Thread regarding Giant Eagle layoffs

From inside corporate...executives told to stay away on 10/31

The executive leadership at Giant Eagle were told to remain home for the actual layoff undertaking that will commence on October 31st. This is due to the fear of retaliation by some of those that will be let go. Of course, no consideration of those below a director role has been given.

We all certainly hope that no one will show up to the offices with weapons. A vast majority of staff are rather frightened about coming in on Monday, as several employees have worked for Giant Eagle for decades and have few skills that could be transferable to another company. These individuals will find it difficult to achieve a similar salary elsewhere, and may not go quietly into unemployment.

Let us not forget the reason these layoffs are happening: the executives, which are nearly all handed their jobs due to being family of previous ownership, have lost 20 million dollars in less than 4 months.

No one let go on Monday had any part in the decision making that caused the losses. These loyal team members are being dismissed because of the idiocy of those above them, not their own lack of work ethic or ability.

Sadly, the decline of the company could have been avoided. $50 million was wasted building, marketing and opening a failing store in Indiana. Nearly $4 million wasted when a newly hired executive decided multiple GetGos (that were nearly finished in their construction)-weren't angled to the adjacent highways to her liking, and needed torn down and rebuilt. Nearly $8 million wasted when another executive determined that websites built in last year were not satisfactory to her tastes and needed to be completely redone. Countless more have been wasted by the CEO taking her private jet to frivolous conferences throughout the country.

Let's all hope that downloadbesttorrentblog.rus will be peaceful, that the police presence-that has been scheduled to be on campus-won't be necessary, and that the men and women released find quick employment.

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I'm so glad I left the company 5 years ago. I now watch my old coworkers get canned. A store manager in md who dedicated his life to GE just got walked out last week. That's pure b---s---. Complete ambush on the guy. Karma is a b--ch Laura.

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I would like to make a comment on the person who stated above this is a post of rumors, feedback and not actual facts? You must be an employee that still has their job! How can you even make a comment on be glad you won't have to drive in the snow and ice! That is totally rude! I am sure all the employees that were left go would rather drive in the snow and ice than to worry how they are going to live or even have food on the table! While the CEO is making her annual holiday commercial with her children and I am sure that it would be a nice Hanukkah for her family. It just sickens me seeing that on TV when Laura should be donating the money to local charities.

I wounder if she would want her children to grow up and be treated like all the employees she left go?

I do believe her company the way she is running it won't be around when her children are grown.

The statements that I have read are stating the same facts and I just want to say to all the employees that are gone just hang in there and there is definitely life after Giant Eagle you may think there isn't, but there is! All the long hours that you would be putting in for the holidays and no one really cares about you be thankful and enjoy your family! In a year or so you will look back and say wow life is so much better than going to a job stressing over everything and wondering if this is the day?

I believe in KARMA and what comes around goes around!

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I am a current Salaried Retail Leader with many years of blind devotion to what I now believe was a hoax! I too have watched as the organization praised unrealistic programs, initiatives, and ideas that couldn't possibly have made my job any more difficult! These programs (BLUEPRINT!!!) were designed for an environment without deviation from the task. The company spent millions implementing and failing to provide enough technology to ACTUALLY stabilize the program. I spent more time conducting these 'walks' than it would have taken to just ask someone directly. What really upsets me is that nobody in any position of leadership would allow for negative feedback about the program, NOBODY! Those that did were "encouraged" to "buy-in" to the program!! Talk about nepotism, when just about everyone in a retail store expressed discontent yet the company continued wasting money to roll this out.

Now.. I do not blame those who implemented the program... when it was the ELT's fault it wasn't squashed sooner!

So.. after my many years of declining job opportunities, often times upwards of two emails a week, from outside Recruiters.. I find myself now looking forward to getting them! I have ABSOLUTELY no ambition to advance with this unpredictable mish-mosh we call a "family" company!

What's worse, 5 years from now (MARK MY WORD!) we will have not learned from this crap and have hired 600 new people before realizing we "need to make cuts for our long term success". Seriously folks, for those who've been around long enough, you should all recall how we fail to learn from these mistakes and suffer the same dreadful scenario yet again! (Specialists, Regional Directors, LTR Teams, Specialists AGAIN, and so on!)

As someone who has ALWAYS prided themselves as being trustworthy to my teams, and now I can't get the same from my CEO, I honestly can't wait to get the F out of this place and never look back!

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I created another discussion thread, a separate one to document what was saying below.

You can see that thread here:

or you can just follow this link:

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I am one of the casualties. Everything I have read here is true. All of the wasted money on failing banners. Instead of staying true to what got them here, they greedily attempted to be something they are not and can never be. Instead of being offered something somewhere else in the company when my position was deleted(as reported in their official press release), I was given a statement telling me that I was ineligible to work for Giant Eagle for 12 months. I can't even bag groceries to support my family, yet on their website, there are countless store positions available. What is not in the story is that in August, the company paid out $60 million in bonuses and 2 months later, let go over 400 loyal employees(with countless years of blind devotion) because they said they were losing too much money. It is a shame and unfortunately hard working, loyal people are forced to find new jobs now. With the exception of the decision makers that put the company in the position it is in.

