Thread regarding Lowe's Cos. layoffs

Millennials at Lowes

What Lowes is doing is catering to this millennial group who always wants something for nothing.

So they have to create more PT jobs to give to these lazy young people who don't want to work as much and still have mommy and daddy take care of them.

Or take our money by being on welfare. What they don't Realize is if mommy and daddy lose their jobs cause these co.panties wanna cater to them, then they are SOL.

And me personally being a DM and lowes employee for 20 years think it's a crock of BS

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You are a DM and Lowes employee for 20 years huh...and blame millenials for this move. I'd feel pissed off as well if I saw "young blood" coming into Lowes and being promoted to DM in a year and a half, and being considered for ASM in another year too. Because after 20 years I am still a DM and was just skating by enjoying my job, not looking to move up, just being comfortable. So let's blame the kids who are showing promise because I've done what for 20 years? Sit on my a-- and be stagnant? That's what I got from your original post. I've gotten where you are in a year and a half, and will surpass you in another year. If you think I should take a back seat, as a millennial, so you can just eat up Lowes money while not doing sh--, goodbye. 20 years, and imma pass you in 3. Hate on yourself for not hustling. Should have been a damn store manager by now if you actually gave a sh--. Take your ignorant a-- elsewhere so us "millenials" can continue to work hard and take your jobs. Since you wanna just sit around and bs all day instead of putting in the work.

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Go f--- yourself dude i'm a Millennial and i work my f---ing a-- off, we are not the collective sh-- bin to blame all your problems on.

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I am a millennial with a Bachelor's degree. I work 40 hours at a law firm and work 20+ hours a Lowe's because I like the atmosphere. I own a house and two cars are paid for. I am anything BUT lazy. My generation has been brought up to think we had to go to college, well we went, now have thousands and thousands of dollars in loan debt with no real world jobs to satisfy the degrees we HAD to get. So if you think millennials are lazy, maybe switch gears and think that young people now have debt in the amount of probably your FIRST HOUSE getting out of college with NO jobs waiting for them because baby boomers are not retiring and letting fresh blood take over. SO we can't afford a home, possibly a nice car, and have to live with parents until the job at Starbucks transition into something worth having a degree for. Sounds like the American dream doesn't it. So instead of saying the card player can't play cards, perhaps take a look at the cards he has been dealt.

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Gen Xer here - milennials are fine, they are just young. I hope they do realize that both parties give zero Fs for them. Shake the system up kids.

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I'm a millennial, technically, and I take offense to your words. I've never expected my mother or father to pay for anything since I was 14 years old and started my first job, working in between school. I am working part time at Lowe's and I have another part time job. I also work for two independent contractors when they ask for me specifically. Not all "millennials" are lazy, let me live off of mommy and daddy type of people. I work hard and as much as I can, which I've learned from my parents, just to grt by. "Millennials" make 20 percent less then our parents made when they were our age. It's how children are raised and conditioned in their social lives that makes them who they are as an adult.

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I'm a millennial with a bachelor's who started my own business in 2013. I will get a decent severence package and find work somewhere else. Stop lumping us all into the same category because you decided not to work hard enough to get ahead. You sour grape.

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That's not the reason why experienced employees are being laid off. In the true spirit of Corporate greed and selfishness, the positions that corporate wants to cut are the jobs of EXPERIENCED people who have given years of their lives to a company and have slowly worked their way into semi-decent playing jobs. This is a lesson for American workers: Don't believe the garbage about "hard work and perseverance paying off." The truth is the more you give to a company (and consequently the more you earn) the quicker you will be given the axe. Companies have learned the easiest way to cut large numbers from their expenses is to cut the people who earn the most money, in the case of Lowes, that means ASM and DM (associate store managers and department managers).The rest of the low-paid hourly part times employees are barely worth firing because they are already cheap slave labor. So who get fired by Lowes? The people who have worked hardest, worked longest, and have because of their "hard work and perseverance" finally gotten to a place in their lives where they might actually feed a family, send their kids to college or buy a house on their salaries --- Yes, these are the people Lowes wants to demote or fire. Thank you, Robert Niblock, you absolute horror of a human being and American. Another corporate thief fleecing middle America and shattering it's lives and dreams.

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Lowe's will destroy it self time...

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Millennials have nothing to do with this. In my store the majority of lazy people are baby boomers and Gen X-ers.

Millennials are the ones working multiple jobs to help offset student loan debt. They are also the ones who have to live with their parents because the older generations crashed the economy.

I am a dept manager who works his a-- off so half of my salary can go to student loans. Worry about yourself and your own generation before trying to scapegoat

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Clearly you hate millennials but that has absolutely nothing to do with this restructure. This is all about profitability and payroll is the number one controllable expense. Wall Street and the shareholders are the ones Lowes execs are trying to keep happy.

I predict this restructure will fail miserably but this has absolutely nothing to do with the younger generation. It's all politics.. employees are just numbers. The CEO and execs could care less about store staffing.

If you think Lowes is headed downhill, just keep an eye on the country as a whole. A corrupt CEO who strictly cares about money/power/ keeping other CEO's happy is about to become president. Doomsday is upon us. Lowes is just the beginning.

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I think what Lowe's is doing is in the best interests of Lowe's, not millennials. Blame online competition, declining sales, etc., but why drag millenials into this?

I find most willing to learn and somewhat trainable. Quit sounding like an old person standing at the front door shaking their fist at the world!

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