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Torrance Facility

Does anyone know how many workers were let go at Torrance?

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I'm not bragging.... it's a fact, Funny how no one ever has the guts to bring all that non-compliance stuff up when the source inspection folks are on site... all talk. It wouldn't matter anyway, Honeywell has been caught before and always knows how to wiggle out of it. Honeywell used to be a great place to work, but no longer. If I was in the middle of my career I would be headed to another smaller company or Space X

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You are bragging about 30-40 million dollar shipment per month? Wait till the GAO learns and audits you about parts swapping, non traceability and using used parts! Just wait! It eont be long, there's a whole file of non-compliance!

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10 million project for a plant that ships 30-40 million per month is nothing to toot your horn about. Confirming that you are in fact a slug. Now you will have plenty of time to play on your phone and take long breaks, not unless you lie to another company about your real work ethic.

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You are the only one the believes that nonsense. You're RIF volunteer because you just want to save face, you don't even believe your that good. I'm only upset because I know that the few of us that are left when the smoke clears will need to perform a huge amount of work. Honeywell won't miss a beat without you and many just like you.

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You're right I don't belong in Aerospace anymore. 20 years still getting raises when no one else is, 17 awards, doubled salary since 2010, $10M In a single project that only took me took 2 weeks to do. I love my work, I just dislike the company and people like you who are pompous and so out of touch, one day you'll realize the industry left you behind and that's why your so angry

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If you want out then leave, the few weeks of pay from the RIF package is not worth staying if you are so miserable. How out of touch are you? In case you didn’t know, the site leadership takes their “Gemba walk” everyday. Your definition of “Salaried Exempt” employees is no surprise. I’ll bet you didn’t say all those provisions during your interview for job at Honeywell. Typical rationalization for wasting company time and not taking pride in your work, something you can’t teach an idiot like you. If you walk by a person’s desk several times per day at different times of the day and that person is always (9 times out of 10) on their phone, I think we know the score.. “They don’t have enough to do”

Are you kidding me?? “*the job they were hired to do with reasonable and agreed responsibility changes” LoL anyone that has worked at Honeywell/Allied Signal/Garret is laughing at you. I don’t have to guess how many times per day you say “That’s not my job”

Yeah, yeah, I know that most folks are dual income. But any “Half-Wit” can see the productivity vs overtime and amount of customer past due do not add up. How long do you think leadership let that go on? This must be the first, only, and hopefully last Honeywell site you have worked at!!! I wasn’t assuming there was any financial problems, only that employees are milking that overtime to enable an unrealistic life style. Isn’t that really just fraud? I mean if you owned a small business there is no way you or anyone else would let that go on.

I know someone like you would not consider this, but maybe I take pride in my work… you know “old fashion” values.. “honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay”. If and when Honeywell decides they no longer need my services, I will move on as I have done before. Actually since we are no longer are earning on the retirement plan, we only give up the 401K matching contributions.

So, your definition of s--king the life out of you is: Honeywell wanting you to work 40hrs for 40hrs pay?

You sound like a little kid!!! Anyone that works hard is a kiss a--? Maybe you should try taking on as much as you can so it would be difficult for you manger to do without you. Oh that's right you are on a 15 min. break or playing on your phone.

BTW If you don’t know who Cliff Garret and Kelly Johnson are without Googling it, then you don’t belong in Aerospace.

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First of all, you don't have to be of retirement age to volunteer . I did! I'm not even close to retirement age, I just want the heck out of there . Secondly, the "gemba walk" you refer to can be accomplished by just walking around, the use of gemba walk means nothing in your scenario. Additionally, you can't talk out of both sides of your mouth...salaried exempt employees, yes, should work the hours required to get the job done. Although I will add *the job they were hired to do with reasonable and agreed responsibility changes that were not accompanied by salary change . With that said, a salary exempt employee is to be viewed and treated in the same m. As the professionals they are hired as, if they decide to take a 15 min break at their desk and look at social media, then work 15 minutes extra to finish a task that day, that is their judgement call. Just because you can see their activity you seem as not productive, does not mean they aren't putting in the time. Unless you are there to see the start time, breaks, lunch, and end time, over a full 7 day work week, your comment is merely a brief observation versus factual, nor can it be concluded its habitual or problem with all or even one employee, nor can you claim to know the exempt, or non-exempt status of each.

Lastly, the financial problems you are assuming are taking place because there are nice cars in the parking lot just further explains how out-of-touch and uneducated you truly are. inteerest rates at an all-time low, many probably paid off, many probably have dual-income households and it will sting but not render most bankrupt if honeywell no longer provided a salary . In fact most might see daylight, live a little, and finally realize the company they work for was actually s---ing the last bit of life right out of them. Bottom line, since your nose is so far up the corporate rear, maybe you should read the Wall Street journal or take an economics course.

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I find the 300+ number hard to believe since there are not that many ISC retirement age employees in Torrance. They are hoping for 125 "slugs" to volunteer. You know.... brag everyday about their 30+ years, always say "it's not my job", barely work 40 hrs. per week with long lunches & early exit on Friday. At any given time you can "Gemba walk" the plant and see 125 people doing nothing or playing on social media. Everyone has been paid for every minute they are at work, so you are not doing Honeywell a favor. I agree in times past "work life balance" was important, but not anymore. When you take a salary indirect job you should know the score.... You get paid to get the job done regardless of how many hours it takes. Remember all those "catch phrases" you put on your resume? "can do" attitude, works well with others, team player, over achiever. What doesn't add up to me... The site is 25 million customer past due, but you see many high end vehicles that employees seem to enjoy and of course b*&TH about how bad Honeywell treats them. Make no mistake, companies will not take care of you anymore. It is the employees personal responsibility to manage their own finances.

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Rumor has it that Torrance HR was hoping for 125 RIF volunteers - they received 300+ ! speaks well of employee morale. The beating continues until morale improves !!!

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When were they let go?

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