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Paul Black, John Mayr, Jesse Tripp, Wayne Brummett, Brian Moffett - you are evil. Look what you have done.

Firing someone with 32+ years? With no remorse. Now look what happened to that poor tragic soul. You and your henchmen sent this poor man over the edge with your evil, penny pinching ways (remember the "save your pennies" comment?) May you wrestle with guilt forevermore for what you have done to this man and his family. May you be wracked with guilt. But since every single one of you is an ASSHOLE who bleeds green - that won't happen. Evil horrible people - all of you. The rest of us are just waiting for our day to come - when we are escorted out the door as if we aren't worth a thing, just like you did to the man who left this earth yesterday..

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allscripts has lost its way as company and as a product. select few in management and client organization run the show and s--- up to Paul black. they rich, sage and dennis are nasty folks with little care for employees and clients alike.

quiet layoffs in progress and majority of good employees have left.

sales have fallen flat - no new ones in the US in 2016/2015.

numbers reported are made up- record bookings etc. they only have northwell paying maintanance and call it a sale and are so deeply wrapped up they cant get out. northwell would have better off on cerner. other clients are fleeing but the droves. NYP should dump them soon. probably for epic since cornell has it working already.

product development is a mess and needs revamping.

sunrise is buggy and population health is a variety of products crammed togther that barely interact and add value.

touchworks is a joke with the ever increasing costs to keep operational and virtually no benefits. upgrades are a disaster. development is a mess and the support implementation team is a bunch of entitled burlington long timers sitting on their high horses doing nothing.

allscripts has taken/ acquired decent individual products and made a complete mess of them. there is no integration to speak off within their own suite.

we are getting rid off them and going to another large vendor in KS.

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All companies have layoff's.. that's not why people commit suicide.

You need therapy dude..

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As a long-time Allscripts client I can confirm the abysmal decline of the product as a result of corporate greed. Paul Black personally banked $15 million in just 6 months all the while firing US employees and cutting corners on the product. I have had several conversations with Allscripts management regarding the huge amount of time and money clients have lost as a result of their crummy product and outsourced support. I was accused of being negative, political and racist. I have also been told, point-blank, by each and every person I've spoken to that India support is cheaper and therefore, never going away. In every conversation, I asked them if they would be so gung-ho about Allscripts' outsourcing if they became the victim of it. Sadly, that's exactly what happened here. This was a long-time Allscripts employee and one of their biggest cheerleaders. He did his absolute best to project a positive image of Allscripts to clients. Unfortunately, that means nothing to Allscripts. RIP, WJ. My sincere condolences to those who loved you.

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If you have not caught on Allscripts is not the company you may have knew, know. It is a shell of company being feasted on by institutional investment groups. The leadership consistently shows it knows nothing of running or "righting" a software company. They are using the remaining trickle of incoming revenue to line their own pockets and that of their masters. it was in the news recently Allscripts invested more money into a speculative company ( a virtual company with NO products/services to offer ) then they have in their own products. That says it all... They are more a speculative investment company then software company. Client beware!!!

I have been told the leadership is touting building a 12 story building in Raleigh. Operation SINK HOLE ! Wait for it... wait for it...."Another quarter of record bookings"... but alas...negative growth/profits..but enormous bonuses to all levels of management. bye bye...

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Their day will come too...they will rot in hell for centuries together. Paul is a pathetic person and the worst CEO any company has ever seen.He will meet his end very soon.

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You all have should this on your consciences. But you probably don't. Excuses excuses excuses, right? Not your fault? It's never your fault.

But the current and former Allscripts staff know your role in it. Your hands are stained forever, you lying sacks of shit, and each and every one of you hatchetmen deserve every bit of karma and misery that comes around to get you.

Rot in hell, bastards.

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When will someone grow a set and get rid of the evil at Allscripts??? Doesn't the board see all this? The upper management at Allscripts is literally destroying the company and all the people who have and are working there now. So sad, as the company had so much potential until the new CEO came on board. He and his buddies, have slowly torn up that company, one dollar at a time. Setting aside what's happened to the company, look at what they've done to the people who work there. So many have had to leave due to the anxiety and stress it's caused in their life and not to mention all downloadbesttorrentblog.rus that have have been basically hush - hush.

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