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This is why we are upset

Why the hostility by some posters towards people who are clearly distressed and upset at their (the) situation? Clearly many of the older workers at HPE were impacted by the WFR, chances are they were top performers and thus expensive to keep. When you cross your 40's and are close to retirement, it is very hard to find another job no matter what your skills or abilities are, plus many people have not applied for a job in a very long time and the process of getting yourself ready for the job market can be daunting. So this distress and upset should be understandable to most anyone with an adult emotional intelligence.

It is also understandable why people would be upset at the terms of the severance. It is almost as if you were fired for cause because of the agreement that you can never return to HPE again, even as a contractor. To many people, this is an unneccessary burden on something that is already very difficult.

Just wanted to thank for writing this. I'm tired of having to explain why this is so upsetting and why I have every right to feel the way I do and express it. So thank you OP, for understanding and voicing it.

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Vladimir Ilyich Lenin said that "The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them."… That is how self-destructively greedy Lenin thought that “the capitalists” would be. But Meggot thinks that HPE employees are THAT self-destructively devoted to the welfare of Her and Her minions, that we will DONATE the money to buy the figurative rope by which we will be hung! Does She REALLY think that we are that stupidly self-destructive?

When we have self-defeating and even self-destructive urges, “voices in our heads”… Whatever the source(s) may be, our genes, biochemicals, upbringing, karma, or even evil spirits… To the credit of Meggot and Her Minions, they will help us to pay for counseling and/or meds, to arm us against such self-defeating “voices”. Say what you will about The Meggot; at least She is apparently opposed enough, to the evils of literal self-destruction, that She will support subsidies to combat such self-defeat… When it is in Her own interests! AND, when required by the government! For that, I am very grateful… But not infinitely grateful, because I always recall, in the back of my head, that suicide is not only against my own interests (obviously!); it is also against the interests of Meggot and Her Minions… A productivity unit would be wasted!

Will Meg and Her minions ALSO help us to pay for counseling and/or meds, to arm us against the “voices in our heads” that urge us on towards specifically named self-defeating behaviors such as donating to HPE’s political PAC? When the source of these self-defeating “urgings” is clearly Meggot Herself? And our interests are NOT aligned? Just askin’…

We’ll pay for her PAC, is her hope,

She’s thinking we’re smokin’ dope!

Bring me lawyers, meds, and money,

We’ll get through somehow, Honey!

Also, we need more shrinks and meds,

To fend off the voices in our heads!

Free us from the voices, we beg!

Hark! The voices, they are Meg!

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Absolutely right. There are a lot of people in tech industries who think they are brilliant, and if they have never been laid off it is easy for them to suppose it is because of their diligence and special talents. So some of them have zero empathy for people who do lose their jobs and they are not shy about saying so. When it happens to them they see it as a great injustice, and they may be right, but chances are it has been going on all around them for years. They assumed it would never happen to them.

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Also we are upset because HPE is violating the intent of Congress, when Congress passed H-1B legislation... H-1B visas are intended ONLY for those companies who REALLY can NOT find willing, qualified Americans. HPE black-lists laid-off Americans and then asks employees to contribute to HPE-PAC, to help HPE go whine and cry to Congress (about "HPE can'y find and workers here"), to lay us off and replace us with more H-1Bs, and black-list us! So this is MegTonio asking us to volunteer to pay for the rope with which to hang us! And Trump and gang can NOT be bothered to pass a simple regulatory rule change: You have a blacklist policy? No H-1Bs for you!

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