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Only those with long service were targeted for dismissal. Great to know you work for an employer who values years of sweat and loyalty.

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Let them eat Cake!

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SWECO (and their overlords) historically have reputation for making idiotic decisions when it comes to the business. Peeps make decisions with little or no understanding of the reality of the work/product involved. SWECO does not make widgets. Yet, the aristocracy seems to never look to the past to keep from repeating the same mistakes. SWECO is pretty comparable to a job shop. Period. It's not Toyota, it's not GE. Sure, many improvements have been made both in process and product. Been a tough road. When you put Monkeys in charge of stuff they don't understand, it's like touching the hot stove over and over again. It burned the first time and it will again.

It's been almost funny to watch, except for the cost of the good people and their suffering. It's not rocket science.

Sad to see that since the oil field peeps can't manage their sphere of influence, they cast off the people who have nothing to do with thier mismanagement. OOPs... />

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Bruce Petite I really was just winging your name .

I had a really hard time writing that post due to the fact that there was no SWES.

Sorry blame the process not the person .

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Ifyouarenothappy. Go fuk yourself.

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As you get older and wiser you realize that when people are given anything without having to earn it (unless they are physically or mentally utterly incapable of earning anything), they become ungrateful and lazy. They also become less happy.

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The fall started 16 years ago. They just found the Cliff last year.

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Sometimes being a friend means mastering the art of timing. There is a time for silence. A time to let go and allow people to hurl themselves into their own destiny. And a time to prepare to pick up the pieces when it's all over. I love you scottie poo.......

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Get them Bruce Petite

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If you are going to use my name at least spell it right guys. Good thing all you do is weld!

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Was at SLB Sweco awhile back on business and what a joke the management was.Are they deliberately trying to run the place in the ground? Mr.Arnold and his rat buddy diggie butt were the biggest joke of them all while I was there. Way to run a great place in the ground Ya'll.

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I've worked on that facility for years 10+.

Florence was a place you could depend on your managers for support and work in an environment that was family and also business oriented .

Not any longer .

The powers that exist now have no earthly idea what they are doing .

Recent discoveries of just how dumb they are has the whole facility scared to the death that they will be next on the chopping block .

They are not making decisions based on money, or the benefit of the company period .

They are allowing a group of incompetent managers (not floor level managers ) ruin the moral and facilitating a feeling of terror amongst the ranks that I have personally never experienced in my career .

To hire an outside consultant at 1500$ a day that is a close personal friend of the current plant manager on the oilfield side to basically teach him to run that part of the business shows just how crooked and incapable management has become .

Brian Simpson has lead poorly over the past few years and those above him have allowed it to continue to the point that now key people are being let go to support his madness .

He will sell anyone out who doesn't fully nod their head yes to him .

Bruce Petite is a con who smiles every time that paycheck clears the bank .How this place got into the shape it's in now is beyond belief .

Did I mention that Brian Simpsons (plant manager )claim to fame when hired was that he was a former Toyota engineer that was experienced in cost saving CI and lean manufacturing ?

Not to sound like Muary Povich but "that was a lie" .

Why would an engineer with that experience hire a former Toyota employed as a consultant to make the daily descisions at 1500$ a day

If it's not obvious to the president of Sweco you my friend are not paying attention .

You've been bambuzzled at a level that no president has in the history of the company .

If we are doing that great then why

are we experiencing more safety issues now than at anytime in the last 15 years ?

With that being said they are not letting people go with safety issues

Wouldn't that make sense ?

So while people are losing their jobs after years of faithful service Brian Simpson is giving his buddy a fat paycheck at the expense of all of us

While people are losing their jobs Brian Simpson is giving raises to incompetent engineers .

While we have no work Brian Simpson is allowing people close to him to have a very small workload in the offices while laying hard working floor people off .

Great job Florence way to make our facility a joke .

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Fifteen years would be the absolute minimum. More like 20 and 25!

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Very poor decision making. So much knowledge was escorted out today.

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What's considered long service? 15+ years?

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