Thread regarding Arris Group Inc. layoffs

Arris to lay off PACE employees?

How realistic is this, do you think it will happen, and if yes, when this would be happening? There are many rumors on this topic, and many PACE folks are simply worried about prospects, so, I can tell you that the concerns are real and people are just waiting to see what is going to happen and how they will be impacted as things are not playing out with Arris as many of us expected.

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It would be interesting to see the list of "abused" people and how they were "abused". Or was it just the one person writing about the monsters that was probably fired and now bitter about it.

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In response to

It would appear as though Dino Perrotti is the one making interpretations about the management team leading by fear. The several years that I have been at PACE, I have not witnessed or perceived any one of the people mentioned in this BLOG managing by fear. They certainly hold people accountable as any well run organization would.

Dino, or whomever is making this statement should understand that people often confuse “Fear” and “Accountability”. It sounds like you were merely held accountable for your performances and when the results were not favorable to the corporate objectives you were held accountable. Likewise, it appears as though you are blaming others and really don’t like the results of being held responsible, thus confusing “management by fear” and “management by accountability”.

Furthermore, Dino you are miss representing yourself on Linkedin, Indeed and other sites as being a software development manager at PACE, you never held that title, from what others have told me, your highest level was that of a software engineer, not even the SR level or any type of leadership role. You might want to correct those distortions, stop misrepresenting yourself as well blaming others for your

failures. Time to take responsibility for yourself, your activities and the outcomes of those activities.

In addition, the jealousy you demonstrated by indicating that homosexual behaviors are what allowed others to get advance or hold their job is just absurd and certainly confirms the immaturity of your professional development. Feeling that way is one thing, but to write it in a public blog is just uncalled for.

This blog should get away from the unprofessional and useless personal attacks and back to sharing information about the future of the company now call ARRIS.

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It also seems that Mr "Shuthtefuckup" (sic) doesn't seem to realise that the comments come from multiple posters, and there's no indication of whether the posters are British or not, except of course for myself, as evidenced by my name.

All my posts are signed "General James Wolfe" and yes I am British, although not a "fag" or a whiny bitch. Homophobia is not attractive.

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Arrs paid way too much.

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Perhaps a certain commenter has misunderstood? The British are not on here whining! I am advising you to do what I did and get out of Arris before you are dumped. I did very well out of Pace but it does not make me pleased to hear this stuff alleged about former Pace directors, if it's true I pity them.

I can't understand why anyone would suck up to such unworthy people.

Good luck to all remaining staff, UK or USA.

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Dino is gay

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What a whiny bitch ..

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Stop whining you socialist Brit fag . This was a good company with some good execs . It's business you dumb sh-- . Get over your little anger and deal with your life . Sick of hearing this bulshit whilst the rest of us struggle to keep a job going forward . Move to Greece you cunt .

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Laying off so many people with 1 weeks notice was immoral unethical and pure evil

Stanzione and Tim O'Laughlin will be happy in hell together..

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Boca Employees may be able to sue


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This is getting vicious... I guess all the secrets come out after people have already lost their job.... And have nothing left to fear

The bosses did rule by fear... Tim O was the worst. But then on down the line Bruce Guerek, Ron Altiero, Mike Zampini.... All monsters..

People took the abuse because there aren't that many engineering jobs in Boca Raton...

It's so sad for all those families who are weeks or months away from bankruptcy now... So sad that these monsters can ruin their lives and get big fat bonus checks from the cost savings

Something very evil happened

This is why Trump and Sanders have so many followers... American laws favor the corporations and do not protect workers

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Tim is the head of the horrible bosses and their sexual deviants

There is a QA tester Mike Marandici who was promoted to Program Manager after perorming sexual acts on the VP Ron Altiero.... These trysts continue now and of course his boy toy is safe from layoffs

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Wow - it's sunk to this level so soon. How esteemed is Tim! Have some f---ing dignity, as you will be a long time dead. Do not kneel down to these people and don't stoop to their level. Have we forgotten how to be men?

