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ITT Tech's Struggle to Survive (article)

interesting, with some enrollment numbers, by years


...That means fewer recruiters on campuses and spending less on advertising and marketing, said Nicole Elam, vice president of government relations and external affairs for ITT Educational Services, in an email, adding that ITT also isn't expecting any major news from the ACICS hearing because it is in compliance with all accreditation standards.

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"The vast majority of the staff left is anxious waiting for the ACICS results to last week meeting"

--what are they anxious about or waiting for? None of them are seriously planning on sticking around for another quarter, are they? Just to be laughed at and play as pawns by HQ ? Maybe the remaining should all start wearing some sort of goofy costume.

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When will be time/date for a follow-up article. The vast majority of the staff left is anxious waiting for the ACICS results to last week meeting

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Mmmm... I understand that we as a people, we need our jobs BUT...Ms. Elam is really going against the grain. She tries her best to appease the current backlashes against ITT and blame all of the bad publicity against everyone else. I see what people will do to keep their job and go home doing their normal routine!...I love the staff, instructors, and the students at our campus. Its everything else around them. Short staff = triple workload for everyone else. Sllllllllllllow and antique equipment. High tuition. Stupid, unnecessary conference calls and data forms (engagement rates?! What a crock of s***!). No campus security other than city police patroling. Dealing with crazy, crazy students (bring back Wonderlic tests). Lackluster Open houses and New Student Orientations. 2 tours a week?!

Unfortunately, our students are oblivious to the bad news and it's not right. HQ does not present the current issues occurring at ITT and I know if any of this news goes public, our students will flip out and they have every right. I'll doing everything in my power to make a quick career change b/c I'm over ITT. Pray for all ITT campuses....the fat lady is preparing for her song and she's humming at the moment

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Going to ITT Tech has honestly ruined my life.

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"Our corporate philosophy is: "Long-term integrity is worth far more than short-term profit."

A fine statement and also an utter lie given how many of us have seen ITT Tech follow a very different philosophy consistently over some period of time.

If if ITT Tech wants that statement as their philosophical goal then they need to start by getting rid of all the management who went along with delusional Modany. These clowns never even understood the numbers that they were using to mismanage the business.

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The programs employ traditional, applied and adult-learning pedagogies and are delivered through traditional, accelerated and distance methodologies in a learner-centered environment of mutual respect.

Our Corporate Philosophy

Our corporate philosophy is: "Long-term integrity is worth far more than short-term profit." We believe that our success depends on the talent and performance of dedicated employees who concentrate, above all, on quality, compliance and customer satisfaction.

ITT Tech is an equal opportunity employer. Employment selection and related decisions are made without regard to ....

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The time when show-cause would have mattered was a year ago. ACICS is doomed and this school is going to lose their accreditation suddenly not over the course of 2 years like all the executives are hoping. With any luck their golden parachutes will have huge holes and they will land someplace nice, like Rikers.

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The Center for Professional Development ITT Tech (CPD) announced they will now be operating under the name, Benchmark Learning. The name change is part of a rebranding initiative to better align the organization's communication strategy with its current and future customers.....FUTURE CUSTOMERS????

We’re excited to announce CPD is now Benchmark Learning! We’re the same great people with the same great offerings across 130+ campuses nationwide. Tell us what you think about our new look. Stay tuned, there’s more coming this summer!...MORE LAYOFFS?

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Nicole Elam makes no sense whatsoever. Elam makes ESI sound totally disengaged from the outside world, or like she has been living in closet for past 6 months.

Of course ESI executives are hoping show cause directive will be officially lifted and is waiting, with breath held, for big news. But they are too cowardly to do or say anything, preferring to hide behind Elam. Modany wouldn't even comment on second quarter financial results, even though he is being paid millions of dollars!

ESI tried to keep show cause directive secret from students in the first place, and most employees too, so now Elam has to pretend today is just another day in paradise. Mind blowing.

But world goes on, and ACICS will have big news regarding this show cause, eventually. Council meeting reports show the options -- show cause lifted, or show-cause continued with probation, or accreditation suspended, etc. Show cause directive will be decided one way or the other, and results eventually published -- and not just disappear as though this never happened!

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Lets see if I have this straight. Tuition hasn't changed recently. Yet services have been dropping for years. Students are expected to pay the same when they get dumped in online classes against their will, when they try to complain about something to dean but find that position no longer filled, take core classes taught by adjunct faculty who just graduated from ITT-Tech with associates degree, etc.

And adjunct pay hasn't gone up. In fact classes have become longer while pay remains same. Pay is low its hardly worth the hassle of putting up with admin s__t show. Plus adjuncts are left trying to manage an academic institution on their own after 7pm at night, when full time employees leave, even though the real work doesn't start until students show up at 6pm and doesn't end until 11pm.

So naturally enrollment has dropped for years under that slow squeeze, and faculty are hard to come by. How can a budget be slashed in half and not have complete breakdown? Keeping less inventory in soda machine? Telling faculty they can't make copies? Put students in more online classes? Telling registrar to teach math class?

Imagine a similar situation with a company that manufactures something, say a car. The company is squeezed for cash, so they slash their budget -- put in cheap seats, crummy paint job, etc. Service department has impossible wait list. But they keep purchase price the same. And salesmen explain to customers, company needs to save money to keep from closing the dealership. And then the boss is told to slash the budget in half. That is about the time the business is closed, isn't it?

So why doesn't ITT-Tech just start the teach out and quit messing around?!?!

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You have to remember, ITT technical thinks ACICS won't do anything against them. They believe that everything they have done is on the up and up with ACICS standards. As well believe this BS. ITT Technical isn't going to renew any long contracts they have with vendors and such, so they can raise enough cash to continue.

They have their FA department calling students who have to pay the difference that their grants or loans don't cover to get money from them as well. The problem with ITT Technical is that HQ wants to believe they are untouchable and that they can't be touched, by throwing money at the problem.

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ITT Tech - Community college for 15x the price!

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ITT Tech has order all its campuses to cut their budgets in half. Which means that there is the possibility that it may start laying off personal again in order to make-up the money it needs. Plus, they are trimming the fat from a lot of their services and contracts they have with vendors in order to save money.

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ITT tech's failures really show the importance of academic independence in such institutions. Modany and company saw academic staff as a commodity. In aggregate the faculty was not allowed to uphold academic standards and was seconded as an extension of the sales operation with an excessive emphasis on phoning students who had not arrived by first class break and on calling re-entry candidates, all while ignoring the needs and complaints of students who are actually in class!

Could any action by ACICS actually create the academic environment that should exist? It is hard to imagine. Historically ITT Tech has totally ignored elements of the ACICS requirements for faculty especially those focused on maintaining a capable faculty. There is a constantly revolving door of adjunct faculty!

It isn't unfair to say that ACICS itself failed. They might have a better chance of turning ACICS around than ITT Tech has, but then at least ACICS have changed leadership in an effort to move in a new direction. By comparison, ITT tech re-hires the delusional Modany. I wonder if the ESI board is also delusional and thinks that their woes are all due to political motivations. I have news for them. There are plenty of smart republicans who see clearly that ITT Tech is a shadow of its former self and an embarrassment to the corporation whose name it still carries today.

ITT tech needs to go and the system whereby institutions are accredited and given access to federal funding programs needs to be shaken up to ensure that academic standards here are the highest in the world and that diploma mills like ITT tech have to place in USA education.

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