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Retention Bonuses Yay!!!

Evidently those NOT laid off got sizeable retention if they are required experts for the AMB product.

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Hell, McK's internal operating systems are faulty too! McKesson Connect has been down for two days!!! SAP and email outages..Complete joke!

Outdated computers and networks with little memory. Nasty office spaces with moldy carpet and c---roaches. Watch the "hilarious" video on McKnet from the med surg employees talking about the roaches.

Unsafe working conditions at many of the distribution centers...

So, it's not just the buggy software being pushed out the door. All IT and support are now India. There is basically no help desk anymore, you have to troubleshoot yourself.

Going down the crap shoot quick in every area, Medical Surgical, Pharma, Biologics, Pharmacy Systems, MTS and EIS

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To the person that said: It seems all these negative posts are from folks that had a product that did not fit the market.

You HAVE NO CLUE! This management put that product to market full of bugs WHEN onshore resources reported the bugs, and management over ruled them and demanded full steam ahead to the hospital base. Hospitals jumped ship because of this disaster. They were well aware of the bad management and bad software pushed to them. I . I lived it. I reported the problems. QA and others were run over and smashed and stiffed.

This management dates back to the corruption of HBOC 1999, and MCK paid a price, and they need to pay that price again. MCK has sold software full of ARRA funding promises and the government paid money to hospitals for faulty bug ridden software that did not work.

INDIA development started this mess, and now they are going to end it. LOL!!!! NO ONE WANTS MCK SOFTWARE. It does not work, and never will because of CORRUPT management practices.

ADVICE TO EMPLOYEES: DO NOT give your offshore opponents one bit of advice. Let them gain their own knowledge because MCK will get rid of you in the near future. Actually, this company has NO software future. NO HOSPITAL will buy this bug ridden failing product!!!!! They trust the better options in the industry.

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"supremely talented" Indian workers.....hahahaha that's the best one I've heard yet.

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I loved my time at mck ! They paid me well, the people were awesome and our product was first class. The one thing that lacked was ingenuity. It seems all these negative posts are from folks that had a product that did not fit the market. If you develop a 16 lb cell phone you will be out on your fanny. That's life

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The joke will end up being on McKesson, so let them bribe the little worker bees while they can. Ambulatory will never make delivery. The EIS customer base will quickly understand that they've been sold the proverbial 'McK Lemon' once they start getting fully supported by the Indian contractors that are already flooding our departments. This management team has zero understanding of all the hands-on work the original Jim and his team put in to ensuring the clients paying millions per year were happy. Nimmy has focused solely on off shoring jobs at all of his previous employers, transferring wealth from the American workers who built the products to the 'supremely talented' Indian workers who will maintain the product. This means he is also an expert at lying to the workers he's about to make unemployed, so believe nothing that comes out of his mouth. It will be interesting watching what happens next. I believe that there will be at least a couple of lawsuits against McKesson by clients who have issue with Nimmy's idea of 'supremely talented' labor.

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Any retention bonus is a leash full of contingencies. Sign at your own free will but it's only meant to benefit them. Likely, you'll never receive it. That's how it works with these 'smart' executives. Good luck! Don't sell your soul.

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There is no amount of money this management could offer me to even come back and serve one minute of their inept insane corrupt development methodologies. 6 figures, 7 figures, 8 figures. No Way! This company needs to just fold their healthcare software and give it up. Full of bugs, problems, and hospitals don't trust them.

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Are you freaking kidding me? Now they are PAYING YOU TO CARE?

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