Staples, this can happen to us long after he is gone.
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No longer number one in auto?

Yesterday my boss was talking about our competition and said "When you are number one in auto you have a big target on your back". Is that still true? I hear we have lost 110k+ auto policies in the last year. Are we still number one in auto? I feel... read more
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ride the wave ?

So ... if given an assignment, and I decide to resign, do I just not show up on the 15th?
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We know where we are

So, it looks like 11 percent of American workers fear layoffs within a year and 59 percent are confident of job security. It's sad that 100 percent of State Farm employees are nowadays in those 11 percent. But does anybody remembers what it was like... read more
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Crashing down

Monday AM...dreading the thought of going to the farm, I dropped my gifted coffee mug. Cracked and broken...I took it as a sign. The farm is cracked and broken and I don't know if theirs enough gorilla glue to hold it together! The next month is sure... read more
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