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The Majority of Our Students

Please watch this video. Get through the ads and watch.

Brenda Johnson is a perfect example of the students I talk to every day.


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Typically when a student claims they did not get their excess funds one of 2 things happened. Either the check was issued and not cashed within the 90 day time frame and it was returned as a stale dated check or they withdrew or failed a course prior to the excess check being issued. If the later happens, more funds are applied to the open balance on the account. Enough withdrawals or a failed course will wipe out the students excess funds.

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I have gotten feedback from former UoPX students who did not get their excess funds back. Does anyone do audits on this? How good are the audits? Is University of Phoenix pocketing funds that should have been disbursed to students?

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This is what happens when a business becomes a scam. Similar things happened during the housing and bank meltdown in 2007 and 2008. Remember "Liar Loans?"

Defeated Mentally Exhausted Senior FA and others, these are serious allegations--about abuse of funds. Do you have documentation? What were the original sources of the funds?

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You say it better than anyone else has, you are 100 percent right. I have seen managers take the side of the student rather than backing up their employee when the student was way out of line. I have to agree that the most stressful part of our job is an escalated student that wants their excess funds and their funds are on hold for a "QC" hold that is essentially impossible to explain. Also, I have heard countless times that my student is going to get evicted if they don't get their excess funds. I have also ruined Christmas for many families by not getting them their excess funds in time. Yet, who can blame them? What is the alternative? Getting a job? Actually working for a living? Who wants to do that? That sounds terrible.

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I understand this type of student so well....I asked several times for a code of conduct to be filed on several students, that apparently think it's OK to use profanity over the phone and in emails and to scream and holler at advisors....these are people that are totally out of control. 99% of that type of call or behavior is related to wanting a refund or excess fin aid funding to keep them from being evicted or to pay rent or even Christmas presents. Financial aid is for educational purposes and that point aside, no advisor should be disrespected. Our calls are recorded and we get judged on what we say on a phone call but when DQSS hears (qualiity control listening to recorded calls) profanity they don't comment on it or don't automatically send that call to another department for have the student reprimanded for using profanity on the phone. If a 'university' doesn't set the expectation high for their students' academics and behavior they can expect to get a lower quality of student. That is why people have to APPLY to High quality schools and be ACCEPTED...where at UOP they will take anyone that can be 'walked' through an application and walked through means you apparently cannot fill out the forms or applications required to register for school by YOURSELF...resulting in getting lower quality students that are only interested in getting their refunds. Understand just because you get a refund does not mean you have earned that refund. Fin Aid and PELL is earned by completing so many credits with passing grades and remaining in attendance. You can get a refund after completing for example 6 credits with passing grades, but to earn the money 100% you have to complete 12 credits with passing grades. So you get a refund at 6 credits for example and then you fail a class or drop out of attendance (as soon as you get your refund) you have completed 6 credits but per your in writing award letter you are required to complete 12 credits with passing grades; the dept of education and it's lender then wants it's money back which can include part or all of the refund monies you wanted UOP to send to you. Money must be returned because you DID not complete the credits required with passing grades to earn the financial aid or PELL funds you were awarded and/or refunded because this money is given to you to GO TO School, not to enroll, start classes, get the refund and then quit. This is explained to students in letters they get, in phone calls with advisors, on the student website and in notifications throughout the process of filling out financial aid documents on the UOP financial aid website and on the Dept of Education website when filling out FAFSA. Reading is fundamental. Being an adult that is committed to getting an education is necessary as well. Point being advisors at UOP get a large percentage of abusive students that are primarily interested in getting their financial aid money and UOP has a terrible process for students to be able to get their refunds and advisors are on the front lines explaining the process which often goes wrong (try explaining the holds put on funds by financial aid office);holds that are explained as reviews by Dept of Educ or computer issues; advisors filing tickets to release funds and sometimes a student will change a schedule when a release of funds is scheduled and doesn't realize that changing their schedule also changes when they get their financial aid money, or they post a failing grade which can also delay when they receive funds. I know people who have attended UOP and then have gone to a 'regular' high-profile state University and taken financial aid at both and have shared that the other school's process was SO MUCH BETTER in relation to financial aid and they couldn't understand why UOP's process was so complicated. Can't understand why UOP was so slow at releasing funds that student are entitled to receive? Seems to be a strong need to HOLD onto students' funding...processing and dealing with students on refunds consumes the largest percentage of finance advisors time and is the most difficult and stressful for these advisors...but finance advisors should not be abused as part of this process and students that are abusive should be reprimanded under our code of conduct or subject to disciplinary action ...faculty members do not tolerate this type of behavior and I don't know why finance advisors or any employee should have to be subject to such abuse as part of our jobs. I have had managers back up students who are screaming, cussing and being out of control before backing up their employees....unacceptable. This is not the type or quality of person one wants at an institution of higher learning. Being so focused on money shows that the students focus is not on their education...all you have to do is wait to see if the student quits school or goes on a leave of absence as soon as they receive their refund and as experienced finance advisor you can usually predict when this is going to happen once you have talked to one of these abusive students. Allowing students to disrepect employees shows where the priorities are at UOP.

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I think maybe you missed the point. That ghetto, mouthy, ignorant behavior is the kind of person we deal with on a daily basis. When a call comes in 80‰ of the time, you will be talking to "Brenda Johnson" wanting to know where her excess funds are.

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Is this supposed to be funny?

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She going to be gettin hers a dagree once she be out

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