Thread regarding Macy's Inc. layoffs

Unethical processes and illegal handling of actual layoffs

It's such a shame to see how UNETHICALLY downloadbesttorrentblog.rus have been handled. Especially, since our core values include INTEGRITY ALWAYS. My job is safe, but I am deeply ashamed to report have witnessed SERIOUS MISCONDUCT from HR. We all knew in q3 to prepare for layoffs- and it wouldn't have been so traumatic if they actually had a plan in place and communicated it. We have been prepared to hear we would be let go--- NOT PREPARED TO BE JERKED AROUND AND SHOWN NO COMPASSION OR DIGNITY. Legally, they have to give us the 60 day warn notice- this is about the only thing they did correctly accomplish. However, they have not actually given us 60days to be told if we have a position or not since assessments just wrapped up and we have people out there STILL NOT KNOWING IF THEY WILL BE PLACED/WHEN. They are still scrambling to understand base staffing levels which is affecting all those displaced. The already overstretched multi store HRMS are just referring associates to call HR services hotline verses actually calling with/for them and working through the problem and getting/trying to get a Solution. NO COMMUNICATION! I have witnessed top levels execs being pressured to put people on unfair/bogus reminders because they were close to retirement and knew they didn't want to retire yet- effectively pushing them out and saving money because if you are on a reminder process you don't have to pay out severance. Total Age discrimination! I've seen improper RBP reminders given to SMS - some poor performing but skipping straight to reminders and fraudulent last min coaching conversation forms created they were never actually done with the associate - again to prepare for the big flush. Completely negets the SOLUTIONS IN STORE Contract! I have seen hrms mess up multitudes of associates hire date and not help them work through it. NO ONE KNOWS HOW THE SMS WERE ASSESSED- just guesses consisting of scorecard (which can be skewed and incorrect) and coaching. The perceptions looks like it was just a room discussion of who they wanted to boot - because their have been top performers who want to grow and not on a process let go and then mediocre at best sms sent to large volume doors. They havent even assessed or will assess GOB SMS effectively denying them ANY CHANCE TO BE PLACED!! I am utterly ashamed of my company! To my fellow peers- hang in there- Sending magic your way!

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I didnt make the cut and its been a tough situation. I was corporate also

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Okay 👌 👌 👌 👌

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Q. What are the eligibility requirements for severance pay and benefits?

A. Severance pay and benefits are offered to an eligible regular employee who is notified that he/she will be involuntarily terminated as a result of the elimination of his/her position and if he/she signs and does not revoke a written release of all claims in the form provided by the Company. Employees are not eligible for severance pay and benefits if they are [a] terminated due to failure to observe company rules or regulations, [b] terminated for inappropriate or unprofessional conduct, [c] terminated for cause, [d] terminated for failing to meet schedule and attendance requirements, [e] terminated for failing to work at an acceptable performance level through his/her last day of work as designated by the Company, and/or [f] they are unable to return to work or fail to return to work after the expiration of an authorized leave of absence. On-call employees, temporary and/or seasonal employees on the Company’s payroll, interns, co-op students, and employees covered by a collective bargaining agreement are not eligible for the severance pay and benefits. An eligible employee must remain employed until his/her last scheduled workday to receive severance benefits.

Q. If I apply for a job at Macy’s or Bloomingdale’s and receive an offer of a substantially equivalent position, can I turn it down and still receive the severance pay and benefits?

A. No. You will not be eligible for severance pay and benefits if you decline the offer of a substantially equivalent position from any other Macy’s or Bloomingdale’s location.

Q. I don’t want to risk my severance pay and benefits by expressing interest in other opportunities. Does expressing interest in other opportunities put my eligibility for severance pay and benefits at risk?

A. Making your interest known does not put your severance pay and benefits at risk - it simply indicates to Macy’s that you are interested in discussing and learning more about opportunities with the Company. We encourage you to speak with your HR Representative - even if you are unsure of what would ultimately be the right decision for you. If, upon learning more information, you do not wish to proceed, you may withdraw from the process prior to an offer and your severance pay and benefits will not be jeopardized. You become ineligible for severance pay and

Frequently Asked Questions for Employees Impacted by the Spring 2017 Event

This summary is an overview only. The terms and conditions of the benefits described are determined solely by the summary plan

descriptions or plan documents and summaries of material modification of the applicable program. For complete relevant information

regarding severance pay and benefits, please review the Acknowledgment of Receipt, the General Release, the Severance Benefit Offer

Notice, and the Macy’s, Inc. Separation Plan – General Separation Summary Plan Description upon receipt. We encourage you to speak with

your HR representative or contact HR Services at .

Page 7 of 17

benefits if you are offered a substantially equivalent job and turn down the job or you accept any job with Macy’s or Bloomingdale’s.

Q. What steps do I need to take to receive severance pay and benefits?

A. You will receive a severance pay and benefits package from your supervisor. The instructions are included. You will need to sign and not revoke your signature on a General Release within a specified time period (indicated on a document provided to you) and return the General Release to HR.

Q. When will severance be paid?

A. You will receive your severance payment following your date of separation, the Company’s receipt of the signed General Release, and exhaustion of the revocation period set forth in the General Release. The severance payment will be issued in the same form as your regular pay. Example: If you receive your paycheck via direct deposit, then your severance will be paid via direct deposit. Severance pay is generally paid as a separate payment from your final pay.

Q. How is severance taxed?

A. Severance payments are considered supplemental wages paid to an employee in addition to regular wages and are withheld at a special rate instead of using the normal withholding tax tables. The Federal supplemental rate is 25%, but individual state rates vary. Severance payments are not subject to 401(k) and benefit deductions (unless arrears are owed), but are subject to garnishment deductions, if applicable.

Q. If I am offered a job in another state, and I decline the offer, am I still eligible to

receive severance pay and benefits?

A. You are eligible to receive severance pay and benefits only if the work site of the newly offered position is more than twenty-five (25) miles, one way, from the work site of your current position (and the newly offered position is substantially equivalent to your current position – refer to a previous Q&A on page 3 for the definition of “substantially equivalent”).

Q. If I get re-hired, do I need to repay my severance?

A. If you become re-employed at Macy’s, Inc. within 91 days (including day 91) of your termination date, you must reimburse the Company a prorated portion of the severance pay received. If rehired on the 92nd day or later, no repayment is required.

Q. If I decide to accept another job outside of Macy’s or resign prior to my scheduled off role

date will I still be eligible for my severance pay and benefits?

A. No.

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1ab- if you were on the other side of this I am truly sorry. Don't believe for one moment it's been rainbows on the other side for those that are going forward. I was told that I should be fortunate to have a job with the scorecard I had the past year, others were better than me and let go. I looked at them and said if you want them then keep them your not doing me any favors and I stood up and walked out and have not been spoken to or communicated with sense. If they believe I "need" them they are sorely mistaken. If they think I'm going to hang around for the next 90 days they are sorely mistaken. Im sure you can see from the original poster of this thread that those of us that are going forward will only utilize this to find employment elsewhere. It's easier to find a job when you still have a job.

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Must be nice to be in a protected spot- jewelry, shoes and cosmetics. Even if they had awful metrics, they weren't even considered to be let go.

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