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A story

A long time ago there was a company that built cheap television sets, the way this company did it was to take an expensive high end television and start clipping out components until the TV didn’t work anymore, they would reattach the last component and saw the TV was working again.

Then, they would look elsewhere in the TV to start clipping components and so on until they took out 80% of the cost of the high end TV in components, they still had a working TV selling at a reduced price.

The TV Company was successful until the reliability went down the toilet right along with the many un-happy customers.

How many of us still employed, see the parallel here??

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When in trouble or in doubt, run in circles scream and shout….

Denial can be such a painful thing to admit to…..

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Come on! We are making HARD DISK & not TV! Hard Disk if you remove one of components, I will lose reliability & stop working. Don't act wise. Seagate still have a long way to go.

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So very nice to see that there actually a couple of people left Seagate that can read and comprehend what exactly is being written.

But then in all eventuality, most of the persons would “prolly” have figured out the moral of the story…

Spot on!!


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Agree with guys missed the point of the story. Seagate used to be a good company to work for. Too bad.

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I hope you get the job.We don’t need you.Know go on!

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I think you guys missed his point. Seagate is the television. Management keeps removing employees (components). Eventually the company will, like the TV, stop functioning. That's when they'll know they've cut enough.

So many of us spend our days wondering how long until, despite my best efforts, I am clipped. It doesn't matter that I've gotten 4's on my evaluations for the last 2 years (FY16 & FY17) I'm just as likely to be cut as my coworker who spends his days doing as little as possible. That's what frustrates and motivates me. Not to work harder, but to get hired somewhere else. I've got an interview next week (fingers crossed).

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I have to agree with Just Leave.

The television analogy makes no sense. Story Telling 101: Rather than trip down the theatrical trail to no where by equating one seemingly unrelated event in time to another, the writer should simply convey his own thoughts.

But, hey. I just have minor in English. So I could be wrong. But it's not likely.

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So wise. So astute.

Hmmmm..... So what you're saying is that all the effort to make a cheaper SSD is going to result in the downfall of solid state, since Seagate is doing just the opposite (spending more on R&D and packing more technology in every HDD form factor). So I should prolly continue to do the very best that I can while employed at Seagate to ensure the company's (and mine) continued success.

Thank you Grimm for drawing such a momentus parallel and opening my eyes to the crap company that is WDC. (By the way, I actually think you are a duffus, but I'm too nice to ever say anything like that in public.)

You have a nice day now, and don't work too hard. (Judging by your comments, I doubt that will ever happen).

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And they would put a laser inside :)

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