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David Dao

Is David Dao going to cause dropin bookings and many layoffs at United?



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If you worked for Contintal do es your brain not know the difference from United Airlines & United EXPRESS? Why did Doa's wife a Full time DR not pitch a fit? ??? No wonder the dude had lost his license to practice early? You fail to list that after his was removed he tried to renter a secured area? Had to be insane! Lot of secured locations with armed security would have blown the ins and drug addict away! UAL not United express Emloyer! Now we wonder why UAL merged with your company? Get your facts straight do not try to non rev

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New video emerges, you can see that the doctor was not causing any issues prior to being yanked out of his seat, he was trying to reach out United's customer support on the phone.

So much for being belligerent and unruly as labeled by United and law enforcement:


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Finally an apology from the United CEO! It is a little too late and too fake. This stupid CEO and his cronies must go. His understanding of sensitivity shows that he has no gray matter inside his skull.

United messed up big time by f. . ..g with the wrong person and its CEO made things worse with his lack of comprehensive sensitivity. I personally hope Dr Dao and his family will take this matter to Court and receive a substantial selltlement that also serves as a deterrent to Airlines company that treats its customers badly.

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The article about Dao's professional misconduct does not change the fact that a United Airline bad customer service.

This article show how the publisher of this article exploits vulnerable personal information to launch a racist, counter personal attack on a poor victim for unrelated incident of racial profiling from United Airlines! Welcome to the America torch of freedom ! Does this meant you got to get burn with the freedom torch after reaching America? :) )*$EQ_#&

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Sums it up:

They OBVIOUSLY should've increased the compensation until they got 4 volunteers.

This all could've been avoided.

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I worked at Continental airlines for 20 years until they merged with United and it all went to sh--. BUT ... The United Crew was probably what they call a "Must Ride/Fly". I imagine they needed to get them to (wherever) to WORK a flight due to another Flight Crew was over their legal hours to work/fly and they needed a replacement crew urgently so another flight wasn't cancelled.

They OBVIOUSLY should've increased the compensation until they got 4 volunteers.

This all could've been avoided.

Continental Airlines (with CEO Gordon Bethune) was a much better happier Airlines to work for (and to fly with) prior to the merger with United. BUT I hear Munoz is really doing much better job than previous CEO's have done and this was just one of those situations that got way out of hand. He's NOT a bad guy. There's always more to a story than meets the eye and I'm sure it'll all be forgotten about once he gets his big fat settlement check.

I believe in being reasonable when these situations arise and you're always better off in the long run. Don't throw a tantrum... get a lawyer.

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I hope this puts every single media source in this nation out of business. They are only stenographers for the rich and famous anyhow.

Its real. The doctor on the plane lives and practices in Kentucky.

Bottom link leads to the one convicted of the crimes and lives and practices in New Orleans.

This Doctor from the plane, and the one convicted of drug offences, are not the same man.

Many posts online are already calling that this mans treatment was justified stating he had a criminal background and that he wasn't even a real doctor after having his medical licence suspended.

However, they have misidentified him as Dr. David Anh Duy Dao.

Dr. David Thanh Duc Dao is his actual name and with the false reports attempting to demonize and justify the treatment of him, it should be known that this man is innocent of the allegations.

They are quoting this this document from the Kentucky Medical Licence Board where it clearly states Dr. David A. Dao, who is completely unrelated to this man. />

This man however does not even practise in Kentucky, and actually operates out of New Orleans. />

Let's make sure that who this man is kept true and not defamed in wake of this PR disaster for United

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Obviously there's the racial aspect in China, which amplifies it even further.

But this is also reaching Europe with surprising force, even though united airlines basically has no market over here. I work in academia - me and my colleagues fly regularly to conferences. Everybody has heard about the story already. BBC news had a long story on it. French news are also covering it. The story is too perfect: it's a graphical video of a big business literally, violently beating up an ordinary citizen/customer whose only crime is to resist corporate law. There's fighting, screaming men, screaming women, blood, and everybody gets a sense it could have happened to them or to their colleague who tends to stand up for himself a little bit more than normal.

The difference is that over here, nobody knows United Airlines, so this is perceived as "generic US airline". People associate that with the border forces demanding social media passwords, the Muslim ban... Over here it's not just bad PR for United Airlines, it's bad PR for the USA.

  • 7th most shared story, and rising, on most read French newspaper

  • BBC is currently airing a long segment including an interview of airline personnel who just repeatedly says how unacceptable this is

  • Most read German newspaper also providing extensive coverage

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60K views on a single thread in 24 hours. Good job United - what a cluster from a brand management perspective.

