Thread regarding AT&T layoffs

Makes you think

The truth about AT&T’s $1,000 bonus for workers

This is a drop in the bucket compared to what was promised.


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- very well expressed, I agree, well said.

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History has shown and the future will continue to show that the whole notion of “trickle down” is a fallacy. Even when asked if the lower tax rate would spur corporate investment and hiring nearly all the CEO’s in one town hall kept their hand down. The middle class the largest group of working Americans is what drives the economy. Not the rich. This tax bill is a giveaway to those who don’t need it. It’ll prove disastrous in the future.

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....."Those who died in the past 24 hours due to the Republican tax bill.....might be able to get their Death Certificate from the same source where Obama got his Birth Certificate."........

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More dumb a$$ comments on this post than normal. 50

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Companies exist to generate profit, governments are supposed to provide security and services for the citizens. Throwing slogans around about the government taking care of people is a distraction at best.

Without taxes how will you be able to watch Fox news or listen to Rush Limbaugh, who do you think subsidized the construction of the communications infrastructure?

What about those roads you drive on or the public education that obviously failed to explain history and civics to you?

Creating fantasy stories about those lazy, overpaid union workers is right out of the corporate playbook, it is designed to take money from working families and put it in to Randy's and his cronies pockets.

Taxes are not fair because of the breaks the very rich and the corporations get, that burden is ever more being pushed on to the backs of working people.

If the role of the government in your life is so offensive then send back your social security payments, send back medicare and choose not to drive on the roads that were built by taxpayers.

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Tell your liberal union to use some guts and get proper raises and job security for the workers

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Why not be thankful you could have received nothing.

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A couple 100 million in 1-time bonuses to employees is couch change given how many billions AT&T will rake in due to this tax bill (same for Comcast, Wells Fargo, Fifth Third and Boeing). We'll just have to wait and see how that promise to invest a billion in America pans out as all I can see is jobs continuing to be sent to overseas 'low cost centers'.

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All these pro-Trump wonder AT&T is falling apart. All that's left are the idiots who don't read.

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Its absolutely amazing that these people will complain about the CEO of a corporation making a TON of money..

But the SAME people are all for the GOVERNMENT taking trillions.

Why not use what the company offers to assist with education and make yourself BETTER instead of banking on the government to "take care of you"?

These are probably the same people that will sit in the Union office and mutter about how bad they have it all the while making $34.00 per hour while they sit and complain. But will not put themselves out there to better their own situation by contributing to the 401k plan. Just gonna rely on the government and the pension to get them by later on..

Sad sad sad

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Facts are facts if you live in the real world. If your response to real information is just to attack it then you obviously have nothing of value to add.

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“I will save the $1k to pay the higher taxes that are coming the way of the middle class, to pay for the diminished share of taxes the wealthy will be contributing.”

Show some intelligence and stop parroting Pelosi and Schumer’s talking points. Think for yourself, research and learn the truth. And that does NOT mean listen to CNN. ANYone but CNN. just get some information from another point of view. Only listening to one side makes you a very, very dull boy.

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I will save the $1k to pay the higher taxes that are coming the way of the middle class, to pay for the diminished share of taxes the wealthy will be contributing.

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True, more money in the pockets of working people does help the economy but that is the exact opposite of the trickle down economics that is used to justify these tax cuts.

More jobs sounds good but more jobs for who and what do those jobs pay, are they enough to support families?

Making AT&T more profitable does not protect our jobs or make our pay and benefits greater, it should but that is not what corporations exist to do. They exist to increase the profits of the very large investors, people who do not get paid to work but who get money because they own.

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Some taxes are necessary to keep society running, for roads, bridges, national defense, public education, protecting our infrastructure, protecting the voting processes that help maintain our democracy etc.

The big problem is keeping taxation fair and reasonable. The very rich and corporations should not be allowed to hide money from taxation in offshore accounts, nor should they get special protections solely because they have armies of highly paid lobbyists.

Companies like AT&T should not get big tax breaks for offshoring U.S. jobs, which in fact they do thanks to their lobbyists. The real tax rate of AT&T is much less than the oft quoted standard rate.

The fact is that cutting taxes for the rich and the corporations at the federal level often just pushes the taxes back to the local level. Unless we are to become a broken country, the roads still need to be fixed, the bridges replaced and if we are to effectively compete in the world, we need a national cyber infrastructure that is cheap and secure.

