Thread regarding Lowe's Cos. layoffs

Solution for those who are unhappy or scared

It's real simple; QUIT!

In California there are so many whiny cry babies. Lowes is so mean to me, they aren't family, Manager is..., SHUT UP!

Its a "BUSINESS". It is designed to make money. You are NOT family. Of course they don't "CARE" about you, why would they?

They can do whatever they want in order to make more money. Its THEIR business and you are just hired to do a job.

If you are scared or have nothing but negative crap to say then LEAVE!

People expect so much from their employer these days. It's a job not a spouse. Move on if you don't like it.

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Worked at lowes, 15 years, s-xually harassed, grabbed, put up with nasty comments by older men, management keeps it hush and threatens to fire you, put up with it for years. Lowes is discusting bunch of pigs.

Women need to speak up, stand up and be strong.

Im sure the old men and milenials over paid at corporate are a good sick match.

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They should change their name to McDonalds.

Mcdonalds goes through less employees.

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I will move on when I milk this thing for all it's worth. I have been milking the clock EVERY WEEK. I get SPIFF money still. I sit around doing nothing. I help customers and come in my schedule. There is NOTHING they can do to me. Lowe's doesn't give a rats a-- about you so why should I? I used to do 120% when Commission was around. Now please. This is socialism. at it's best. You can't make a difference. We are all lumped together. The reject pushing carts is worth the same as a Manager there 20 years. It's a joke..

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NIBBLES? You on this board too? Don't you have a truckload of taxscam bill money to count?

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You are a self-righteous, sanctimonious, self-serving S--- A--! Now gimme an L and start moaning "ooooommmmmnichannel

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Nice try NIBBY!

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Inside knowledge- that name seems a little scary. I don’t dare ask what’s inside you or you’re inside of e

You really should get off the message boards and get back to work. Stock those shelves, put the freight up, and please wipe that brown spot off your nose.

Get working that little bonus check needs to buy you a candy bar.

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The Millennial's have taken over. Haven't you noticed the lack of managing? The afraid behavior to confront people?? They are dumping the vets and hiring cheap labor. Lowe's has already gone to hell. I'll be gone in a month and laughing my butt off when my department is filled with an ADHD specialist and a space cadet specialist. Clusters of the ultimate variety.

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but if everyone leaves then the millennials will take over

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Sounds like you got in trouble for being a sh--ty manager

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It's my retail HERO! NIBBY!!!!!

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