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Lockheed Martin Layoffs 2016

What is the likelihood of Lockheed Martin layoffs in Bethesda in 2016? Please let me know if you have any information.

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All the worker bees, doing the work of 2-3 people, got our LM MST Moorestown, NJ layoff notices today. Blind sided. Thought the heavy layer of middle managers would go. God knows there's too many of them. I guess the six figure 'managers' can figure out how the 'real' work will get down now. Cutting costs? Please. Isn't the whole point to save costs and cut out the fat. Well, the fatties will still be eating at the troth, subsidized by US tax money. Disgusted with this company. Just interested in getting their over-bloated government contracts.

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I meant to say Lockheed Martin. Instead of Boeing.

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Hey guys, for those of you that got laid off by Boeing. My company is hiring people that have previous work experience. Prospective should have an active DoD Secret clearance.

Preferably, individuals should have 3 to 10 years of experience. But if you’re already a level 2 engineer at Boeing then you qualify too.

There are many positions open. Some of these are Air Vehicle Engineering, Software Engineering, Survivability, Antenna Design and Integration, and Systems Engineering.

All of those interested and meet these requirements, please send your email to me. ([email protected]) I will then refer each interested individual to to my company hiring system. Also, feel free to email me with any questions. And feel free to share this information with any other laid off employee that you may know.

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Lockheed is the worst company to work for.

Lockheed is just interested in getting money from the government.

Lockheed does not care about it's workers.

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Employees reporting to corporate management in Bethesda are being asked to re-compete for their jobs if not being direct laid off for nonsensical reasons. This includes long time, loyal, well performing, well educated, well liked, and VERY hard working staff. Not a single dent in their records. It's scummy and borderline unethical. Severance packages come with a litany of legal statement saying you will not sue the company for any reason in return (a bribe essentially).

Re-compete is the new way Lockheed legally gets around firing someone simple because they hope someone younger or less experienced I guess will be willing to take a smaller salary. However, guess who is safe from re-competing for their jobs? The managers, director and VPs! Isn't that ironic if the whole point is to save cost and cut out the fat? These insular, high level VPs and directors have somehow worked the system in their favor and instead are trying to get rid of the staff doing the hardest on-the-ground work, most of whom interface directly with customers.

Morale is at an all time low, everyone I know says Lockheed is a terrible place to work for with no empathy or concern for those who might have a family they rather see once in a while. No one at Lockheed seems to understand you can't build high quality products or make your clients happy if staff are demoralized and made to feel expendable at any given moment.

If cutting costs if the true objective, start with UPPER management and anyone making for than, say, $500k year. The ONLY silver lining is the fact that LMT stock has gone way up over time and pays great dividends, so by having our Lockheed 401k in company stock we have, at the very least, made a pretty penny as a result of all this downsizing and cost cutting.

It's still disingenuous, though, that a company making billions in profit and has seen its stock practically triple in recent years would go after the average worker in this way. We are not even 40 years old, yet feel like targets simple because we make a decent wage. Does hard work and loyalty count for absolutely nothing anymore? Lockheed needs to find an identity, and should care what the average word-of-mouth opinion is of their company. This will directly impact the ability to acquire and retain high quality talent, which is what Lockheed should be caring about more than anything. Happy, motivated people make a great company.

I'll bet most would be happy to make less money in lieu of working for a company that makes them feel valued and cared for, like a family. Hey, if someone isn't performing, fine, let them go. If if good loyal employees with perfect track records are being aside to "re-compete" or being pink slipped before they've even been allowed to reach the peak of their career and make a real difference, then who do you expect become your next great wave of managers, VPs and CEOs after the current crowd takes their stock options and run?

Please, don't give up on your low to middle level employees. They are your backbone. Ask them questions, ask them for solutions, tell them what you're trying to do and what the problem is. You might be surprised that these hard workers have a good chance of helping Lockheed solve its problems and reduce its costs without being seen at a heartless, soulless entity that epitomizes the worst of American corporate culture. Success is a two way street. Companies don't make themselves...people do.

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Age discrimination, minorities discrimination, sexual discrimination comes first.

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We were 6 people in the team, they laid off all the minorities first, big time discrimination is what it is.

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I was given a End of Contract letter, applied for Unemployment Insurance, and I was told I was fired. Interesting.

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Layoff notices given out 2/17/16

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Very likely.

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Yeah, why not just assume there will be layoffs

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CEO? Layoff? Lockheed rumors? Oh, come on buddy.

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It would be a great place to start... let's start with the CEO who made a cool 25 mil last year..

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