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Halliburton Layoffs 2018

I wanted to see if there are any rumors or gossip about possible layoffs in Houston.

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If your husband is over 50 and been here a while and making a descent salary and does a good job and if he is a person of integrity that doesn't take any sh--, then beware! He is probably already a target for termination.

On the other hand, if he is a yes man, s--- a--, agrees with any and everything, low skill level, dumber than a box of hammers, always has his head the boss's a--, then he will probably be OK.

which one is he?

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This month, Little Shop of Horrors will be screened for the first time nationwide with its original, darker ending restored. Oz wonders if the film will have a new resonance in the Trump era, when America’s real-life monsters thrive on blood, greed, and the misguided good intentions of countless Seymours.

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Life s---s even when you have a job at HAL. I wouldn’t complain if I got a package.

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So they don't walk you out today! Well, there's always tomorrow.

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i got a canned ham in my package, but i won't confirm or deny it.

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To -xxt, periodic purging has always been a part of the industry culture, and in an industry downturn you can expect nothing but purges to meet the latest belt tightening goal. Those who get laid off have to sign a statement that they will not disclose the details of their package, if they want to actually get the package.

Generally speaking, in the US, it is possible to join a COBRA plan to get the same medical benefits for a limited period, but at a much higher monthly premium. It has been seen where individuals are stock-vested, but that is not the norm. In the distant past, in one PSL anyway, there was a call for volunteers to be laid off, but last year and probably this year, that is not how they are doing things.

Bottom line, a person with only 8 years of service will not get rich this way. Better to look for another job while still employed.

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Its constant

We evolve

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Halliburton should drop that execution company nonsense and adopt a new company slogan, maybe something like - "FAILURE IS AN OPTION"

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Yup, and it just so happens that the 35,000 or so employees that were laid off and forced to early retire, just so happens to add up to approximately 3.5 BILLION $$$$

Coincidence or was there something else a bit more sinister in play to balance out the books for that BH acquisition failure.... Just my .02....

These big companies don't give a damn about the employees, they don't care how dedicated that you are, were or could be.

We are just that, an asset that is a bargaining chip to keep the executive management team on the payroll and get a bonus.

It isn't about the company or our customers anymore, and definately not about the employees.

That's why there is so much distance between the business groups and managers.

Everyone walks around like zombies with blinders on and only does the little piece of a f---ed up job that they are responsible for.

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My spouse is so pissed off and frustrated about work that he might welcome a layoff. He has 8 years at Halliburton already. Does anyone know or has anyone heard what a severance package is like? Is it like some number of weeks per year of service? Is the health plan available? Are unvested stock awards ever vested? Do they ever consider a layoff for volunteer who they prefer to keep??

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Well Shiverr me timbers! Avast ye'there mateys and former co-workers. Arrrgh. FYI as a public service may i impart this upon ya' for your avail. Me myself, i've packed it in, given up this fruitless pursuit of business. And what have ye, you ask. i am now in the pirate business. it's a man's life on the high seas of adventure- no email, no stock ticker marking the day, no conference calls or price per barrel barometers - merely keeping a weather eye on the horizon, me back to the wall and "searching for trade". Arrrr, if you know wat i mean, geh, heh, heh, heh. aye'ye do i know. But, if you're curious about this business oh allow me to point out some things, in this business as well, you just got to understand that no one is to be trusted, especially when there is money to be involved, aye? mmmm hmmmm, you know, i know you know. arrr, ha, ha, ha, haaaaaaa. But all in all i would say the work is steady, and perhaps a bit more so than me previous endeavors, definitely interesting, rewarding but bye the bye i gotta add that one does get to inter act with a nicer class o people. now excuse me whilst i hoisten down this mizzen stanchion and go about the main sail.

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Nicely put. There are no rumors of layoffs, just the knowledge that "they" will shed human assets as necessary to meet an objective to the extent that the action has become so routine, it's a daily consideration as you badge in at the gate. This excludes those who loose 3.5 billion dollars of company funds, what a crazy excemption clause. Looking at the other corporation boards it would appear there is a slow trickle of human assets being shoved out the doors already, with rumors of more to come. When one starts, the others usually follow suit.

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They are always laying off and hiring.

For the past few years, they have been laying off and brining in new employees at lower wages. They save thousands of dollars on salary and benefits.

Then consider the oil market, if the rig count is down and no drilling is taking place, then they don't need our services.

Yes, to answer your question, there will be layoffs.

They will layoff starting this November, December and in 2018.

Hal will do anything to show profits.

Their biggest assets are the employees. The average salary, burdens and benefits package for one employee is approximately $100,000.00, depending on the years of employment.

So, do the math, if the company wanted to show an extra $200,000,000.00 profit by December, they would simply layoff 2000 employees.

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