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Someone posted a demographic survey on the Dell layoff page if you are over 45 and laid off-,The request is to tell your age etc.

Someone posted a demographic survey on the Dell layoff page. If you are over 45 and laid off-,The request is to post your age etc

It's obvious someone is gathering data for

News? Lawyer? Or maybe a shocked Employee seeing is who else his age, time in, etc who got laid off? I was let go a few years back and looked for comfort with peers etc. I found another gig and live happily ever after.

I think sharing info is a great idea but I would not post details about severance packages or disparage managers...

Jus' sayin'

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"Tech is a younger person's game. Unless you are management or executive level, you are too old and outdated. The young are the most creative and offer so much in terms of quality.

Harsh, but you know it's the truth."

Wow, generalized sweeping statements like that are rarely true, perhaps never true.

At least in software development, experience matters. In well constructed teams, there is a wide range of talent, usually led by a well respected Yoda type figure. I find that staff with more experience are more conservative and thoughtful, probably because they have battle scars. The young have only built class projects that don't have the same scaling and maintenance requirements. Code that can't be reused or difficult to maintain.

Oh- newly minted grads usually bring in the Language Of the Day that typically doesn't get traction. There are no time machines, but it isn't difficult to look back 10, 20, or 30 years and see the languages that had so much buzz but withered in a few years.

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Old folks have experience for sure. Young folks have the energies not necessarily 'creative' . Young folks tend to be more reckless/careless lacking of forward thinking. I would prefer an experienced/older DBA and a young DBA to handle critical production environment any day. As for creative, I tend to believe it is more the person himself or herself. Experience can promote creative thinking as that person have seen what's work, what's not and what's stupid to even attempted. I have seen young DBA fired from job after blowing a week of health care production environment because of overly confident and backup didn't work as expected. There .. experience for him but terrible for that company. Who know, lawsuit possibly follows. But hey, everyone been young before and grow old too. The young learn from the old, the old have learned from their experience. Diversity is what a company should aiming for.

Harsh but the truth.

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where is that web site?

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Reason certain companies are successful is management and higher management listen to customers and engineers for feedback. That's not the case with DELL EMC storage, you speak and you are out of job.

Lot of ideas and enhancements were shut down on foot by management. Some one mentioned that managers are destroying company and it is true

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Well said, . Btw, this site is administrated and doesn't allow personal insults and using derogatory language. They also don't let naming names or revealing other personal info. Site admins nuke that kind of posts and can also block your IP for it. You can check their rules in footer.

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Please think before you post vulgar comments. This is not your personal blog.

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I agree with the person who posted that folks at Dell and EMC who take initiative without permission from their management seem to be punished or pushed out. It is the strangest thing ever but it is happening and it's hurting the employees, and the new company as a whole, and ultimately your customers.

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Responding to ...

"Reason you don't have enough work is your not thinking of the next big idea

Don't wait to be told what to do

Go solve the problems in your product line Enhance the product."

Great innovation comes from this type of work but, now, management takes offense to people who take the initiative and think on their own.

Management doesn't want to be 'shown up' by 'underlings' so management penalizes/punishes 'underlings' for independent and valuable work.

As a result, 'underlings' just sit and 'wait to be told what to do' since tired of being reprimanded for thinking for themselves to solve problems and enhance a product.

Just my opinion.


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Reason you don't have enough work is your not thinking of the next big idea

Don't wait to be told what to do

Go solve the problems in your product line Enhance the product

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The comment below, perfectly said.

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That's not the point. Most engineers don't have enough work for the past 2 years, it's a known truth. So no team has enough work load and there is not much to contribute. But these layoffs are targeted at certain individuals, those who still have jobs are lucky. It's not they deserve to be employed or skilled.

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More no value workers get let go. Look in the mirror what have you done to deserve employment

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I hope they are gathering information for a class action lawsuit. EMC has been blatantly discriminating for years and they use downloadbesttorrentblog.rus to justify it and then skew the report they are required to provide to laid off employees by including groups and regions and all kinds of BS that is not remotely related to the group laid off whatsoever. If the report was actually accurate and comprised of the correct groups and data, they would get sued for age and gender discrimination. That's just a fact. EMC is disgustingly bold about it, they don't care, they don't try to hide it except in that bogus report because they can easily cover-up the rest of it if anyone alleges discrimination . Their in-house attorneys stay very busy doing just that. Too many people have seen it time and time again, it is not a new thing, it has been happening for YEARSSSSSSS and anyone who says differently is lying or they are an in-house attorney. I'm pretty sure EMC is known more for collusion and cover-ups than it is for being storage leaders. Thanks management, you ruin everything. Doesn't matter how hard the little people work and how much success they achieve, you give everyone a bad name. I definitely hope it is for a lawsuit. Just sayn.

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So true, Michael is a good man. But he has no idea how Dell/Emc managers are destroying his company by getting rid of great talent. Managers only care about politics, personal ego and keep those who kiss their a--.

Michael do something, get rid of all managers and hire your own people. At least there will be loyalty.

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Billy and Frank are just cogs in the Dell wheel now. EMC is gone, as are the days where results meant more than politics and ownership meant more than blame. I remember when most of the company took a pay cut, including the EU who didn't have to, so no RIF would happen in 07. I remember when I called on anyone for help, the only question was "How soon do you need it?" It's Dell now and those days aren't coming back. Billy and Frank can't help.

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I'm 54 years old and was laid off on January 20, 2016 - I had been with the company 19 years and 7 months, only 5 months shy of my 20th anniversary, so I was NOT eligible for the larger severance package. Conicidense? I think not.

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Folks under 45 are affected too.

Unfortunately, politics, age,gender,race still get pushed out- most time folks who coughs raise possible HR cases are driven out through hostile environment or comp actions. A female peer of mine just left because of a comp discrepancy. A male peer left for a different role to keep from getting pushed out although he had no performance problems and a recent award.

Bill S. is a fair and just leader but he has to depend on his team to act with integrity. Not that these are bad folks either, it's just they are in survival mode.

Michael D. is also a genuinely good, fair man and I believe he thinks the teams are being treated fairly and realigned appropriately.

Unfortunately, this is not the case as politics and fear are running wild.

If Bill S. and a few other key leaders leave after integration, the remaining talent will follow them. Startups and competitors will be gifted with spirited and reenerguzed filled sellers, engineers, and support teams.

Bigger tech giants have failed for similar reasons. I'm not hoping for failure if Delk EMC. Myself, my peers, and our customers would all rather see the Dell, Egan, dreams and work continue to succeed and grow into what the combined company could become.

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Nice try, troll

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Tech is a younger person's game. Unless you are management or executive level, you are too old and outdated. The young are the most creative and offer so much in terms of quality.

Harsh, but you know it's the truth.

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