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Micro management and BFF

Do all of the 6 regions of DeVry micro-manage as much as the Chicago/Central region. TZ spends most of his time not only micro managing faculty,but he also has his faculty chairs do the same. In addition to this, each session, a teacher is observed and is also required to observe one other teacher. There is no trust in any instructor's ability. Add to this, the fact that a teacher must teach anywhere that TZ demands-all in the name of Best Faculty Forward.

Tops this off with a bad yearly review, and TZ's power is in tact!!

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have to agree with you. I was let go after several years of service at DeVry/Keller and eventually got s---ed into helping Chamberlain too (unwillingly). I was so disgusted with the place by the end, I was thinking "being laid off or unemployed might be better than this." You know it's time to go when you reach that point. Sure enough next round they called me to lay me off. I was on unemployment for a bit, looking for a good job. I found it. Better pay, better managers, better overall work environment. No more waiting for the axe to fall, no more watching over the shoulder, no more oppressive work environment or incompetent managers. Being laid off was the best thing that has happened to me in a long time.

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From the sound of it, those of us who have already been laid off are the lucky ones. I now have a better job, better pay, and job stability. I'm sort of thankful now for DeVry's incompetent management.

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That separation is already happening. Ask your IT monkeys about "Chamberlain University Independence" or "Chamberlain University Technical Independence (CUTI)." That's the work taking place to split out Banner, ProSAM and all the other back-office systems so CU has its own instance and is no longer forced to be a Siamese twin to the DeVry/Keller (formerly "DKC") systems.

The time is coming faster than you might have thought.

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Here are the bottom lines for DeVry:

DeVry is not a university or college, it is a for-profit corporation designed to enrich its owners and managers by delivering a service.

DeVry does not have students, it has customers.

DeVry’s service is substandard and overpriced, which has caught the attention of current and potential customers as well as hiring managers in industry.

Learning is not necessary for service delivery and continued operations, all that is necessary is for (a) customers to type some characters on documents and submit them, (b) customers to participate at a bare minimum level at other activities, and (c) employees to be pressured to change grades as necessary to retain unskilled customers.

DeVry is the definition of a socialist organization, almost entirely dependent on the federal government for its existence. It is capitalist only to the extent that it extracts private profit from a public resource, e.g. student loans and grants, and imposes external costs on society, e.g. the production of functionally illiterate people incapable of critical thinking.

The game at DeVry is to keep employees and customers confused and unaware of these realities through doublespeak, lies, and obfuscation. The lies have resulted in large fines but awareness of the real nature of DeVry’s services is growing, thus layoffs and a shrinking customer base.

Customer retention equals cash flow, which drives the need to change grades to keep funds flowing. Grades are related to cash flow, not customer performance.

Employees at DeVry are considered only a variable cost and are not viewed as human beings. The company manages through P&L statements and uses bullying and fear to intimidate employees.

DeVry is a morally bankrupt company with inept managers. Incompetence extends to all management levels.

These factors are causing the company to collapse from within, regardless of the efforts of employees who want to treat customers decently.

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Other Chamberlain locations are no better. You could cut the tension with a knife. No respect for faculty, no trust in their judgement, no flexibility of any kind. Undeserved firings are a regular occurrence. It is by far the most dysfunctional workplace I have ever seen and that is saying something. Management doesn't even see a problem with the turnover rate being ridiculously high.

Chamberlain may be the cash cow, but it is every bit as dysfunctional as DVU. When that bubble pops, the path of the downfall will probably be similar to what DVU is seeing now. It is an interesting coincidence that Chamberlain is eliminating all dependency on DVU right after Wardell admitted she doesn't know how to fix it.

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They are so incredibly full of it, after Chamberlain cuts ties Devry is as good as gone. Sadly for people who couldn't figure it out, this has been the plan all along, broadly stated in fluffy, fake emails. Smoke and mirrors people.

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I wish she were still around to see this announcement

.....she sounds pretty smart

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"Please contact your Group Dean of Academic Excellence (GDAE) with any questions."

And please let us know what you find out.

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Here's a question related to the Fields communique. Quoting here:

"Full-time faculty who are already teaching liberal arts courses to DVU students will continue to do so. Visiting professors who teach Chamberlain liberal arts courses have already received a communications from Chamberlain regarding next steps. "

What if you happen to be a full-time faculty in Liberal Arts, and most of your classes consist of Chamberlain students?

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A prophecy comes true!

About a year ago when my colleagues were trying to forecast DVU's final end date, one of them said, "We're safe as long as Chamberlain needs us and shares our space. If they ever decide to take over their own liberal arts classes or move out of our buildings, then we're done."

I wish she were still around to see this announcement.

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Well, this announcement can't be good for him:

Dear Faculty,

Last spring, Chamberlain took great strides to broaden its reach in healthcare education through the establishment of Chamberlain University. To help Chamberlain deliver on its mission, beginning with the March 2018 session, Chamberlain will begin managing the administration and delivery of the liberal arts courses for their pre-licensure BSN program and post licensure RN to BSN Degree Completion option.

This transition is aimed at ensuring stronger alignment and congruency between the nursing, sciences and liberal arts portions of Chamberlain’s BSN curriculum. While the current general education courses are taught online and onsite by DeVry University, Chamberlain’s liberal arts courses will only be taught online. Chamberlain students will be notified shortly.

What this means for DVU Liberal Arts Faculty

Full-time faculty who are already teaching liberal arts courses to DVU students will continue to do so. Visiting professors who teach Chamberlain liberal arts courses have already received a communications from Chamberlain regarding next steps.

We wish our Chamberlain colleagues all the best with making this transition a success for their students. Please contact your Group Dean of Academic Excellence (GDAE) with any questions.

Best regards,

Darryl Field, Ph.D.

Associate Provost

DeVry University

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