My advice is this. Active resistance. Pretend to work. Get as much money as you can out of the thieving cunts as you can, while you can, and get another job. I'd rather shovel sh-- for a living than work for such utter cunts.

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To rub your pe***nis on Tim's keyboard must mean you really like him a lot. Not once but twice; you must have really gotten off to go back a second time. Maybe the third time you can leave a big brown one.


Now you know where you got that nasty fungal infection from.

Not a big Tim fan either, however you have stepped to just his level. Maybe slightly above it.

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I twice rubbed my pe--s on Tim O'Laughlin's keyboard. Bahahah!

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Hahahah if Trump becomes president we (in the US) will all have much bigger problems to worry about than Pace or Arris. The rest of the free world is in danger too, his words have an eerie resemblance to those of Mussolini or Hitler.

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Arris was fooled by mike Pulli and Tim O'Laughlin

They artificially inflated their numbers and now all Arris has is tax inversion which will become illegal after Trump becomes President

Watch stock tank

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I too have seen Tim O'Laughlin berate people in public.. He is so 2 faced also

When he speaks to customers he is so nice and friendly and then he'll go in the next room and rudely berate employees like a schizophrenic

The sad part is that Comcast knows him as the Red headed face of Pace so his job is safe.. Also found out that he will get about 1 million in bonuses from the trade.

Just 2 months ago he called a meeting and told us our jobs were safe for at least a year and we will get bonuses for staying. Now we are laid off with 1 weeks bonus

The evil goes beyond this... To save a few more dollars they laid everyone off by the last day of February so they wouldn't have to pay for March health insurance .. Which left everyone scrambling for Obamacare while dealing with unemployment

Tim must have no mirrors in his house.... How can he face himself?

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Tim O'Laughlin is truly evil

Mike Pulli and he starved engineering Dept to decrease costs demanding they work mandatory overtime. I had so many quality engineers quit taking tribal knowledge with them but nobody cared

They only wanted to drive up the stock price to sell to Arris to make large bonuses and layoff 100s of human beings with families with no severance and no notice

It is true that Tim O'Laughlin and Ron Alterio take Comcast executives to Tootsies champagne room where they spend $25,000 a night on h--kers. I was there... But the real sin is what will happen to the families of those laid off.

Pure evil

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Whilst we're on the theme of bad behaviour by the execs, let me just point a few things out.

I left Pace not so long ago to take a different career path, however some of my colleagues over the years were not so lucky and were made redundant, getting very little in terms of a payout.

Most employees, including management that I worked with over the years were hard working, intelligent, and talented. The only really bad behaviour I witnessed was from those at the top of the organization. Here are a few examples.

Violence, bullying, criminal damage, sexual assault, insider trading, theft... I could go on. Not to mention incompetence resulting in Pace being fined hundreds of thousands of pounds. These are not trivial matters and the people responsible got away with it, taking huge payoffs and share deals.

From what I've read about Arris, they make Pace's gallery of rogues look like shining examples of industry leaders.

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We're not writing tripe, and you are obviously an idiot for making that statement.

Just to put you right, I have put in more than a decade's work at Pace, and the reason I hold the shares in the company is because I earned them, contributed to the sharesave scheme, and bought into the company on the open market because I am proud of what we achieved.

Certain execs at Arris who allegedly blow tens of thousands of dollars on hookers certainly do not earn their huge salaries.

I suggest you get your head out of your arse and join the rest of us in the real world.

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Unbelievable tripe written on here, all slagging execs who actually turn up and do some work, all you lot seem to be doing is wanting to sell something that doesn't exist i.e. shares without doing a minutes work or producing a single thing all for a profit. Nice one

I wonder why they're successful and you lot aren't.

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Started in Saltaire today. Seems to be by numbers and not much thought.

