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Who will stay at DVU? And for how long?

No one knows the fate of DeVry colleagues. Regardless of the outcome of the pending transfer of ownership, outlook doesn’t look good. Surely management says nothing nationwide, and its business as usual.

Do people think Cogswell will want to maintain the same extremely unprofitable DeVry that exists today? Or if the terms are unmet that Ad Talem will give it another shot, and waste more millions for bad publicity?

I don’t anticipate this company treating their frontline colleagues with any kind of respect in these circumstances. Nor would I expect Cogswell to offer the same pay/benefits, or more, than Ad Talem; if they offer colleagues a postion at all.

So far Ad Talem has said nothing to their colleagues, besides what they’re required to about the Cogswell pending transfer. Despite knowing nothing about their futures, DeVry colleagues keep the company hobbling to their doom. Teachers are still expected to bestow knowledge upon their students not knowing what administrative frustrations will be taken out on them next (ex. cancellations, teach-out). The advisors are still expected to recruit and retain students with DVU’s borrowed and crippled technology - albeit into fewer and fewer offered classes.

Each week at DeVry is like playing Russian Roullette with your career. Finding a new career is seldom easy, but seems like the obvious choice compared to handing fate over to for-profit business executives.

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Best Faculty Forward (or, as we came to know it, F***ed) implied that "losers" were fired, and we, the hardest-working, most forward-thinking faculty were retained. But, in reality, there was no logic to who got cut and why. Excellent faculty were out of jobs. Excuses were non-existent or manufactured. Remaining faculty were not treated as though they were the "best," quite the contrary--faculty daily auditioned to keep their jobs. Anyone who could afford to leave, left. Others prayed to be laid off.

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I never knew much about Best Faculty Forward (since I'm not faculty), what was it exactly? Apparently it makes no difference.

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DL's invention perhaps - Best Faculty Forward was a nakedly cynical term I thought when they introduced it in a meeting. When you are laying off faculty like crazy using such stupid sounding terms fool nobody.

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For those of us who make the cut...Cogswell has a mascot...they're The Dragons. The school colors are orange and silver. That might take some getting used to....

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Managers don't care. They got their money and when this closes they will move on to another place with their money and ineffective leadership skills and start it all over. Most managers should stick to fetching coffee for people because leaders they are not. They ran a decent school into the ground and that ineffective managerial style and decision making is still there at Adtalem. It started with Hamburgler and Wardell and the current board just keeps it on rolling. Promoted to the level of incompetence. That's how it goes.

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actually, the word 'excuse' suggests the existence of options. When management began to impose fire-sale faculty cuts in order to lighten the load, it did so without any consideration; like shedding weight to keep a balloon afloat. Now we have fewer faculty, and thus, fewer options. Faculty are sent hither and yon, because that's all that's left. The terms Best Faculty Forward and Only Faculty Left have become synonymous.

I hope management realizes just how badly its mismanaged personnel. I also hope they realize that as this sale gets closer to being finalized, or the reverse happens, and the sale falls through, no one is going to pay any attention to them any longer.

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What do you precisely mean by that? I'm not saying it didn't happen. Are you referring to all locations?

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Best Faculty Forward has always been an excuse to put any instructor where management wants-even if the campus is over 65 miles away-and to give lower reviews by saying that we expect more from our best faculty. It should be best faculty f---ked!

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When the rounds of firings began in 2015-6, the writing was on the wall. I don't know whether an ever-revolving management flat-out lied or drank too much of the kool aid...but the result is the same: the "best faculty" are left dangling, uncertain of their futures, and Adtalem (some clever poster dubbed it, "Adgollum") does not/will not give a fig. It is doubtful that the cushy golden parachutes--which I hear were pretty good packages early on--will be extended to the "best" of us remaining.

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