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OSU grads are one source of intel problems. They are stupid, slightly educated and lacks techniocal knowledge

OSU grads are one source of intel problems. They are stupid, slightly educated and lacks techniocal knowledge

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Intel is doing better without the negative, hateful, pessimistic, mean minded people that have left Intel.

Can you all please stay away and stop trying to remain in contact with Intel because Intel made it clear on their position of not wanting you and seeking a SEPARATION.


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That depends—for certain majors, going to a top-tier institution is invaluable. But for many career paths, it just doesn’t matter where a person got his or her education !

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There is no value for PHDs in current times, Intel will realize it.

Yeah we are really sad and crying because ..

Intel HIRED US AT GREATER GRADE AND PAY LEVEL as experienced tech management professionals

than a ..


How awesome it is to be EMBRACED BY INTEL WITH all sorts of SPECIAL PRIVILEGES that you can't dream of. Feels jealous of us senior hires all the time. Likes to make people feel low about having choices at Intel.

Unlike you, with nothing to show for your 15 years at Intel. L-O-S-E-R !!! doesn't even have a bachelors. Everyone knows how dumb uneducated lying b!mbo women like you get ahead.

Why you worried about people that have better qualifications than all your mid-western white trashy family members combined. Ugliness and stupidity runs in your dumb family.

hahaha her ug1y grown up kids with deformed faces and teeth look like some cave people.

When this selfish B! wanted to gossip about people at work, she expressed fake concern for them.

Get lost, stop coming here, we got rid of you from Intel for MANY GOOD REASONS and the payment was worth it ! No one was stopping you or begging you to stay at Intel - that's the difference between you and the better recently hires. NOW DISAPPEAR FOREVER.

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says the guy with no PhD and can't bear it that Phd come in as Gr7 and make so much even though they don't know $hit or do $hit for the first few years that is worth their pay, LOL

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Dang the secret is out

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LMAO, i know her too. I know who you are talking about

No, no she has a work ethic, that's how she has deceived everyone at Intel all these year through her soft demeanor. Telling lies. Manipulating situations pretending to be good. All the while she back stabs the people she spoke nicely with. She is passive- ALPHA LMAO, whatever she considers that to be.

She is so charitable, she is going to donate her retirement money even though people know Intel does not allow her to donate her retirement party money directly to any charity.

Cash hoarding ? Is that how they do it in Kansas ? She counts pennies each day and get very mad after offering to buy a coworker lunch or coffee. LOL.

She will make sure, the coworker repays her at the earliest by returning the favor.

All this while she claims she is very rich with investments, lol.

Mid western christian loving Whites have no class..

Pattern with most of these SUNDAY CHURCH GOING Christians, don't you think ? Very charitable.

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Getting a PHD is a piece of cake. I can get PHD from any school in USA and even get someone to write my dissertation. You people are so naive. PHDs are dumbest people who waste their life studying which has no application in the real world.

Poster must be PHD-obsessed devious untrustworthy bitter always angry grandma' that retired with ERP and dreams of getting herself a $100 an hour B10wjob consulting work without any knowledge, marketable skills, education and being a power point pusher. She will sing her christian songs and play guitar to impress the interviewers then finish them off with BJ, it obviously worked at Intel when she was hired as a m0r0n in 2000. Keep talking crap and manipulate people with lies. You are not missed. Everyone figured you as a dishonest women despite working in IT security sends her husband working in a different company all Intel Proprietary documents, reports and files to work on. People are just being nice to a miserable h0e who always has sick family excuses. Your fat sister does deserve to die of heart attack, too bad the bypass surgery was successful. No one at Intel liked you, therefore no retirement party for a B!aatch ! Funniest when she was fuming about having to spend 8 hrs a day at her desk, it is because you do not know anything, inefficiency is expected.

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OP and -aml may be correct about oregon and OSU. But I think more likely he is just frustrated by something. Maybe its the BK game of musical chairs and he fears for his seat. Understandable.

When I traveled he world on Intel biz it seemed that people were not that dramatically different around the world. Usually they want to be secure, happy, find love and take care of their families. Generally don't hate other people. Governments and crazy religious zealots sometimes can whip up some kind of insanity but overall people seem kind all over. But I led such a distorted life as an OWG from OSU growing up in Oregon that I could be delusional.

LIfe after Intel has been great so far. Now that I'm BK'd I don't pay much in taxes. 5 job seeking activities a week isn't so hard. No need to work at McD or wal-mart at all, unemployment rules say you don't have to take just any job to collect So much the better that nobody wants to hire OWG, keeps the checks coming. Paid off house with Intel money long ago. Car too. Not so expensive to live with no debts and no stress from jobs. Usually I bike where I need to go and tend my garden. Now that I have time I can fix all the things myself instead of paying someone else. I find it soothing and rewarding to learn to do for myself.

Meantime, OP and angry friends get to pay for my kids and grandkids schools, food stamps, obamacare and my social security while I enjoy gardening. LIvin the dream.

Think he did get the racist part wrong, we hillbilly/hippie lazy old fat fart types love everybody who is working regardless of race. Like kindly grandparents. After all, somebody has to pay for PERS for the professors and the highly efficient government services. The government even came round and re-paved the road to my house and it was barely worn out. Thanks -aml! Its very nice. Your tax dollars at work. You probably have a right to be pissed, but hopefully one day you can join us old folks enjoying the fruits of decades of the working life.

Meantime focus on going with the flow a little, your high stress job may cause you to pop your cork if you don't learn to chill a little.

