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Will we have to reapply

So when this Dream Center sale is done will we have to reapply for our jobs? I would imagine they will be reducing pay too. Trolls, we don't need your bs on this. These thoughts are on many minds

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You're right 3jrt. You just can't go any lower than you already have. But hang in there. I know God will intervene because as scripture tells us, the bunco artists will inherit the Earth.

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here's why I think the answer to your question is no.

having everyone reapply would be a logistical nightmare and would cost a lot of money. at our campus we don't even have an HR representative! The last thing this company wants to do is potentially disrupt enrollment by having all of their employees have to reapply, presumably to work for less money or in a stricter environment. That doesn't make any sense to me.

If I had to predict what happens after the sale goes through, my guess would be there is little that changes. Look, we already have no benefits and have received no raises for years. How much lower can we go?

The main goal will be to keep revenue coming in and then to increase it over time.

That said, there will probably be some longer term changes, consolidations, efficiencies, etc, but asking everyone to reapply immediately? That just doesn't make sense to me at this time.

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yes, you will have to reapply in order to complete the necessary assessments they are now going to require. First of all, you need to prove that you are a God-fearing Christian intent on serving his kingdom. Secondly, you need to demonstrate that you are willing to set your conscience and any sort of empathy on the shelf when you come to work. That stuff stays at home. We are here to make numbers and keep the lights on not other people's lives better.

Keep this in mind when you complete the assessment (which is looking like 30 multiple choice questions at this time and will also contain written portions) and when you talk to the new deans.

PS- they are still deciding if there will be any baptism or blood sacrifice type ceremony for those that are accepted- if you are uneasy about this then you may want to go elsewhere.

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2zrb much are you in debt? I own my home, car and have money in the bank. This has turned out to be a place that all the losers get to vent. If you didn't get a job or still have your kid sleeping in your basement... you lose.. you made bad decisions in your life. The only one to blame is yourself.

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"When the sale goes through does that mean we have to reapply for our jobs?"

(No trolls please)


No, not at all. Just relax and put your faith in EDMC/DREAM CENTER to take care of you and all your needs---DUMMY!

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So this Dream Center is the same as the Scientologist .... great. So when you reapply you get a E-meter stuff up yer bunghole to see if you got enough Thetans to pull in more homeless. It took me so long to get away from them last time. Do you have any idea how many times I....

Never mind.

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Maybe they will fire the felons this round. I can surely hope. No, not a troll! Students do a background check on that faculty member who seems sketchy. He is. Even a google search brings up the mugshot and record.

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Great retort. Try again chiz.

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It's a good thing the Trolls didn't add any of their BS to this post. lol

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idnx: Hello Sunshine,

1.Didn't graduate

  1. Too lazy to find a job (buff the resume)

  2. Feel no pity (you're right)

  3. Poor decisions (well, too bad there)

  4. No motivation ( ride EDMC till it drops)

  5. You got what you deserve ( well you did)

  6. Quit making excuses (not at EDMC!)

  7. You make me laugh ( I wish)

So don't be so hard on yourself. There's always another deceptive chiseler's job after this one. You'll fit right in. Then again that's YOUR decision, isn't it?

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Drugs are also mandatory.

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The requirement of being drug tested should have hysterical results!

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At my school we can show up naked, spread marshmallow cream on our bodies, let llamas lick it off for drawing class! Top that.... didn't think so.

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If you went to an EDMC school and didn't graduate or graduated and were too lazy to find a job, I feel no pity. I am sure it wasn't the first bad choice you have made in your life. You can't teach at my school without a Master's degree. You can't work without a Bachelor's degree. Everyone will find jobs if they want. I don't think they call it "welfare" Poor motivation.. you kind of got what you deserve. Quit making excuses Trolls.. you make me laugh

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It's not even going to happen so why worry about it? Just get a new job and run from that place now. EDMC is scum

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Seriously... ask any student or teacher from Westwood college how it worked out when National American University bought them out.

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Idiot... stop being a leech on the taxpayers. Yeah if you work for EDMC you are welfare recipient in denial. In fact... you're stealing money from yourself.

Say what!!!!

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Your thoughts should be on getting a job in a legitimate school or something that actually cares about educating the next generation of humans and not pushing numbers and loans.

Since you want to ride this thang to its logical dead end, stop bull sh--ting yourself and buff the resume---loser.

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When ECMC took over the Corinthian Colleges they sent out job offers to about 80% of the CCi employees and gave us a week to accept or decline the offer. Then 90 days after they took over the schools they terminated 35% of the employees that accepted the jobs and started closing schools. NO GUARANTEES

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