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no real news on here anymore

This site has turned into whiner central. Just people b--ching about he same ol' stuff that is long over. We get better news on campus then anyone can find here - and that is not much lately. Too bad, there use to be active participants besides the trolls who have nothing better to do. Any other options out there to communicate with folks who actually care about the future of the company and the students? I see good articles in the Pittsburgh Press and on Higher Ed.

Any other suggestions from actual employees?

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Ippg, this is the way business has been conducted since I joined in 04. Then it got even worse under Goldman. It is not an ethical business and has not been for years and years. I left and that's the only thing you can do. The government isn't interested in shutting it down, but that makes sense as our elected officials are business people, and evangelicals have never had any moral quadriceps about taking income from financially disadvantaged members of their congregations. It is what it is. It shouldn't be happening but too many powerful pockets are being lined. Focus your energy on changing our government, only then will this issue be resolved.

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I think we can still turn this boat around and keep the scam rolling...

Come on team!!!

Go Dream Center!!!

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Shut the hell up already.

I'm tired of your whining about whining.

Leave it alone or get a phoney psychology degree from bs be us and see where that goes smugster.

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you get the irony of what you just did, right?

1) you whined about whining

2) you offered no new information of any kind, clearly expecting others to do that for you.

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Tell us something we don't already know about this place. We have been scamming students for several years just in different ways so we can get away with it. It will never end. The company will not change even with the new take over, students will continue to get ripped off. Very sad but it's one of those things we have no control over we have to shut our mouth and keep collecting the paychecks.

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Financial aid and admissions are being very aggressive so that the starts are met! They are being very unethical such as telling potential students what to put on their FAFSA! Pushing employees to get the students to sign their plans. Updating fake statuses in the system, keeping students on the books that said that they weren't coming to the school and there has been situations where admissions convince students to switch degree programs because of acceptance turn around time! I mean the middle management is terrible at my campus! The President acts like he care but then turns away. They are even enrolling students who they know wouldn't be successful in the school because of a disability. So not only are they putting students and parents in debt but you are putting students in a position where they will never succeed. I feel so sorry for the instructors who have to not only teach class but not having the support needed to deal with these challenged students. Do you thing these claims can be reported to the accreditors? They really don't care about these students and don't mind setting them up for failure! I mean not only are students leaving owning student loans but they are on a payment plan with the school. I've seen a student have a balance as high as 40k. How is it possible to even be in school that long with a balance so high!

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Ok, remember when EDMC schools were some of the most nimble footed purveyors of affordable quality education in the land?

Remenber when this site was full of useful EDMC employee information?

Remember when the management and employees of EDMC were honest and conscience people extending the spirit of scholastic beneficence to all their victims?

Well, neither do I.

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employees that care about students do not last long at a company that seeks to take away all of the meager protections that they have. Caring about students is not profitable.

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