Thread regarding Sears layoffs

Sears CEO Lampert blames company's woes on 'irresponsible' media

Wasn't there a group of posters on this board just a short time back that made this exact same claim? If memory serves me, they even had the audacity to cast aspersions on several well respected business reporters. In fact, the thread was deleted by the moderators because it became so contentious! Looks like the posters making those spurious accusations were very well coached indeed.


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Interesting. I would never call a Sears store a "ratty junk joint." Some of the old Walmarts are and also some of the dollar stores are, but I just don't see that in the Chicagoland Sears stores. They have issues, but as every store has issues...or at least stores that have been around 30+ years...just like an older house.

I will say it again...has anyone ever emailed him and asked him to come to their store or even do a walk through virtually to point out all the issues. I am sure he is in the MIami area stores as that is where he lives, but outside of that, none of us knows. Of course yes if I were the CEO, I would make it a point to visit as many stores as possible, but I am not, so it is what it is. SO if you have some problems in your store, I would raise my hand and point them out to him.

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And herein lies the problem. The CEO has no concept of what denial is as evidenced by his denial of denial. I no longer shop at Sears because the stores are ratty junk joints in general disarray and the staff is what you typically find selling ratty junk. Why would I want to waste time burning gasoline driving to a Sears store when I can get exactly what I want at a fair price delivered directly to my doorstep? Need it right now, Sears Junk Inc. is not even on my list of likely local vendors.

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"Has anyone said to him come to our store"

Does he ever actually go into stores? I thought he was a bit of a recluse, practically Howard Hughesian

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A couple things....I too like the analogy of the team. For the poster who says what have we done lately, we do things every day to help out various outfit shelters with appliances etc but they havent done a good job with letting even our associates know. Other interesting thing is that I read all the articles after hearing EL speak today, and I didnt take away that he was dodging the blame at all. He was just speaking to facts as best as he can from what we will understand. He doesnt know all the day to day I dont think and perhaps there are some leaders who arent speaking up to him as they should which is why he said basically contact him if anyone feels something he is doing is really off base. Why didnt the media use that as a headline. He was offering a line of communication to him from the associates. If you are upset and have nothing to lose as you are upset qnd looking for another job why dont those individuals take him up and invite him to their store so he can experience what you are. Has anyone said to him come to our store see what we see on a daily basis, use our bathrooms that dont have soap and tp. I dont work in the stores, but I have read this here so if I were in that position I would openly invite him to see.

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excellent excellent analogy.

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He speaks of an "uneven playing field." It's not the field that was uneven, it's that he tried fielding a team that was short on players to begin with, hasn't had the opportunity to eat properly in the days before the game, barely has enough pads and gear to go around, and finds itself losing people on the field as he keeps benching players and not substituting anyone back in. And then he keeps calling the same play over and over again, despite losing yardage every time, blaming the players for the lack of success.

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LOL blame the media because you speak of the honest experience and what you see that the #'s arent as strong as they are suppose to be. The point is to make friends and have a positive vibe overall however Sears all it does is just not to support the company. What has Sears done recently to help society? I don't recall a single thing they have done because all they do is milk as much as they can their employees and customers. They both get screwed I have seen customers getting screwed over by not giving them a WOW experience.

Its called freedom of speech people will talk good about a company when they have a great experience what Sears has done is gotten rid of it save as much money as possible and not actually invest on the burning company that would stand a chance.

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Somebody needs to tell this guy that taking PR lessons from the Trump administration isn't wise. As inexplicably popular as Trump still is among at least his base, even that support is rapidly eroding as he takes loss after loss. EL doesn't even have that many people outside the declining Hoffman execs who crowd around his and Leena's Pebble posts spamming the like button and gushing vapid praise.

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There is precedent. Calling out the media has really turned them around for Trump.

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Well didn't Eddie blame poor sales on unusual winter weather recently? He's got an excuse for anything you can imagine. What a muppet.

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Who are the well respected business reporters? Would they be similar to the well respected weather men on those 24 hour weather channels? It is all about ratings, drama. It isnt our game if you think it is you are mistaken. We will never know the truth from either the business reporters or maybe even EL. And truthfully who really cares? The truth we know is we have a company with issues, we have a job today, and we arent sure what the future holds. Pretty similar to everyone out there about who knows what the future holds. I dont remember anything that contentious on here. I think a couple people were being childish and obnoxious but there are always a few like that in every group.

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- That explanation is no wilder than the ones that Eddie is dishing out!

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Its the Russians

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Sure, having middle management that demands every store cut their payrolls by close to fifty percent yet again (where said stores already have skeleton crews running them) and literally threatens stores that fail to reach those goals with closure couldn't have anything to do with it.

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Q: Sears has been talking about a turnaround for years now, and saying it hasn't

done enough to adapt to changes in retailing since the 1990s.If it didn't happen

then, before e-commerce, before so many mall-based retailers were

struggling, how are you going to make it happen now?

A: Preparing the company for this day and age is something we've

been working on for the last dozen years.

( Its taken 12 years and they still don't have the answer !!!! )

Q: There's a .... point at which time isn't on your side any more, ......

it's hard to see evidence it's working. What are we missing?

A: Every time people use the word bankruptcy, somebody who reads

that doesn't get past that word. It makes it very unfair for us, and it's

a very uneven playing field for us.

( It makes it very unfair for us ----- Oh boo-hoo !! Wal-Mart has cheap crying towels at the ready )

A: .... people only talk about closing stores. It is true that on the left,

we're closing stores. We're not making money. On the right is where we're going.

( Sound like the right hand ain't talking to the left hand in corporate )

Q: Why not file for bankruptcy protection?

A: There are a lot of human costs to doing it. I don't know the details of each

of the pension plans, but typically plans have some form of reservation or

restricted benefits.

( As a finance guy he doesn't know the details ---- Incredulous statement !!!! )

( Like he really cares about the human cost )

( Blame the pension plans for losing 8 BILLION dollars in 8 years -- yeah sure they did )

Q: We've also not seen growth on the top line. At the annual meeting last year,

you said the Shop Your Way membership rewards program had fallen short

on execution. Are you seeing signs that's changing?

A: ...... I could argue that this transition phase is taking a lot longer than it should

( What's to argue, when customers don't wanna shop your stores everything is tough )

Q: Are you having trouble getting the products you need, getting companies

to do business at terms you can deal with?

A: ... my view is, we're the customer. If you're a vendor, and want to do

business with us, then you have to treat us like a customer,

( Yep. blame it on the vendors - its all their fault --- they have a common business

failing THEY WANT THEIR MONEY when delivering goods -- what a concept )

Q: Does Sears still have time?

A: We have as much time as our vendors and our lenders and our shareholders

are willing to give us.

( I think the date is July 10th, 2017 )

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I saw that on pebble today. My store didn't acknowledge the Eddie webcast yesterday so I looked for reactions online. Leena was bringing it. Making the media responsible and laying the transformation on the workers.

I still can't understand those s---ing up to her posts.

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