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Kmart...Here to stay or not...

So much doom and gloom. I know its hard coming in to work every day and not knowing if you have a devastating announcement. So much negativity heard every day. I have been through alot in my long years here but continue to bust my butt every day. A good manager and great supervisors make it an enjoyable place to work. For sure we have a very hard work load. Less associates and added tasks every day. But our Kmart is clean, well maintained and store traffic very heavy. Sales are good and profit excellent. They seem to keep closing Kmarts but in our area the unkept, dirty no customer Sears remain untouched..I hope we continue to thrive in our Kmart. Only time will tell I guess.....

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I think Sears purposely made it that way since Sears was the "old man" of the company and Kmart was "young kid" that they didn't want around because how dare they outperform them! Though honestly, Kmart's golden era has long passed as well. It was probably great around late 80s to early to mid 90s but by then Walmart started to creep in and by the early 2000s it was kinda over for Kmart. More so when Amazon and online shopping started to become relevant.

In all brutal honesty, both Kmart and Sears were losers by the time they merged with each other and they COULD HAVE made a decent comeback if it wasn't for sh--ty management after sh--ty management.

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Assanine to even think Kmart is worse than Sears but obviously those are brainwashed to think it..Yes I do know Kmart will be sacrificed off and I expect it and am well prepared with my limitless potential...

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Kmart could have been an awesome brand had eddie invested in it rather than buying back stock. It was dead when bought it out of bankruptcy but could have been saved with a few capital improvements to the profitable stores that would have benefited from the improvements and closing the older tired stores that wouldn't benefit. He could have got the pricing competitive with target and walmart. He could have have rebranded the company and started a new kmart model instead if focusing on the stupid sears essentials model. He could have attracted some real retail talent to work on it and trust in a new model that worked instead of surrounding himself wuth warring yes men. Eddie missed the boat so long ago that it doesn't really matter now. Now back to his mission: continue to strip mine the company until nothing is left. IN EDDIE WE TRUST.

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I like Kmart. I always have. I work for Sears but I like Kmart better. In my area there are 2 nice Kmarts, a little worse for wear but chugging along. Now that there is a fear of job loss, the longer term employees are friendlier to the customers. A couple of them used to be awful when they thought they had a job for life.

I work for Sears but shop at KMart. It has more of what I actually need. The clothes for women are better and better priced. The home department is better too and the exact same items as Sears has are always cheaper at KMart. The cleaning and laundry products are good too including the Smart Sense private brand.

I wish Kmart had been given a chance. All the resources have gone into trying to save Sears and now that the novelty of Target has worn off, KMart could have found a place again. It's been strangled though.

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Thing is, as you probably heard, even the #1 Kmart in St. Clair Shores in Michigan was sold off and will be torn down to turn into a Kroger Grocery store. I've also heard countless stories about Kmarts that were doing great; have no competition and are super nice and clean were also shut down.

Granted, it is nice you have a good working situation currently but don't expect it to last much longer. With the whole Sears/Kmart union I feel that Eddie is going to want to dump Kmart as quickly as possible. As much as Sears has not such a great rep in the retail world, Kmart is even WORSE.

So this whole "transformation" plan that Sears wants to do, its plan won't include keeping Kmart. Or it will include Kmart in a sense that they will use Kmart to sell off the proprieties to keep Sears going a bit longer.

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The corporate culture has brainwashed all its adherents to be oblivious to reality or facts, and with circles swirling in ones' eyes, repeat the mantra/mission statement mindlessly, despite the numerous infractions we see upper management commit weekly, if not daily.

One of those mind altering effects is to see everything as positive or negative, rather than learning how to be objective and correctly assess a situation according to its own individual merits. The reason this brainwashing was done was to create mindless drones who don't know how to think, but excel at instantly labeling everything either positive or negative and dealing with each according to the corporate manifesto.

Negative is anything which doesn't benefit the corporation of course. Positive is the opposite.

You have been transformed from a thinking, feeling human being with limitless potential to a brainwashed automoton. Kmart is a low end retailer selling junk from China, for the most part.

Why anyone would pledge allegiance to such an entity is beyond me, much less serve it mindlessly.

Let this circumstance wake you from your stupor, be the cold water shower so desperately needed to open your eyes to what this and all corporations have done to you.

You are so much more than this.

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