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First of all, to those laid off I offer my condolences. Condolences because I know you feel like & right now. Second, I offer you my congratulations. You WILL find another job and you WILL find one at a company much better than Sabre. Here is some info you do need to know.... I'm guessing you haven't seen your 2016 annual review. I also suspect your management is telling you to continue looking at Sabre's job postings. What you need to know is that management/HR will be marking your performance as unsatisfactory meaning you are not "rehirable". They did this to the folks who were laid off in 2014. Now, I know and you know your performance is not unsatisfactory. I have seen tremendous workers laid off by Sabre. Why do they do this? So that the remaining employees are marked to where they fall within the bell curve in the "satisfactory" and "exceeds" categories. What this means is you can't work for Sabre but why would you want to? Sabre's moral and ethical values are sub par and their business practices stink. Some members of management/HR are outright liars. Sabre's performance since the massive 2014 layoffs has suffered and it is well known in the industry. I said back then that they needed to get rid of Dolly and Deborah Kerr. This is all fallout from their "leadership". Good luck to you and stay positive.

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This is the fourth layoff within a year... and there is one more planned for later in 2017. Over the past few years Sabre has hired people to satisfy the 'demand' of work. They typically hire and then fire 400-600 every year. What a whacky world they live in. And people like Wade Jones brags at driving maintenance costs to less than 10% - and then wonder why they have had 5 P0 outages in 7 months - much less the boatload of P1 and P2 issues. The Project Atlas is a joke - focused on "fixing" the wrong things (the symptoms, not the root causes).

The new CIO has his job cut out for himself. What ever happened with having ETO and Prod Dev being combined (i.e. DevOps)? Driving another wedge in between these orgs is insane!

And how in the hell do you sack Scott Ball? That's just insane. He was one of the good guys.

Unfortunately Sean Menke appears to only be a "manager" and not a people "leader". Who would want to work for this guy? Did you watch his crazy "stability" video? He always looks so pissed off! In each of the 3 meetings I've been in with him, he has always started with "my frustration...". Does he not think we are also frustrated? At this point we really need a leader! Someone we can rally behind. (And as I write this two head hunters are pinging me with other opportunities - maybe it's time to move in. At least part of the last 6 years here have been fun - but not so much anymore)

Next layoff in less than 60 days! Let's count them down!

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let's do an exercise...

suppose you are the CEO of the company and the stock is going down for a year... what do you do?

c'mon ppl... wake up, this is business... I only read BS up on this thread...

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More layoffs coming next week. When will this cycle end? Or is the company doomed to perpetual failure and eventual bankruptcy?

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So, clients are fleeing in mass.

and more layoffs will overtake us. but keep in mind Sabre has always had the rep in dfw as a hire to fire workplace. the new leadership really inherited a lot of crap from one of the worst CIO's in history. Kerr really had no clue how to run an IT organization and drove every good leader from the IT org. Replacing them with her lacky's whom have since quit too. The company she talks to next should really look closely at her beyond her numberous board spots and beyond her resume. At least the new CEO Sean realized this and fired her within his first set of objectives. The old CEO wasnt horrible. he was just a sales guy, not really an operations guy. Kerr is the cancer that really delayed Sabre's forward IT progress by about 6 yrs. Well her and the old Marketing chief Dana Jones.

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No wonder this company has the reputation for being the worst company to work for in the Dallas Fort Worth area. My advise to anyone looking to work here.... don't!

Their leadership are societies rejects; mysognists, narcarcistic and sociopathic.

They pay decent money because that's the only way they can get people to stay; it is the most toxic culture. I realized this and resigned within 6 month. Oh, and you need to be there for 2 years for your 401k to vest so they will gladly rob you of this too.

These are the shadiest people I've ever had the unfortunate experience to work with. I encourage any decent human to stay away from this place. If you're like me, please report Sabre to the EEOC - They need to be investigated.

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i got successful in my DPM. my manager showed me. it does not matter. move on. better places to work. not the first and last layoff at Sabre.

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The person who wrote this is 1) offering condolences to those laid off, not minimizing their feelings and 2) didn't say only those laid off where ranked as exceeding or only ranked as unsatisfactory. Obviously there will be a range of folks laid off. What they are saying is that those employees who have always had a good review are then marked as unsuccessful. This person knows what they are talking about. I have seen this practice carried out at Sabre....repeatedly.

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The reviews are bogus and that's not accurate about partially successful, a very good friend of mine had a partially successful review, got 6/8 successful (due to COPA failure, not even their fault, they were not high on the totem pole) on last year's DPM and 2 partially successful, therefore they were "partially successful" and they got let go in the summer after we lost COPA. Everyone was shocked. But now they're consulting and probably making double what they made here. At least they got out before the job market is glutted with Sabre layoff-ees.

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I think downgrading review grade after someone resigned or got laid off is a corporate standard. I got a document with review at a previous corporation - not Sabre - with highest grade. Then I resigned. on my last day I learned from hr my grade is much lower. They changed it afterwards.

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This is not accurate. There were folks laid off who are rated Highly Successful, because their entire team was eliminated. Most of downloadbesttorrentblog.rus were for Successful and Partially Successful ratings. (If Unsuccessful, they should have been released earlier in the year....) Per Sabre policy (layoff or no...), you may be transferred in Sabre with Partially Successful ratings with SVP approval; you may not transfer with Unsuccessful.

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What kind of severence packages were given?

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Yes, we will move forward. we know we were paid for the work. But it is human to feel some pain. There are bills, mortgage payments, family and personal plans which might concern us, at least for few days. Unless your Deborah Kerr who will perhaps get best farewell gift.

"moral and ethical values" - Others companies too are not being run by saints. Nepotism is endemic in this "Post Truth" era.

We have affinity for Sabre as we put our time and energy in making it and its products better for years. Hope the new team after re-org takes the right steps. Else, we all know the next round of layoff will be follows after JU cutover just like after AZ cutover.

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Thank you!

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