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HPE Severance Payment 2016 and 2017

I was WFR'd approximately 2 weeks ago. Severance is 60 days pay (on target incentive) and at the end of 60 days you have to sign a form that basically makes it impossible for HPE to ever hire you back again. For signing the form and returning it within 5 days, you receive approximately one months pay.

Benefits? Gone immediately. Cobra is your only option if you want to pay a ton for benefits and not risk it.

Unused vacation pay? You just forfeited it according to the WFR guidelines.

You have 60 days to be rehired by HPE. Except that for the last week or so, there are no open job requisitions available. Meaning you must wait until after November 1st when FY17 starts and hope that some jobs start opening up.

Competition for those jobs will likely be fierce as people seek to grab the fastest, easiest way to re-employment. Then they can sit and worry about the next round of WFR's, which are inevitable. Best option is to probably get rehired and then immediately start looking for another job.

HPE's job cuts make no sense, unless the sense is only that they are reducing cost.

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Hi..I was recently wfr'd by DXC but I never recvd a check from them.I worked 20yrs for sabre/EDS/HP/HPE...Can someone tell me what HPE'S severance guidelines are? I've heard it was to be 1week of pay for every year of service. Can someone verify that for me plz.

They wfr'd us& went with dxc guidelines which is 8weeks of pay for15yrs or more.

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I was WFR'd on 1/27/17. I quickly filed for unemployment. Since HPE paid me the 60 day pay equivelant, I was denied unemployment until those 60 days pass so I can't request payment until April 2nd. So, for those of you who were WFR'd in Houston on the 27th, just be aware that you will not receive unemployment benefits. Just wanted to warn anyone who was WFR'd or will be WFR'd in the near future. I don't think I'll ever go back to work for HPE again as this will be an on going process every quarter.

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or anyone else, what does “the package” look like in Canada these days?

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Tips for preparing for layoffs:


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Everyone is in a different boat and has different motivations.

So true

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I agree with the poster who said that if you feel a layoff is imminent, spend your downtime at work honing new skills and preparing yourself for your future. I have spent the past 3 months studying for Microsoft certification and passing tests in case I'm shown the door after the spin-merge with CSC is completed. take advantage of the situation, and put yourself in a position where you can turn down job offers from external opportunities until the right one comes along.

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I agree with you Anon, there are a lot of good reasons to stay at HPE.

I've had two or three jobs where it felt like a layoff was inevitable. I quit one of those jobs, but in hindsight, I walked away from a great job working for a company that was simply going through some growing pains.

Admittedly, in another job where it felt as if a layoff was inevitable I did get laid off. But you know what? I spent the last six months of my job sharpening up my skillset, it was like getting paid to go back to college. I worked eight hours a day acquiring new skills. And when I did get laid off, I found that my hard work was rewarded. My boss, who was also laid off, offered to hire me at his new company.

Dare I say it? Being laid isn't all that bad, I wouldn't be where I am today if I'd stayed.

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. Consult a lawyer.. It was well worth it for most CDN WFR's I've spoken to.

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For those of us in Canada that just got the WFR notice this week - we don't even know what the packages will be for another 2 weeks - at the end of the WFR period. They have some basic guidelines they are using - but its based on base pay, not OTE by the looks of it. Guess we sit and wait and still service customers with a smile, while the survivors attend sales kick off in Vegas next week.

Honestly, while still trying to be professional, I'm not in any mindset to do any work that will benefit HPE/MicroFocus.

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If I was handed a WFR tomorrow, COBRA wouldn't even be considered. I can't afford that. But if worst case scenario, and I do get cut before then, my only choice would be emergency Medi-Cal, and I'd qualify for it because I'm a pregnant single mother.

Not everyone who is still US-based at HPE has a spouse to support them, or makes $90k a year, or has the option to jump to a new job ASAP. Some people have to ride it out even if they don't want to.

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I was recently layoff from HPE and it came to a shocking surprised. I was given two weeks to find a job but there were no open job req. I don't agree with HPE WFR policy, after 60 days, you can no longer go back to work for HPE regardless of your experience. The sad part is that I enjoyed doing my job, I was the only one who was the expert, I got a new manager and he hire someone he kmows that was looking his job so I trained him on everything I know. I was told he will become my backup but instead I got WFR and he stayed. Where is the justice in that? I also received the highest award to turn the red account to green and as a result I received the award, I guess this doesn't count when it comes to lay you off.

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- That's great for you. I'm sure there are a few people like you at HPE, who don't need health insurance or even so much the income; but most people are supporting their families with their HPE job. In those cases, it's almost criminal to not seek out a better job before Meg and her buddies put those people out of work.

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In response to "I just cannot understand why people would prefer to wait for that inevitable WFR to smack them up hard before looking for something better".

I have been with EDS, HP now HPE, 14 years now. I am staying for the inevitable WFR payout because 1) my husband makes 150k and we have no car loans, no credit card debt and a low mortgage payment on a house with only 60 payments left (I can choose to work or not), 2) we take all our insurance through my husband's Govt job, 3) I like my job at HPE and I make 93k per year plus bonus 4) I work too many hours right now to go on a job search.

When my WFR comes I will take my time finding something I like. I am even thinking about using that severance $$$ to go back to school to start a whole new career. Everyone is in a different boat and has different motivations.

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COBRA rules? Which one? The one where you bend over, or the one where you take it with no lube? COBRA is obscenely expensive... It's the best reason not to wait for WFR and take severance... finding a good employer, you will be eligible immediately for benefits and can skip the drama and desperation of looking for work because you have no choice.

If you don't mind paying thousands of dollars a month for COBRA while scrambling to find a job and living on that sweet, sweet severance pay, you can stay on the program for 6 months, I believe.

I just cannot understand why people would prefer to wait for that inevitable WFR to smack them up hard before looking for something better. By the same token, the earlier you start, the less competition you'll have for those jobs that are out there.

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Any info on COBRA rules?

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This is a repost, a good mesage though

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