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Big Brother

If you are reading this at work or on a ConocoPhillips device you could be in trouble.

Read IT policy for monitoring employees. Now understand we've taken this to the next level.

The company has always had the right to monitor everything you do. The problem has always been gathering, collating, analyzing, and then acting upon this data. This has now been resolved.

Everything you do is now collected and collated. You get to work, login, have coffee, go to the bathroom, chat with your friends, then open up that Excel spreadsheet. The new algorithm notes your time of doing nothing and logs "23 minutes" of non-productive work.

You touch the keyboard at 11:08, then next touch it at 11:48... the new algorithm notes your lunch was 100 minutes.

Your time in all Microsoft products is logged and collated. In a typical week your email usage, what web sites you visited, meeting times, and times of inactivity are now logged and collated. Spend time at 2PM on the "retirement analysis" spreadsheet? Surfed ESPN after lunch? Worked on a Powerpont presentation for Sunday school? These are all noted as "UNPRODUCTIVE TIME..."

What's new here is the analysis. Your PC time (or not) is being reviewed and mathematically analyzed around "red flag" parameters, then sent up your chain of command.

This analysis algorithm was first suggested by IT in 2014 but rejected. Now it's been sanctioned.

This lack of trust is on two levels. First, you are not trusted. Second, your manager is not trusted to know what the reports are doing.

Be forwarned. This is already happening. This data analysis has a purpose: it WILL be sorted and used for the 2018 layoffs.

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so let's get this straight, Big Brother...

I get to work roundabout 7am, catch up on the overnight emails, reply to those needing a reply, scan the calendar, work on a couple of projects with upcoming deadlines...and then head to my first meeting of the day, 8-9am. some days, that's followed by subsequent meetings...9-10am, 10-noon. and then after lunch, the pattern continues. a 1-2pm followed by a 2-3pm, followed by a 3-4pm. then finally back to my office to catch up on the emails that came in while I sat in meetings most of the day, then heading home roundabout 5pm.

according to your "algorithm", I was UNPRODUCTIVE from 8a-noon, and again from 1-4pm.

and this scenario is fairly typical of office personnel...field personnel would appear vastly less UNPRODUCTIVE to your "algorithm", due to the fact that they are not sitting at a computer all day (like you obviously are) and are, in fact, out in the real world generating the revenue that pays for your G&A overhead existence.

OP is obviously an IT drone/bureaucrat who's sole perspective on daily business is "we're an IT company, so let's act like one!"

hey, guess what?! we're not an IT company, we're an O&G company.

were you born this stupid, or did you have to work at it? perhaps some childhood trauma resulting in reality deficit syndrome? doesn't really matter if you're over 60 or under 20, you're so far out in left field that you're not even in the same time zone as reality with this BS

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Timesheets. That's another massive waste of time. We can't afford to restock our office supplies, but we can pay our people to fill out timesheets? We pay most of our employees way to highly for that.

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Good thing I retired July 31st :) good luck boys!

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BS I was let go by CPC in May with a full years salary. Still living off it and put half into RRSPs! Pays to not live like the Jones' paycheck to paycheck! Anyways. I spent at least half my time on the Conoco computer surfing personal crap because I could do my job in 2-3 hours but they wanted to count hours like simpletons. My first egghead manager even told me during my first performance review that I need to put in more hours a day if I want to get promoted in this company. So glad he spelled out what this corporation was all about in my first year. I coasted the remaining 15 years! lOL Management is clueless and is distracted trying to get their heads higher up their direct reports a$$hole than their peer. Best thing that ever happened to me was getting packaged out of the patch. What a sh--hole! CPC is no different. A corporation that only cares about two things: shareholder return and the board of dicktors. err I am also fairly certain that the board and CPC management is perpetuating fraud. We posted multiple years of losses yet we would take out loans to pay dividends to the board of dicktors. Is that legal???? I always "thought" dividends were a portion of the profit. Anyways... good luck to anyone still stuck in that toxic corporate environment. Get out while you still can! ;-)

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Yeah, just make sure to do it on company time! Copping a serious attitude and generally not getting along well with others might also hasten your departure!

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Does that mean a package is a sure thing if I keep posting here?

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I know money is tight, but I believe this. There always seems to be enough money to waste on employee harassment. I recall when the random drug tests were rolled out thinking "seriously?, how many people, if they were strung out on drugs, would survive more than a couple years?" I say couple years because, on average, that seems to be the long-term frequency of layoffs. I've heard it's $100 for every employee test.

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Lol where do you all think this data is retained? COP couldn't afford to store all of that data for every employee or contractor screwing around on company time much less analyze or report on it.

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The beatings will continue until morale improves. COP, it's not just what we do, it's how management does it.

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dfr: "Monitoring employee online activity suggests that our leadership and management can't do THEIR jobs: keeping employees engaged, motivated and productive."

EXACTLY! And just imagine what could done to boost morale, team mentality, etc, with all the money they waste on this trash. Rather than assume your employees will only work if you're standing behind them with a whip (and paying someone to stand there snapping the thing) how about using the few extra bucks on something like a team build or return the free soda, or whatever.

Why not set the standard, and lead by example, rather than assume the worst in people. When you assume the worst (and demostrate it yourself by your own horrendous behavior) you'll find that your employees live up to those low expectations.

Just another thing wrong with this place that has been circling the drain the last few years.

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Common monitoring software allows capture of all screens and actions either real time for manual monitoring or recorded for later. THIS IS BIG BROTHER. Lots of companies do this.

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All fine arguments but doesn’t it assume that all the work is considered computer related. Isn’t COP an oil company? I mean what the what?

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The company monitoring is nothing new. All companies do it. With office 365 and Delve being on everyone's machine, that alone should tell you you're being monitored.

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I believe many of our leaders have personal mobile devices. Is that so their online activity can not be monitored? What are they hiding? Oh right, company rules don't apply to them.

Monitoring employee online activity suggests that our leadership and management can't do THEIR jobs: keeping employees engaged, motivated and productive.

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Unproductive, that's the motto for this company in more ways than one.

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...and it's this kind of mindset, the new culture if COP, that makes me want out.

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Nothing wrong with that at all. But if you want out, and you want to make sure your EOI goes through just spend additional time being unproductive.

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Another BS comment from COP HR to scare people from learning about the true

COP. COP s---s and their management and HR even more, there's better companies

out there. You can BS people on COP SPIRIT crap, which doesn't exist. The only way to

the top at COP is to be incompetent and stab people in the back.

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I can solve your problem. Go to work, work. Go home, play. What is hard about going to work and ...working?

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The nice thing about this is you can ensure getting the package by spending 30 min a day on your computer doing non work related things. If you really want that EOI, don't take chances. This is a more certain way to get it.

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Yep. It's as if they want to see how far they can bring down morale, in the name of boosting productivity. Idiots. They'd step over a dollar to pick up a penny.

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You're under 20 aren't you? I bet you're under 20. Better grab your phone and goto your bubble.

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You're over 60 aren't you? I bet you're over 60. Better grab those tri-focals to see all of the holes in your "algorithm" .

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