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Positive Thinking

So does it serve any purpose to be negative on this site?

If you have been laid off you need to go through the process of Mad-Sad-Glad process and move on, no one will listen to your rants, the company has moved on. Work with LHH and network to move on for you and your career, you will be better off.

For those that are still employed, it's a fact that if people think of negativity all the time that will be the result of their work. Write down 5 positive items that have occurred in your career and look upon those accomplishments and say " I got this" . You do not have any influence on sales or if you will be reduced next week, so the best you can do is stay focused, maybe solicit your resume to future employers and work for today. The company is not going to do this for you, and in the past the developed strategy of competing Waco against Greenville was a bad idea from leadership that had a 1940's mentality, do let it drag you down, be better than that. This renewed self worth will be noticeable to employers in your interviews, speaking poorly of your employer is not a trait that future employers want to hear, those future employers also often bait candidates with comments to see how deep their did-loyalty goes, and sort candidates on that basis. Do not fall into this trap.

Now about loyalty, there is none... wake up.. a company provides a paycheck and some benefits for work that you agree to do at the best of your ablity based on your education and experience that is it.. there is no loyalty to you, and there is no loyalty from you to the company, it is a business relationship, a relationship that both can cut at any time.... so don't expect loyalty because it doesn't exist anywhere in modern business.

At best you get some communications, but that is lacking in many company's because the Leadership really don't know what is going to happen next, and it's true, Leadership often is reacting to their leadership who is reacting to their leadership and then finally to the Board and Shareholders, so don't expect a lot, this is normal buseines through US Businesses not Waco or L3 specific, so don't take it personally. "frankly have you ever had a business that you thought was well run, if so you wouldn't have left, and if it was that bad at Waco or Greenville or Crestview or Vertex you would have already left, so dwelling on this is not in your best interest and best use of your energy".

Take the time that you read, or respond to these postings and build yourself up, the only person looking out for you is yourself, so don't let yourself down, or worst your family if you get caught up in this negativity.

Lift yourself beyond and be successful!

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Life after L-3 is better than you might think. That place is failing in Waco so if you're out be thankful and pursue a more stable employer with competent leadership. That's not being negative that's being rational

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Venting is the direct result of no/lack of communication from leadership that is credible information that is given with respect to the employee and their families. When in fed up with situtations that are not in a environment of trust and respect venting will occur, just human nature.

This can be changed with trust and respect and direct communication so employees can understand and assist in the completions.

How much time is spent talking about the latest rumor, story, or internet venting during a day, multiply by 1000 and nothing gets done or done poorly.

Communications has the tools but lacks the support to tell the employees the news, part is that the outside world would find out, I guess that is the way it is, so inefficiency continues without true 2 way communication on what is going on....

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Very true, too much negative thinking and pessimism does not help anybody. But I think on this site we are just trying to vent and share some information. Please start the website and see how many visitors it gets.

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it's obvious you are a troubled individual with low self esteem.

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most intelligent advise so far, thank you

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