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Kevin Bandy 7 Monetization Model is to Trick Idiots on Wall St.

There is a lot of talk going on for Kevin Bandy 7 Monetization model as if it is going to bring in new revenue for Cisco. As it is the salvation Cisco needed. It is something adpated from an useless model McKinsey has been distributing to many companies like Citrix, HPE, NetApp in Silicon Valley area. See how McKinsey makes money once they enter an account? .

Anyway, I support the team from Finance side on a daily basis that is doing the dirty work for Kevin Bandy. That team itself does not believe it is anything new as it is another slice and dice the existing revenue of Cisco. In fact the team had created a similar 4 model revenue view three years back and when Chuck got his Bandy from nowhere, he did not like and thought 7 would be better. Hence the entire finance team is burdened to do his dirty work as it mostly faulty allocation of revenues between HW and SW.

But our CFO is another idiot, So is the person from P&G who is managing the BU finances. I am in BU finance, but when I see these leaders how they are tricked by Bandy is nonsense, I tend to ask i got to get out of this as soon as possible. Bunch of mediocre finance folks just feeding Bandy's ego without questioning Bandy's work who does not even know the difference between the 7 monetization model he is proposing himself. Kevin Bandy had some issues with the SW SVP. He is just creating some additional work for his team to show Chuck that he is adding value.

But everybody in finance knows what nonsense he is But who cares. Execs do that and we get paid to do whatever they need. Many exes will come and go and they will have their ideas. We in finance need to support their idiocy for the pay check to come in. Kevin will last may be another year or two at Cisco. We know what happened to Biri.

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Buzzword bingo that Cisco have once again been fooled into engaging with. You can chop it up into as many pieces as you want but it will show the same revenue! Accenture made no mistake showing this clown the door. But like Padma and Biri and others before him, Cisco have to satisfy themselves and see first hand why these are silicon valley rejects - except they always seem to find out too late. How do they fall for it every single time?

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My team is doing the dirty work but would be surprised if Cisco gets an extra dime out of it. The Kevin Bandy team itself does not understand how Cisco revenue comes. I have to teach them. He and his team is not capable of it and are not the right people to do it.

His head is will be on the line by end of next year. Because he is going nowhere with these McKinsey style models...Total copy cat. Chuck is another idiot to hire him. Kevin was laid off from Accenture brutally...Now he becomes a big guy at Cisco. Goes to show what an idiot Chuck is.

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This seems like the overhead full employment act. People who have no contributions to product creation putting more constraints around product for no apparent reason. This plus the waste of money that is out legal department could have prevented layoffs. At least we have a new Board member!

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It has taken a lot of time from my team that will lead to nothing. It is just another exec trying to create work for himself, slicing the same revenue data in 10 different ways is not going to increase the revenue. Idiotic...Only a fool can fool another fool like Chucky who is again fooled by the CFO, who herself is the biggest fool. Agree...

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