Thread regarding Shell Oil layoffs

2017 - Year of Top Heavy Cuts

BG integration synergies complete = exposes top heavy Organization.

Cuts to come to reduce dept and pay shareholders dividends

Let the games begin

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Anyways all JGs are being downgraded

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A bit of a different comment on this thread. Interesting how people's intelligence is judged by their job grade. Hey a--holes, I can ensure you that job grades have ZERO relationship to intelligence. There are many managers who over do everything: over analyze, over complicate, over compensated, overdue, and over budget on everything they touch.

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Hah well said except you left out "and at 10x the cost of other well run companies".....

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Classic RDS response to a fact of life. Blame the messenger, cause you know it's all his/her fault. One thing about RDS it takes longer than you would ever imagine to do anything,. It's as if their playbook says, "Wait till it's the wrong time to let the wrong people go then do it in the most f---ed up way imaginable".

Just go find a hole and jump in.

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Come on, MF**ker, first poster, of this bs; name the date big layoffs start, January surprise....blah are probably a JG 0; don't know sH"t; you can F"off because you obviously have no life. What a shi$ head

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Ok Mr First Poster - let the games begin; eh? Where's the January BF surprise, you Ahole... are you some JG5\4 who thinks you are way more important than you are or just someone posting BS; same thing. Jeez, I worked with the likes of you before I retired from Shell; only proves, wherever Shell hires around the globe, a few dicks slip thru. What a f*ing embarrassment you are. Making more in retirement than you'll ever earn, Mr BS./KMA :-)) I'm so happy to watch you worry via some web site.

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Hope you're wrong. What a way to live a working, professional life by just keeping your head low? Find a way to contribute some multiple of your pay, annually, or go find something else to do. If the System can't hear your version of the truth, either (a) you are wrong, or (b) you're right and need to find someplace that will appreciate your input. So tired of this "woe is me" excuse. Balls up and make it happen.

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I thought the clueless were being outsourced to hubs?

Thereby impacting some selfish managers I believe.

The knowledgeable staff right now have their heads in the sand for fear of it being cutoff

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As fair as this might be, it is hard to believe. There are still enough other people to blame. Besides, there remains a large gap between the truly clueless (Finance, who really runs things) and the half clueless, half selfish managers who can at least spin a coherent story about the business. This makes them necessary to the Truly Clueless. Finance has no access to those unselfish, but truly knowledgeable staff, so are dependent on the managers.

Only rough ride will be for staff in 'non-core' assets that will get divested. Top heavy management likely to become more so.

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