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I have met a few white boys that worked hard and got PhD but for the most part the quality of the school was more important than race. Of course we know the IVYs self select but PHD is an even playing field and the best are obvious as are the token URM that we sadly have to prioritize to the front of the line

Not surprised BK is BKing it with URM and tier3 like OSU and worse

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#ign, ps the Doc was Chinese amazing doctor,, we would not have our daughter with out her care

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Each society has pluses and minuses. USA will be still a innovative society for a long time.

I am a 4th gen American of Euopean descent.

My interaction with people from both China and India have been both good and bad.

My daughter was born with major complicationns being a premi. Her doctor was a Women Dr. Who was not only very competent but amazing human. My wife does yoga 4 times a week, it makes her more calm, and nimble. It's been a plus in our sex life plus it got me into yoga.

I have had issues with Indian and Chinese business, but also with white small business. So broad general views should be avoided. Except in SEX AND YOGA. CHEERS

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Ppl like Steve Jobs and Mark Suckerberg had to go to India to learn ancient wisdoms to succeed. There's no American Ivy league school teaching people on how to live better. If there were, western society would not be rampant with not having something as basic as a family structure and increasingly bastardized of children with no father of the child known or them being part of child's life.

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World's first school was in India. All West has done was invade richer, better, cultured and advanced countries STEAL EVERYTHING GOOD THESE COUNTRIES HAD OVER A PERIOD OF CENTURIES to reduce them to poor countries that you see today.

Tides are turning and end of West is near. Brexit. USA gov is detroying their own country and people. India and China will soon be first world.

Ivy league and Tier 3 schools exist in every country.

USA has no shortage of diploma mills with it's own infiltration of unaccredited schools.

Get over your jealousy of Indians. IIT, IIM, AIMA are elite ivy schools on par with Harvard, Stanford.. because your ignorance does not allow you to accept goodness of another country or cultures which have existed and survived longer than your whitey culture which is deteriorating fast will cease to exist.

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LOL at least we can write coherently and spell.

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[Note to self: When I'm sarcastically ranting about the stupidity of others, I should be extra careful to spell words correctly and write in complete sentences. Grammar is my friend. I don't want people to have to work so hard to understand my wrath.]

Also, saying something deprecating about "Indian engineering mills" is NOT saying "Indians are all stupid and worthless." It's a fairly specific criticism about certain educational institutions. And I don't THINK either Gandhi or the Buddha are being accused of graduating from an inferior Indian engineering school.

On the other hand, posters really did use a wide brush to shellac the native-born population of Oregon. And yet no one has jumped to their defense by carting out Danny Ainge and Matt Groening.

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Yes Indians are all stupid and worthless. Ps Gandhi was stupid, Buddah was a idiot. MARTIN Luther King followed King followed non violence. What stupid people. The KKK is the way to go black are not humans, neither are Jews and muslim long live White KKK

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Not by much

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OSU is much better than the ridiculous engineering diploma mills in india

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I suppose the Indian Institute of Technology is more to your liking

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Lot's of people with high IQ but the EQ of a doorknob.

You can't compensate for the lack of people skills with book smarts.

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For Inrel HR benefit, could you please name all states from where it is OK to hire.

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Since all schools and courses teach the same, school does not matter so much. More than the school, a person is a product of their environment. Education and profession of your family, neighborhood, kind of people you interact with... etc

Most of those growing up in Oregon are just cow raising, weed smoking, clueless of the world, white orangutans with only view of white people, living in a white state, lack of manners, always ready to shove their christian cross up their ana1 cavity to promote their christianity ---> PLAIN L0SERS by BIRTH.

Compare that to a person who grows up in a multi-cultural environment like the silicon valley or another enriching part of California - is naturally more informed of other cultures, new technologies and new companies that are coming up in their local area. SJU is fine, I have met many find grads from these schools that were super-smart.

Only advantage of going to an IVY league school is the crowd you get to know in the course of your degree, better networking opportunities, greater number of opportunities to succeed with many options. When you graduated from IVY league, it's just your school talking... doesn't mean you were smarter. IVY league schools are over rated

... more than OSU school, OREGONIAN PEOPLE IN GENERAL 😪😔 should not be a consideration for employment at INTEL. NO OREGONIANS originally from OREGON should be HIRED OR PROMOTED at INTEL.

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The larger problem isn't OSU its the fact so many of the RCGs come from Tier 3 or worse schools similar to the CEO.

Intel's reputation in the college community is well known now so those that are good and accomplished avoid it like the plague, that means to hire RCGs ( after all that is all we hire here ) you reach to the bottom and well that is what you get!

Let's be serious you think your average OSU, San Jose State, or PSU ( the one in Portland ) graduate can compare to the likes that come from Stanfords/MITs or say Cal of the the world,.

These Tier 3 and worse people statistically are just a lot lower on the capability and base IQ than those from Tier 1 and such are more prone to have to resort to dirty tactics and such to further their career versus just do a great job and be brilliant to get ahead, LOL.

How to fix, first fix the company starting from the top!

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Most Oregonians originally from Oregon (all white state) are just low-class, hilly billy, hippie types !

... 😂who knowing nothing about anything or the world.

But got lucky getting a well paid job in a tech company like Intel.

They do not deserve to be at Intel. Not only they are stupid but MOST RACIST OF ALL, red necked whites. Get rid of more of them in ACT phase 2.

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Oregon State grads plays politics at Intel. OSU mangers hires OSU grads in their groups, they are biassed, racists, and incompetent.

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yes, they are!

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