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DeVry Leadership Hides Behind 'TEACH' Values

Years ago DeVry University created the TEACH values. These values were created to serve as the guiding value system for all of DeVry Education Group. These values 'centered' around teamwork, employee focus, accountability, continuous improvement and helping students. Then in 2010 new federal legislation and recruitment practices were mandated into law,. Basically these laws protected student facing employees so they could not be managed by performance measures. At this time, DeVry tries to comply and enrollment tanks. DeVry then begins to manipulate the definitions of the 'TEACH' values to mask their renewed management of performance measures.

Over my career, I saw and was a part of performance appraisals where these TEACH measures definitions were so stretched in order to build written documentation cases against employees marked to be 'managed out' by either local or home office leadership. These reviews often made no sense and in many cases were not true. If you questioned a review then you were labeled a troublemaker and the scrutiny would intensify. Eventually, when enough written documentation was created, the person's recommendation for termination would go to an HR panel for a final decision to terminate. Looking back it was such a dysfunctional environment that I wonder why anyone would want or stay to work for this company.

When I see layoff after layoff it makes me wonder if DVG Leadership are being held to the same TEACH values? Obviously they are not, and these pyrannas continue to inflate their own bank accounts while destroying the livelihood of the people really doing the work thus driving DeVry into the ground. Good luck servicing whatever students that still attend.

How long until DeVry's graduation rate plummets to 25% or less? DeVry Leadership is simply pathetic.

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I worked at DeVry for over 20 years and was shown the door a few years ago. I understood why I was let go - declining enrollment meant fewer employees were needed. As enrollment was declining I had to listen to all the excuses from the C suite - the economy, regulatory burden, blah, blah, blah. What followed was a new 'strategy' each and every year or a new marketing tag line. Different. On Purpose. Really? Now I hear DeVry is a sponsor of the Olympics again. Is this a good use of resources? Hey DeVry, you're not different on purpose, you just lost your purpose.

DeVry used to have phenomenal enrollments, but somewhere along the way they lost their soul, which was technology. Does anyone remember DeVry Institute of Technology? When the tech bubble popped and enrollment started falling DeVry decided they had put all their eggs in one basket and needed to diversify. Nothing wrong with that strategy, but what the hell is DeVry doing with a College of Business or College of Liberal Arts. Just saying Liberal Arts makes me want to super-size my Quarter Pounder meal. Bottom line - there is NOTHING special about DeVry any longer. They are an also ran and at $600 + per credit hour, they ain't cheap. Now why in the hell would I go to DeVry for a Liberal Arts degree that costs $75K + (tuition only) when I ca go to a state school for much, much less? News Flash DeVry, when you only cater to 'adult' students most will do the math, the other won't do the math and are now enrolled getting saddled with as much debt as possible. New Flash 2, Debt is now a bad word and all the smart people are limiting their debt, or as you put it, their investment. And by the way, I do not miss hearing from the C suite that I need to explain the 'value proposition' better to potential students. Makes me want to scream just typing those words. Stick your value proposition up your a-hole, Daniel.

And speaking of Mr. Hamburger - why is he still getting total comp packages of $5 to $6 million per year? The flagship school is sinking like the Titanic. Herman DeVry just be rolling over in his grave. Yes, I know DeVry Brasil is growing by leaps and bounds, but DeVry is an American built company and it's very sad to she her wither away. You can bet there is a long term strategy to deal with DeVry if enrollment keeps shrinking, and it will. Unfortunately, 99.9% of the remaining employees at DeVry don't know what it is. My advice to all of you is to start looking for another job as soon as possible.

I'm gonna miss you DeVry Institute of Technology. I'll come with flowers once a year and leave them by your grave.

Daniel, enjoy the riches paid to you on the back of debt laden students with no agree or job.

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I am a casualty of one of the rounds of layoffs (there have been many). In hindsight, I can see how dysfunctional DeVry University is. I work for another educational institution and the difference is startling. There is such a huge difference between a solid, performing institution and one that is not. I feel sorry for the remaining folks still employed by that sinking ship. The leadership is horrendous and it is only a matter of time before they fail. They are simply not competitive in the marketplace anymore.

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