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Verizon Stars Unlimited Data Plan Feb 13, 2017

Verizon on Sunday said that it will launch an unlimited LTE data plan, titled Verizon Unlimited, on February 13. The plan will start at $80 per month for an individual line, or $45 per line for a group of four on smartphones or tablets. Both new and existing subscribers will be able to sign up.

The move marks the first time in more than five years that Verizon, the nation’s largest carrier in terms of total subscribers, will have an unlimited offering. The carrier had recently started forcing heavy users who’ve stayed on those old unlimited plans to move to new offerings.

Executives at the company have downplayed the need for unlimited plans on numerous occasions in recent months, too, though the carrier started allowing customers to pay for unlimited usage in 30- and 60-minute increments last fall.

The new plan comes on the heels of other renewed, aggressive pushes into unlimited data from rival carriers, most notably T-Mobile, which in August replaced all of its existing mobile plans in favor of one unlimited offering, entitled T-Mobile One.

T-Mobile's plan has faced criticism, however, for downgrading all video streams to a less-than-HD resolution unless subscribers pay for a $15 add-on. It also does not allow subscribers to access LTE speeds when using their phones as a mobile internet hotspot by default.

Verizon appears to be directly going after those complaints. The carrier says its unlimited plan will allow users to stream video at an "HD" resolution, and that it will include up to 10GB of LTE mobile hotspot data before cutting that down to 3G speeds. The carrier did not specify whether or not it will allow videos to stream above a 720p resolution, the minimum threshold for high-definition video, however.

Verizon says the plan will also provide unlimited calling and texting to Canada and Mexico, along with 500 MB per day of LTE data in those countries. A $10 per day pass will allow for that same allotment of data outside of North America.

Verizon says it will keep other tiered data plans available alongside the new unlimited plan, including a 5GB per month offering, as well as its "S," "M," and "L" plans. Currently, those plans start at $35 per month for 2GB of LTE data.

The $80 per month starting point makes Verizon’s unlimited plan costlier than T-Mobile One, which starts at $70 per month for a single line, and Sprint’s unlimited data plan, which normally costs $60 per month. But it is less expensive than AT&T’s unlimited offering, which starts at $100 per month and only comes bundled with a subscription to the carrier’s DirecTV or U-Verse services.

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BTIG Research’s Walter Piecyk takes a swipe at Verizon, writing that this is the latest in Verizon’s many instances of saying they wouldn’t do something only to reverse themselves:

Verizon has a long history of rebuffing T-Mobile’s competitive moves as non-economic or unlikely to have an impact on the industry for more than a quarter or two, only to later replicate the offer. That was true for phone payment plans, ETF payments for switchers, overage etc. We can now add unlimited to that list. How long will it be until Verizon offers pricing that includes taxes? Despite those delayed competitive responses, T-Mobile has maintained industry leading growth while Verizon’s has declined.

Piecyk is still waiting for an explanation from Verizon as to why they did this:

We asked Verizon what has changed to explain such an abrupt reversal, but have yet to receive a response. They had recently been running an advertisement promoting the 5GB rate plan that argued why customers do not need unlimited. The rate plan remains, but it is not clear if the advertisement will. The launch of unlimited seemed rushed, coming a week after the exposure they could have secured with a Super Bowl advertisement. The ad run last night during the Grammy’s did not appear to have taken much to produce.

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FEBRUARY 13, 2017 1:06 P.M.

frank wrote:

it is time for McAdams to retire he is tired blood he is comsumed with wireless from the start he has no new ideas he had the chance to buy direct tv but blew it they need dish not charter.charter debt is to high dish has a lower debt verizon can handle also fios should have been pushed out two years ago but he hates anything to do with wireline his mistake.


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Verizon can't compete head to head with T Mobile as its operating expenses are much higher. Of course Verizon could try and reduce operating expenses and we all know what that leads to.

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Given the size of Verizon, they should have done to T-Mobile what T-Mobile is doing to everyone else, undercut their plans and give the consumer what the consumer actually wants. Stop jamming more bull rap down consumer throat.

Now that Verizon has reacted and once again offers a so called unlimited plan, it is painfully obvious that this is desperation move as I would bet the churn rates have started to rise well beyond acceptable levels for the real owners of this company ...WALL STREET..... Those talking heads at top of company do nothing on their own

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What a bunch of flip-flops - all they care is another year and that $10M bonus. See you later...

"That's not something we feel we need to do"

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I said they would do this a few years back. Why did a dope like me know this is the path this company should take? This leadership must go, come on. Maybe grab a high executive from T Mobile.

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"Speaking at a Deutsche Bank-sponsored conference on Media, Internet & Telecom, Conference, Verizon CFO Fran “Don’t Call Me ShamWow” Shammo explained that “We believe that the subsidy model is an extremely good one… It’s done wonders for us in this industry. I think that to abandon it is a mistake.” "

ah... memories

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From January 23rd:

"Asked later if Verizon might introduce unlimited data plans of its own–the carrier has not only resisted but recently began running commercials criticizing such plans as unnecessary–Ellis was unenthusiastic. "That's not something we feel we need to do," he said, echoing his predecessor Shammo's line."

These clowns get their stock downgraded and flip faster than a politician. What a joke. And its still more than the competition. So they still think they are special. But I have to admit, I love watching these worms squirm under the pressure.

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Yeah desperation for sure, they have had so many law suits because of over charging on data usage. This will by them time to settle that mess.


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Reeks of desperation to take something away that was once offered and reintroduce it like it was the greatest things since sliced bread. And I don't understand coralation here. Does this mean no more RIFs?

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