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This is what the Iggle is. The morale in the stores has been rock bottom for five years. The training and the hours cuts have led to angry customers who hate to wait. Instead of making what they had strong they expanded their empire too large and too fast. The business is run by people who couldn't handle the job they ask of their front line workers. And every single cashier and store level manager has seen the writing on the wall for a long time. Mismanagement, nepotism, cronyism, politics, and regional managers doing unethical things to squeeze bonuses have created this toxic culture. People from corporate don't listen to the employees because they don't respect that maybe, just maybe, employees who ring and bag and stock and cut meat might know their customers more than consultants and outsiders. Tone deaf, these people will be hurt the most, along with the customers.

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This as old as time..............All in who you know...........and screw the people who's backs you built the company on. I hope that karma get's all you dumb execs who rather layoff people than just stop getting your car allowances that are more than one person's salary

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No rumors in anything I just read. LP has been hanging with the executives since they broke the news. This will most definitely not impact Management who will hand pick their girl friends and have drinks after today. It's completely disgusting I have to go into the office to get let go. An email would have been plenty.

We all know everyone that is being kept was offered jobs on Friday so they could enjoy their weekend... The rest of us have no hope.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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I think the employees should call " Get Marty" on the news and he can interview all the bosses and all the employees that had to be forced to take the buy out or forced to leave anyway.

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maybe the employees should all call off tomorrow too. Ok everyone take a break!!

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Seegrid is a joke, and another terrible investment by GE. The ROI on them is between 10 years and infinity. They're better off setting fire to the units and getting insurance payouts

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Yea I know. Its about trying to give people HOPE now and to keep their head up. To encourage and be positive that things can work out for them. Yes a loss for sure and very sad, however, to know that some people really are concerned for them and even pray good for them. It never should have had to come to this for them as it was definitely unfair.

Lets also pray for the leadership as Im sure that some are hurting for the mistakes they made

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Original poster here to reply.

The police will be on campus Monday. The news of the entire executive team being told to stay home came directly to me from an admin of an executive and another coworker who had a conversation with a director. Both referenced the same email without provocation.

Faculty not told anything officially. Indirect communication was not to worry.

I certainly don't have access to anyone else's email, but if I did I would gladly supply!

You believe more is speculation?

Caramel Indiana Market District. Not sure if the price is public knowledge or not, but I'm sure a google search would verify the size, construction company and area of build. $50mm.

2 GetGos - both in Caramel Indian as well. VP who made the call was new hire from Walmart. Report directly provide by those in operations and fulfillment that had much knowledge of the event.

Websites: Search for press release from June of this year. New VP came from Mrs Fields. Report directly from those with first hand access to numbers.

I'm not spreading rumors - if you are here, you should know the truth. For those that say other companies are out there? Yes, but consider this: Some team members began at Giant Eagle as a store employee. After years of work, they were offered a role as a corporate team member. After years of living and breathing the company line they are now being terminated.

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Seems like this is a post for rumors, opinions, feedback and not actual facts. This is a post to chat. However I am sure a lot of truth is here. Seems like some people misinterpret posts and are pulling sentences out of some posts to stir up AND TO FORMULATE something that is not here or intended to be there. I would suggest that if you are reading these posts that you discern the context in which they are written.

Tomorrow will be a mixed bag for many. But winter is coming and some wont have to drive in the snow and ice. There are a ton of other businesses in RIDC Park and other places that would love you. Work where you are appreciated and are happy. Use your skills and learn new ones. Be thankful for the blessings in your life. Smile.

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Will the police be there

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Many ideas were brought to managements attention at OK Grocery. However, Bob Shrek and now present management always shot down new ideas. Woman managers, who know NOTHING about the entire operation were hired. Receiving only using part of the building and traveling twice as long, more worried about the Segrid robots. What a joke.

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Original Poster, provide verification of this instruction.

It seems illegal for the company to instruct only certain staff to stay away and not others. What were they factually told?

Are police involved? What protections are in place? What about retaliation later in the week or future?

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Laura you don't love us love money and it's gonna ruin you ...can't stand what you have done to the company

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I would not want to be an employee at the corporate office this week. Someone in another thread speaking of God's wrath/judgment. Smoking guns, anyone?

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Think what you will about union representation but the day that Wal-Mart moved into the area and began selling groceries, it should have been a wake-up call to senior management that they needed to reduce costs and streamline their supply chain operations. Giant Eagle uses seven undersized, ancient warehouses when they should instead be using two large modern ones. They should have bit the bullet and moved to a non-union staff. Walmart, Target, and even Aldi do it better faster and cheaper. Stretching your supply lines to Indianapolis was an idiotic move. Laura's hubris in believing she can move this company fully upscale (ie. expanding the Market District brand) in today's economy borders on the suicidal. In five years you'll either be reading GE's epitaph when they've been bought out or listening to the death squeals similar to Sears and K-Mart.

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Good luck finding a good paying job in Pittsburgh. It was only a matter of time before this happened. To many people were given jobs or promoted starting in the late 80s. People who deserved or were qualified for management positions left. The owners deserve what is happening.

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