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There are now reports coming out of Chinese media that this is not an isolated incident. The story reports that last year a Cornell University grad student, Ms. Ma, arrived in Newark from Beijing on Aug 14, 2016 and was to catch a connecting flight UA4921 at 9:29 that evening to Ithaca. Due to inclement weather, the flight was grounded and when it came time to board the next flight, many who came later were allowed to board, but she along with several Asian and Middle Eastern passengers were left behind. By the next morning, she and an Israeli passenger were still waiting. She was eventually offered a seat on the Aug 15, 11pm flight (27 hours later). Once seated, a male staff approached her and asked her to deboard. As she went to get her carry-on, thinking there was a size issue, two men man-handled her and physically removed her from the plane. Once off the plane, she tried to reason with the staff and threatened to call the authorities, she was allowed to return to her seat. The two male staffers then went and escorted another visible minority woman off the plane. Of her 27-hour long ordeal, she was only offered a $10 food voucher when the least expensive sandwich at the airport cost $12. After the trip, she contacted the airline numerous times including submitting five written complaints with no response.




长江日报全媒体讯(记者高萌) 23岁的武汉人马同学是康奈尔大学研一留学新生。今天中午,她告诉长江日报记者,去年从北京飞往美国转机时,她也遭遇过美联航无理由暴力赶客。“上来就跟我说‘你没有座位’就把我拉出来了,我整个人都是懵的,就被两个壮汉夹出来。”















态度强硬得以重上飞机 写了5封投诉信没回音






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Toxic corporate culture starts at the top.

It's time for the CEO to go!

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told you all you need to know, the guy is a creep

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United is going down after this. Worst publicity imaginable for an airline. I'd say many layoffs are to follow as a result.

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United was just wrong and arrogant.

The guy was high.

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It doesn't matter what his past reflects or what his ethnicity is. He did nothing wrong.

  1. He clearly needed to get home.

  2. He was a paying customer

  3. He was "randomly selected" to give up his seat to make room for unpaid united employee after he already boarded the plane

  4. He was physically assaulted

  5. He was dragged down the aisle of an airplane in front of an audience.

That is all you need to know. This has nothing to do with his past. You never know what someone has going on in their life.

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What's the over/under on this guy being high as a f---ing kite when all of this went down?

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To the anonymous idiot who posted the Contract of Carriage verbiage including, "the carrier may deny boarding to other passengers in accordance with its boarding priority rules", you seem to forget that he was ALREADY BOARDED! He was NOT DENIED BOARDING!!! Let me repeat that...HE WAS ALREADY BOARDED!!!

UAL messed up BIG TIME! Live with it!

P.S. You must be a UAL employee troll!

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It‘s very disturbing from the perspective that this could have been anyone of us.

The situation at hand was a civil and not a criminal matter, so why did the police even get involved ?

Excessive and Abusive force was evident…once again, this could have happened to anyone of us.

If Dr. Dao has a past, it's irrelevant to the matter at hand.

In so far as Oscar Munoz’s apology is concerned, it took three statements to finally get it right.

I place little credence on it and it buys no goodwill with me since I doubt it would have been forthcoming had the incident not been recorded.

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Two other passengers refused to be "re-accomodated" before David Dao was asked to do so:


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Two passengers on that freaking United plane refused to leave before David Dao did.

Dr. Dao's refusal was the one police wouldn't accept. Interesting.

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Mass negative comments = bad karma = bad publicity = drop in bookings = drop in revenues = drop in stock orice = LAYOFFS

WAKE UP UNITED, your arrogance is stupid!!!

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United employees trolling this thread: Rather than trying to smear a mans past why do you not explain to everyone here your justification in knocking a small demure man of Oriental birth unconscious and dragging him by his heel from the plane? How exactly do you justify that brutality? I worked security for years and found MANY ways to detain someone that didn't involve dragging them by their heels. I know you stock stretchers onboard your aircraft.

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I hope he does sue them

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Dr David Thanh Duc Dao is my idol - he pushed back where nobody dared - they showed his teeth and gained world class fame while putting himself in the position that will allow him to sue United for many millions.

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Friends and Family:

"He's a pleasant guy,” Nadeau said of Dao. "He really, really had a passion to get back into the medical field.”