The money needs to come from somewhere, I vote it come out of the $78,000 that Randy makes every single day of the year rather than my thin pockets.

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When people have MORE money they spend MORE money. Therefore the "evil" corporations will need to manufacture and sell MORE stuff. Which makes their bottom line fatter and their TAX BURDEN more base on their revenue.

Not to mention that the "evil" corporations hire MORE workers that add to the tax base when they have "earned" money to $pend on other goods.

The federal government has been stealing from the SSN for decades. That is NOT a new issue.

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And of course next year the story will be that because tax revenue is lower now, the GOP will go after social security and medicare. They have already publicly stated that is the plan

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PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE explain just exactly how:

"The long term affects of Trump's tax cuts for the rich will be devastating for working people, especially the impact on the cost of health care."

If you WORK you will bring home more money! But that's "IF' you work!

Our healthcare co$t under the failed "UN-affordable" HealthCareAct ("pass the bill -- then you can read it") put in place from the divider in chief have escalated exponentially. Just look at what you now pay for your family coverage and the exorbitant increase in your deductible and out of pocket expenses.

AGAIN-- How is MORE money in your pocket going to hurt you?

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By the way people with 20+ years for the T are some of the best skilled talented workers I've ever worked with!! I laugh at these people to post that they're entitled and all this BS you people probably don't even work for the company or you're in management Trolling .....go get Randals coffee and wash his car....

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At least you are receiving a bonus. I remember when many of us recently surplused gave up a week's salary during the BellSouth/Southern Bell era to help the company out financially to prevent job losses. So be thankful you are 1) still on payroll and 2) receiving a gift from your employer!

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It's like Rush says, "are Liberal ever happy about anything?". I don't know how you could find fault with an extra 1,000 bucks in your pocket, and a billion additional invested in the US Economy. If you don't want your money refuse to take it, donate it to charity, whatever.......just don't rain on my parade. Try smiling sometimes Libs, life isn't that bad.

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The long term affects of Trump's tax cuts for the rich will be devastating for working people, especially the impact on the cost of health care.

And of course next year the story will be that because tax revenue is lower now, the GOP will go after social security and medicare. They have already publicly stated that is the plan.

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I will take the money and be happy about it, $1000 is better than zero or $100 for that matter.

As to why Randy is doing this there should be no illusions, it is selfish and for the company. Randy cares not a bit about the people who do the work, he wants to push the TW deal through and this probably seems like an effective way to stroke Trump's ego and get the deal done.

Understanding and acknowledging the facts of what is going on is not necessarily complaining about free money, few working people can pass up free bucks unless something bad or immoral is a part of the process.

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I used to think that AT&T employees--the kind with 20 years under their belts, an enormous sense of entitlement, and no skill set to speak of--were the biggest losers I had ever seen,

Now, thanks to this board, I can see that ex-AT&T employees--the kind with 20 years under their belts, an enormous sense of entitlement, an no skill set to speak of--are ACTUALLY THE REAL BIGGEST LOSERS.

Move. On.

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Or maybe just keep your blood money and NOT lay off your hard-working dedicated employees.

But you enjoy your $1000 you selfish bastards. Enjoy your half of an extra check while some of us are trying to figure out how to feed our families next month.

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It’s free money....people complaining and ripping ATT over this. Not only is it helping us it also forced other companies hands into doing the same thing. Comcast, Wells Fargo and others all announced similar bonuses yesterday after this news got out. I for one appreciate the “first ever” Christmas bonus we may get. If you don’t want it then give it away.

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agreed with statements on this thread, your sounding like a self entitled spoiled brat that has had everything in love given to you, if you arnt happy with a first time ever holiday bonus then take it and donate it to someone who would appreciate it.

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If you hate Trump and TAX CUTS!!! Why not reject the $1000 and send it to a 'non-working' person who resides in the USA.

And then take the 'extra' monies on your bring home check and donate them too.

I will never understand the logic in thinking of people who believe that the Government should tax the heck out of them and give those funds to others who are 'entitled' to sit on their tails.

You may also want to check in with your defunct Union and find out from them why they cannot seem to get anything accomplished. They (CWA) are responsible for low raises and HIGH insurance/benefit cost.

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I’ll gladly take your $1000 then.

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You are complaining about free money? They didn't have to give us anything. I for one, am grateful

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