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Halliburton- $34.6 billion could've saved jobs.....

Disposable numbers? This is what we are, wouldn't it be nice if employers actually cared? I heard so many great things about this company but immediately when I started....... It was easy to see after being in the field for a month, that things weren't great... $13.50 a hour?????? $25 per deim????? How great is THAT!!!!! I stay because I won't find 100 hours a week anywhere else an i got a family. I love my supervisors but management is something else...

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Same shit! same pay!

They don't give a shit! about there employees! They offer insane as 12 -13 per hour wages.

And people accept! Until people start speaking up! don't expect shit! from DICK!

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Hall-a-billy may want to note that it is not 2008 anymore. There are a lot of technical opportunities out there now. They were lucky to find lots of talent from aerospace, automotive, and finance when they needed to hire in the boom times. That was pure chance that those industries had just gone down. Next boom they may not be as lucky to find a large pool of unemployed talent. Well at least not for what they will pay. In other words lets move on and not look back, there are so much better places to work and things to do.

Note to engineers - If you are being offered anything below ~ $95,000 walk away. Hal came to me with a contract opportunity; I told them $100,000 min to even start talking. This is still a bargain for them.

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I have to agree that there was no long term strategy. Which can be expected when quarterly reports and fast promotions is the management priority. I saw a manager quit 3 years back when he couldn't get his strategy implemented. Only the expensive work; get rid of the mid cap companies business; Voluntarily give up market share. Well only the efficient mid and small cap companies are remaining, and they are more than happy with the Ma and Pa services. Which brings on the big question, can halluburton continue to compete in the US with its current model? I don't think so.

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That's just the facts. Yes they could fix just about anything but would they? The shop guys were the biggest set of diva mechanics I've ever seen in my life. You gotta wash that before I'll touch it... They sent half their work to hobby auto anyways. So they basically did pm work. Well it's not hard to lube a truck for mechanics wages.. The new guys in Zanesville will figure out the rest and with the slump in the market they have a long time to learn. Speaking of slumps on the market how secure do you feel at C&J. Heard they were cutting back on buying parts due to not having the money. How long do you think it is until they shut down Black Lick...and when they do, do you suppose they'll offer you a position somewhere else..probably not.

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Has hit jobs. Areal. train wreck. the nail on. The head. I was with hallibuton 40 years until layed off last spring.

40 years of working as a ceo.cementer.Mso.Dso.

bringing in the revenue. Now they hire a new person out of college. Give them Halliburton best practices. Say follow it to the letter.

Any changes call in.

You are a toolman. Boxin. Up pin down.....

Mark my words.the new Halliburton with all the 30 year plus hands gone will be ......

Ca. Yousay problem


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I can assure you that there is much less of a 'career' at Halliburton today than there ever was. I was laid off and lost my entire department with 38 years service in for the simple reason that they had a change in business philosophy. My mis-manager sat 20 deet away and hid his face during the process and the superintendent made a comment of 'don't ever come back'. I'm sure his mouth overran his brain but it was said anyway. They wanted the deep and horizontal work only. The younger (mis)management knows nothing about what it takes to survive long term and you the employee, are the first expendable thing on the ledger sheet. What I am seeing is that the employees are no longer being taught what is going on, only to follow the process manual. You will most likely never have a feel for what is going on, on the location or downhole. You will be much like a puppet, therefore you can see why you are expendable. You say you like the management ? See what happens when things slow down a bit and the management has no idea who you are or what you may have really learned. Don't be surprised ( if you have some common sense ) to know more that your supervisor yet he will demand you do some things that are wrong. Be prepared to be looking for a job.

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Talk about management? Crazy!!!!!!!!!

Rather than offer a little incentive for the Mechanics from the recently closed Homer City, PA facility that's been a staple of the local community for over 40 years, to transfer to the "New State of the Art" facility in Zanesville, OH, they offered them NOTHING!! They chose to hire outside Mechanic Contractors from out of state to come in and work. Placed them in hotels etc etc. They have never seen a blender, changed a sand screw, discharge or suction pump, never seen LA banks etc etc. never seen Red Tigers. Never stood up a sand castle, NEVER, NEVER. and I mean NEVER troubleshot hydraulic issues with any of this type of equipment, best of all they have never seen SNOW ( good luck ) but Management figured it was cheaper to bring in the outside guys than to offer the existing mechanics even a meger $1.00 per hour to move to another state. The NEW Maintenance Management Team in Zanesville will soon discover that they know very little about how to run the shop when the Crews start coming into the yard. They'll fail miserably. No doubt about it. But on the bright side, we didn't have to drive very far, just 3 miles down the road to CJ Energy. Same type of employment, same money and a lot less Big Red Bullshit!!!!!!!!!! And they aren't in the process of a major merger, what a distraction, what a joke !!!!!!!!!

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It is a shame that good folks end up like this. HAL like the other large companies are all over you when times are good, but give you a boot in the rear when things change. Maybe the lesson to learn is how much you are worth to them in the good times and demand the pay you deserve. It will take everyone to band together in order to make them pay more. Figure out how much you lost since being laid off and make it back in order to do their bidding again. It will not be easy to get the extra cash, but there is power in numbers, that's what unions do and you can do it without forming one if people stick together. Does $40.00 an hour sound fair to you, it is still far less then top management makes.

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Worked 35 years plus for the flying H.

Halliburton management is so out of touch with it's field personal that bring in the revenue.

You want see a pdc.cement cord.swinging a hammer.

Many have never worked in the field.

At one time Halliburton was the very best cementing company in the industry.

Schulembuber top of its game in logging.

Co men have told me. Use anyone else your wasting your time.

But that was 20 years ago. And for the current Halliburton its riding on its past reputation. And will be a train wreck shortly.

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How the f*** could a manager not know that a new hire was about to show up? Jesus... What camp is that from?

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Ha Ha just like my first day ... manager did not know a new hire was sowing up ... pieced together my equipment out what they could dig out of the trash.

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$13.50...What yard are you out of? They started us off here in Caldwell at $13.00. That my friend is just not worth it. I'm getting about ready to quit though. I'm sick of management and some of these supervisors are worthless. Used to be a good group of guys here, but not anymore.

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