Source: />

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- there is only one David Dao in Kentucky

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Ok, the legal documents is for "David Anh Duy Dao". The man from United flight is "David Thanh Duc Dao". Even the articles posted are doing insane mental gymnastics to explain why there is a discrepancy in the name saying "it sounds the same". One, these are legal documents cited so there is no way someone "misspelled" names" and two, if charges were so bad he had to change his name, why would he only change his middle name?

So what if he gambled and dabbled in culinary arts? When were either of those things illegal in the US. Even at that, if he was truly a terrible person or criminal, why does that justify the brutality and obvious abuse he unjustly experienced? Since when did being a paying customer mean you can be beaten and humiliated?

Think people, stop letting other people think for you.

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Doctor Dao' past has nothing to do with the way he was treated. Whoever tries to relate his so called criminal activities to this incident has no f...g rationale.

What he did was wrong and he was penalized enough. What happened to him on that United flight was deplorable..He did not deserved to be treated that way.

No genuine apology from the United CEO?

This guy is really c---y .He is the guy who really thinks he could get away from the stupid things his company does. Great customer's service? That's a joke.

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Another drunk United pilot. This f---tard locked himself in the c---pit. Who knowing this would ever book a flight with United again?:


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United is so self-righteous, arrogant.

They will be out of business in 5 years or less.

Just look at Delta or SWA, it's a whole another level of service, accuracy, timeliness, courtesy...

I'll never fly United again, I hated it before, now it's a no no for me.

As it relates to David Dao, it just happened that they went after a wrong guy - a guy that got hardened by all that illicit stuff that's listed below - it does not matter - he did nothing wrong, it's just that United came across someone who was willing to push back. Good for you David Dao, you super pimp and poker champ, you are the one who killed United.

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Quoting a discussion on Everipedia:

This Dr does have a past criminal history from my town. He had a practice with his first wife and got into serious trouble with a prescription drug ring then turned around at the same time and got busted in a s-x ring and was caught having s-x with a prostitute in our park. If he had been anyone else I would feel bad for the person but not this guy. He shamed his wife so bad she had to close her office down for a year or so. She was finally able to reopen her practice but, I don't understand why he didn't lose his license and is operating under a diff name!!!

Source: />

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Nobody in their right mind would ever book a flight on United. Yet another raging alcoholic pilot of theirs:


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David Dao, MD was screaming like he was giving birth.


This is a honest question.

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United Airlines employee trolls are lying m------f----s. Their airline is famous for drunk pilots and a--hole flight attendants already. The truth in a humorous way. />

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Can someone tell me what "bumped", like when your "bumped" from a flight, means. What I understand it to mean is, is that a passenger from his/her scheduled flight may be asked, for whatever reason, to take the next or another flight. May be big tme inconvenient and may get to destination late, but stil get there. And with an 800.00 coupon get nice gifts for family an d friends, a nice meal while waiting.

Hummmm, if played right maybe not such a terrible thing. At least not as traumatizing as what Dr David Thanh Duc Dao has now to endure.

With this in mind this makes no sense. Any airlines I've used, including flights used by Canadian Armed Forces personnel, have gone out of their way to ensure a good experience is had on their flight. This supports their reputation and reflects positively on their Airline. This incident did none of that..So I'm wondering WHY. Why would the airline take this particlar route. Why would the airline choose to destroy their reputation etc. when there were other alternatives.

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Do you not read or do facts not matter?

You agree to this when you purchase your ticket. You agree that you may have to be bumped off a flight for just about any reason the airline deems necessary. Your only options are to

1.) Not fly

2.) agree to get off when asked or be forcible removed

3.) lobby Congress to outlaw oversold flights

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The doctor on the plane was David Thanh Duc Dao, MD, not David Anh Duy Dao. Duc Dao has no criminal record.

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So now UA is having their army on the net. You know what? Nothing could change the fact that they forced him off the plane, beat the sh-- outta him, and dragged him like a piece of sh--.

The voluntarily word is nonsense since they actually FORCED him.

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Summary of background research:

  1. License Suspension: />

  2. Controlled Substance Dealing: />

  3. Professional Poker Lifetime Earnings: />

  4. Professional Poker Playing Photo: />

  5. Vietnam Graduation Note: />

  6. Health Grades Profile: />

  7. See #1 for inappropriate s-xual behavior/advances (one of the reasons the license was suspended)

  8. See #1 for issues with medical practice/practicing

  9. Identity Confirmation: />

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Yet another case of United trying to get their drunk pilots off the hook. Are all you United employees trolling this thread raging alcoholics or just your pilots?:


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