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It all comes down to greed and selfishness. Arris, like most large corporations is run by sociopaths who only care about enriching themselves. They do not care about Arris, its customers and certainly not the employees. As for the shareholders, the only ones the execs care about are themselves. I've heard the Arris upper management described as a club for the good ol' boys, but don't be fooled they'd stab each other in the back in a second if it meant advancement or protecting their own positions.

I'm a former Pace employee who's also a shareholder, and guess what? We still do not have our shares following the merger whilst Arris execs sold their shares months ago and made $millions. All that this merger has achieved is to destroy a great British company, and help Arris self destruct more quickly.

If there's any way I can get the UK and US authorities to investigate I will, but don't hold your breath.

I'm minded to believe some of what's been written about certain senior execs wasting company money and being aggressive to staff. I witnessed similar awful behaviour at Saltaire over the years.

If you are about to lose your job you have my sympathy, I know what it's like. In many ways corporate America is worse than the UK, in terms of the way people are treated. But we're are catching up fast.

Don't let them make you "work your notice" or hand over your knowledge to colleagues. Call in sick, don't be honest and "do the right thing" for a bunch of criminal psychopaths.

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so true bro

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I keep in touch with a former colleague at arris. When the execs talk about the pace aquisition, they refer to acquiring the market share. Never anything about the employees or the products, just market share and some intellectual property. Arris is laser focused on market share, profit and shareholders and will trample on employees without a second thought to gain it. It's like any large corporation, although arris executives seemed a little more slick and sleazy about it than other companies I worked at.

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PACE was bought for tax benefits; end of story. PACE revenue was overstated and due diligence was bad. Now everyone suffers as ARRIS continues their acquisition and dump model.

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You could at least spell his name right if you're going to talk about him (Tim O' Loughlin)...might make you seem a bit more credible!

just sayin'! :)

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I still work at Pace... It is true about Tim McLaughlin... He will sell out employees while lying to them and saying everything is fine ... Everyone here is scared... In the past he has fired people for giving bad "anonymous" company reviews... He tells everyone to badge in every time for "fire code" reasons but we found out later he was monitoring how much free overtime people were putting in..

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Tim McLaughlin otherwise known as carrot top is one of the top executives at Pace. He is a despicable person. He has slammed laptops closed on other managers almost injuring them, he consistently yells profanities at employees, insulting them in front of their peers... Yet Arris must keep him on board because he runs sales. He takes too Comcast and other cable executives to Tootsies champagne room where they spend $20,000 on hookers and then charges it to a "fishing" trip... All the while paying the engineers and testers as little as possible and demanding 60 hr work weeks... This is all true.. Just ask Ron Alteiri or Mike Pulli or anyone who has worked there for more than 10 yrs

Bottom line is he will sell out Boca employees without losing any sleep

Get your resume out there now!

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Layoffs are at ARRIS, not Pace at least so far.

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Pace Execs will lie to their employees

If they say you are safe, you will be laid off

Only 8 months left on Boca lease so site will be shutdown or downsized only for management

All engineers and testers will be laid off

Pace only cares about numbers as in dollars... People are not in the equation

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As a former GI-Motorola-Googlerola-Arris employee, nobody is safe and all are at risk. Layoffs will be based on the 80-20 rule. The 20 prrcent of the combined entitywork force that accounts for 80 percent of the total payroll will get riffed regardless of age gender race years of service etc.

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From the financials perspective and the huge difference between the costly Mot group versus streamlined Pace group of engineers, it would appear that the Mot folks should be very worried. Pace is the world set top box leader in # of units sold each year but with a third of the employees in that same division. Who would you go with?

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Oh yeah, you're done, finished, screwed! When a "takeover occurs" and the company being "sold out" has a stock thats worth 1/10 of a share of the overtaking company, the writing isn't on the wall it's a Picasso. Besides Arris, on paper, paid $2 Billion for Pace which was all on paper, a loan. So a company was loaned billions to buy another. What secures a deal that? Because they already know that the investment is repaid when they cut all the jobs at the company they just bought. Thats what is called commerce.

Sometimes you just have to raise up on a fool!

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Any input is very much appreciated

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