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Hello, I have been reading the many threads with much interest. I am one of the few field workers left supporting agents. My peers and I are also very concerned with our futures. The amount of KPIs, "accountability", frustration, and micromanaging, along with many systems roll outs have many of us fearful of our future. However, our management keeps telling us there are no current plans for any changes, etc. Our gut tells us not to believe "leadership" and to get ready for another round of restructure. Some of the threads mentions 2018 will be filled with more layoffs/QTD, we feel isolated and do not trust our management, do you have any insights for us field/agency employees from a systems perspective? Thank you and I hope good fortunes for all of us, no matter where we land, in 2018.

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Bravo for the previous post.

Being unprepared had nothing to do with people getting laid off.

As I mentioned in my previous rebuttal to the same post, people get laid off all the time without regard for how prepared they were. It's just part of the risk everyone takes as part of working in the corporate world (or for any employer, for that matter).

Whether people are prepared will have some bearing on their ability to find other work, but even there it's not the only factor.

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As someone over 50 with friends and relatives also in that space who have been discreetly turned down for jobs due to unspoken age discrimination I’d like to take issue with the person saying people were unprepared and that’s why they were laid off. You don’t know of what you speak and in many cases that is untrue. Some of our best managers with a lot of technical and people expertise are walking out the door and will have a tough time finding a job if they can’t retire. They also know due to their age and salary level they will not be “picked” for the mgr jobs at SF. Maybe some folks are unprepared but let’s not tar all with the same brush. And no, I’m not one of the ones leaving and I am not a manager.

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Personally I have heard anything about agency doing any restructuring. But if you look on the intranet under pc modernization you will see business lines has a pilot now where they have bound whole policies with no intervention by a human period. I know AFS who r kinda nervous but that's everyone. No news is good news I guess.

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Anonymous posts are fun and hilarious.

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Who ever replied 2 hours ago said it correctly and the advice was sage.

I did everything that person just commented on. My company want's me gone in the worst way and probably will very soon as in days, weeks maybe a month.

I asked myself what else could I do?

What do I like? Can I do sales? Customer facing Service? Start a lawn Service? Pool Cleaning Service---Heck. ANYTHING LEGAL.

What do I NEED to make the first few years. NOT what I want to make. NOT what I currently make.

Can I work a low paying job 25 hours a week and do my other job or studying for 40 a week?

Can I work 2 different JOBS?

What kind of training is needed for what I will aim for?

Can I do the training at a LOW cost over the Internet?

How will I break in to that business?

It's no different than how you broke in to your old business or Job. " Your going to put on your big Girl/Boy Shorts and look them straight in the eye and TELL them you want a CHANCE to prove yourself"

Then the usual things happen. Maybe an interview after they read your resume---That's why you need to know what you NEED $$$ to barely pay the bills for 2 years because your going to say this is what I HAVE to pay in bills and I won't be taking a vacation until I am ready to ask for a raise.

They are going to love your ambition. Something VERY, VERY lacking in the US Society.

They either will or will not give you a chance and you may get burnt again but your going to fight to the bitter end to keep afloat and start to prosper again.

A verse from a Beatles Song: BOY or GIRL: "Your going to Carry that Weight, Carry that weight a long time"

Robots, artificial Intelligence and the like. OK---That's the future BUT. For the next 10 years or so. There are opportunities available to make a NEW CAREER START or ADD to your existing CAREER.

READ, RESEARCH. DIG, FIGHT, CLAW. It's not forever!

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/OP, this site is useful as a wake up call, but you won't find good info here on what to do or how to prepare, because the folks here weren't prepared, which is why they're laid off./

People get laid off all the time, prepared or not. The "prepared" ones are ready to find another job because their skills are sharp, their resume is up to date, and they have proper connections at relevant employers.

What the OP is asking for is something different: he just wants to know if anyone has heard any specific information about his particular role in the organization. The answer is probably not, but it's not because people aren't prepared. It's because this is information only obtainable by a select few people in the upper echelons of State Farm management.

As for whether or not we can advise the OP, the reason we cannot is that no one really knows the OP's entire situation except the OP. However, my advice in general is to leave the Farm. The ship is sinking, and the pieces that say afloat are going to be taking water for years.

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OP, this site is useful as a wake up call, but you won't find good info here on what to do or how to prepare, because the folks here weren't prepared, which is why they're laid off.

These are not days to be resting on one's laurels, trusting the corporation to take care of you, and it will only get worse. These are days in which a person must inform themselves as to the changes coming and where your industry and even the world, is heading.

That means research, reading, things that 99.9999999% of people dont even know the meaning of, much less do. You have the greatest info gathering too in all of history at your fingertips, and with the click of a mouse can access enormous amounts of information. Yes, the internet is filled with bad and good info, as is the library, that is no excuse.

Take the time to educate and inform yourself, like any expert in his field does, and you will reap great rewards while the rest get their pink slips and wonder what happened.

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I don't know anything in particular, except to say you can't trust leadership in general right now. Not necessarily because they are lying, but leadership often doesn't know what's coming until a week or two before it drops. This stuff ruminates up at the executive level before dropping like a bomb on the rest of us.

The entire company is going through a restructuring. All the offices that were closed, all the roles rearranged. I think you're right to be nervous.

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